Matthew Chapter 10

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Jesus Send Di Twelve Go Out

1. He call hin twelve disciples, con give
dem pawa to drive evil spirit komot, and to
heal everi disease and sickness.

2. Dis na di names of di twelve disciples:
first, na Simon (wey dem dey call Peter) plus hin broda Andrew; James—son of Zebedee, plus hin broda John;

3. Philip plus Bartholomew; Thomas and
Matthew di tax collector; James son of
Alphaeus, and Thaddaeus;

4. Simon wey over- serious, plus Judas
Iscariot, wey betray Jesus.

5. He send di twelve disciples komot—wit
some instructions: “Make una no go where
di Gentiles dey, or enta any town of di

6. Instead, make una go meet di lost sheep
of Israel.

7. As una dey go, make una preach dis
message: ‘Di kingdom of heaven dey near

8. Heal pipo wey dey sick, raise up dead
pipo, heal those pipo wey get leprosy, pursue bad-spirit komot. Make una give for
free—as una take receive as awoof.

9. Make una no carry any gold or silver or copper for una belt;

10. no carry any bag for di journey, or extra
cloth, or sandals or staff; na where man dey work na for there he dey chop.

11. “Any town or village wey una enta,
make una fyne one man wey una fit trust, con stay for hin house until una komot.

12. As you enta di house, greet dem.

13. If na beta house, show dem your peace; if not, keep your peace to yoursef.

14. If any-pesin no welcome una or listen to wetin una dey tok, shake di dust komot from your leg as you dey komot from di house or town.

15. I dey tell una di truth sey, wetin dat town go use dia eyes see go pass wetin Sodom and Gomorrah go suffer for di day of judgement.

16. I dey send una komot like sheep among wolves. Make una dey innocent like dove, con wise like snake.

17. “Make una shine una eyes for men; dem go carry una give di local councils, and dem go flog una for inside dia worship-place.

18. Becos of me, una go face govnors plus
kings, dis na opportunity for you to tell di
rulers and world-pipo about me.

19. But wen dem arrest una, make una no
worry about wetin una go tok or how una go take tok am. Wen dat time reach, Baba-God go tell you wetin you go tok,

20. no be you go dey tok, but na di Spirit of di Fada go dey use you tok.

21. “Broda go betray broda to death, and
papa go betray pikin; pikin go change-am-for dia mama and papa—con even kill dem.

22. All men go hate you becos of my mata,
but las-las pesin wey stand gidigbam go dey saved.

23. Wen dem show una pepper for one place, run go anoda place. I dey tell una di truth, una no go fit waka all di cities of Israel before Man-pikin go show.

24. “Student no fit pass hin teacher, or make servant pass hin oga.

25. E dey okay for di student to be like di
teacher, and di servant fit be like hin oga. If
dem fit call me devil-pikin, wetin dem go
con call una!

26. “So make you no fear dem. Notin wey
dem put for inside darkness wey no go come out, or wey dem hide, wey no go show- face for light.

27. Wetin I dey tell una for dark, make una
tok am for afternoon; wetin dem tok small-small for inside ears, make una tok am for on top of house.

28. No fear pipo wey fit kill your body but
wey no fit kill your soul. But fear di pesin
wey fit kill both your body and soul for hell.

29. No be chikini moni dem dey sell two
birds? But even one of dem no fit fall for
ground except na Baba-God will.

30. All di hair wey dey for your head get

31. So no dey fear; you get levels pass birds.

32. Any-pesin wey tok about me to men, I go yarn about am to my papa wey dey for

33. But any-pesin wey deny me for front of
men, me sef go shenk am for front of my
papa for heaven.

34. “No go dey reason sey I don bring peace come dis earth. I no bring peace come, but na sword I carry come.

35. I don come to ‘make man—change-am-for hin papa, daughter against her mama,
daughter-in-law against her moda-in-law—

36. man enemies go be members of hin own house.’

37. “Any-pesin wey love hin papa or mama
pass me—neva ready for me; any-pesin wey love hin pikin pass me, neva ready forme;

38. and any-pesin wey wan follow me but no fit carry hin own cross—neva ready for me.

39. Any-pesin wey dey keep hin life go lose
am, and any- pesin wey lose hin life becos of me, go gain am.

40. “Pesin wey receive you—don receive
me, and pesin wey receive me—don receive
di pesin wey send me.

41. Any-pesin wey welcome prophet, becos
he be prophet—go receive prophet

blessings, and any-pesin wey welcome good
man, becos he be good man—go receive
good man blessings.

42. And if any-pesin give even if na cup of
cold water to one of dis small pikin, becos
dem be my disciple, I dey tell una di truth, di
pesin no go ever lose hin blessings.”


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