Matthew Chapter 1

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Jesus Family-line

  1. Dis na di history of all di generations of Jesus Christ, David pikin, wey be Abraham pikin:
  2. Abraham nahin born Isaac; Isaac con
    born Jacob; Jacob con born Judah and hin brodas.
  3. Judah con born Pharez wey born Zerah wey hin mama na Thamar; Pharez born Thamar; Thamar con born Ram;
  4. Ram born Aminadab; and Aminadab con born Nashon wey con born Solomon;
  5. Solomon born Boaz wey hin mama na
    Rahab; and Boaz born Obed wey hin mama na Ruth;
  6. Jesse nahin be David papa wey con be king; David con born Solomon wey hin mama bin marry Uriah;
  7. Solomon born Roboam; wey born
    Abijah; Abijah con born Asa;
  8. Asa born Jehoshaphat; and Jehoshaphat con born Joram wey born Uzziah;
  9. and Uzziah born Joatham; and Joatham con born Ahaz wey con born Hezekiah;
  10. Hezekiah born Manasseh; and Manasseh born Amon and Amon born Josiah;
  11. and Josiah born Jeconiah—wey
    Babylon pipo carry he and hin brodas for slavery;
  12. Afta dem carry dem enta Babylon,
    Jeconiah born Shealtiel wey born
  13. and Zerubbabel born Abiud wey born
    Eliakim wey con born Azor;
  14. Azor con born Zadok wey born Akim;
    and Akim born Eluid;
  15. Eliud born Eleazar; and Eleazar con born Matthan; and Matthan born Jacob;
  16. and Jacob born Joseph wey be di
    husband of Mary wey con born Jesus wey dem dey call Christ.
  17. So all di generations from Abraham to
    David na fourteen generations; and from David reach di time of Babylon na fourteen generations, and from di time wey Babylon pipo show, reach Jesus time na fourteen

As Dem Take Born Jesus

  1. Naso dem take born Jesus. Mary hin
    mama and Joseph bin wan marry demsef, but
    before dem marry, naso Holy Spirit put pikin
    inside Mary belle.
  2. Becos Joseph her husband na good man, and he no wan disgrace her for publik, so he con plan to pursue Mary komot codedly.
  3. Afta he don reason di mata, naso Baba-God angel show- face for inside hin dream, con tell am sey, “Joseph, David pikin, make you no fear to marry Mary becos na di Holy Spirit put di pikin inside her belle.
  4. She go born di son, and make you call hin name Jesus; becos he go save hin pipo from dia sins.”
  5. All dis tins happun to confam wetin di
  6. prophet tok: “One virgin go get- belle, con born pikin, and dem go call di pikin name Emmanuel”—wey mean, “Baba-God dey wit us.”
  7. As Joseph wake up, he do wetin di angel tell am to do. He marry Mary.
  8. But he no sleep wit her until she born di pikin. And he name di pikin—Jesus.


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