Matthew Chapter 11

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Jesus And John Di Baptist

1. Afta Jesus give di twelve disciple
instructions finish, he komot from there, con go preach and teach for di towns of Galilee.

2. From inside prison, wenJohn hear wetin
Jesus dey do, he send hin disciples,

3. make dem go ask Jesus sey, “Shebi na
you suppose come, abi make we dey expect anoda pesin?”

4. Jesus con ansa dem, “Make una go meet John, tell am wetin una don hear and see:

5. Blind pipo dey see, pipo wey no fit
waka—don dey waka, pipo wey get leprosy
don heal, deaf pipo don dey hear, pipo wey
don die dey raise up back to life, and poor
pipo dey hear good news.

6. Blessings for di man wey no lose hope in me.”

7. As John disciples dey waka komot, Jesus con start to dey tell di plenty pipo about John:
“Wetin una go see for di desert? Grass wey
breeze dey blow anyhow?

8. If no be so, wetin una go look? Man wey
wear fine cloth? No, those pipo wey dey
wear fine cloth dey for king palace.

9. Wetin una go look? Prophet? Yes, I dey
tell una sey he even get levels pass prophet.

10. Nahin dem bin write about for di Holy
books: “ ‘I go first send my messenger, wey
go clear road for you.’

11. I dey tell una di truth sey: out of all di
pikin wey women don born for dis world, no on great reach John di Baptist; but pesin wey be di smallest for Baba-God kingdom get levels pass John di Baptist.

12. From di days ofJohn di Baptist reach now, Baba-God kingdom dey suffer from violence, and strong men dey use gragra take obtain am.

13. Before John di Baptist show, all di
prophets and di law of Moses dey expect dis time to reach.

14. If you dey ready to believe, John na
Elijah wey dem prophesy sey he go show.

15. Pesin wey get ears, make e hear.

16. “Wetin I fit use take compare dis generation? Dem be like small small pikin
wey sidon for marketplace con dey call oda pikin:

17. “ ‘We play flute for una, and una no gree
dance; we sing burial songs, and una no gree cry.’

18. John don come, he no gree chop or drink and dem tok sey, ‘He dey possessed.’

19. Man-pikin don come, he dey chop, and he dey drink, but dem tok sey, ‘He be longatrot and shayo-master, padi of collectors and sinners.’ But na by wetin pesin do nahin dem go take know if di pesin get-sense.”

Kasala For Cities Wey No Gree Repent

20. Jesus con start to dey bad-mouth di cities where he perform plenty miracles, becos dem no gree change.

21. “Wahala for una, Korazin! Kasala for
una, Bethsaida! If to sey I perform all dis
miracle wey I perform for una side for Tyre
and Sidon, dem for don change since wit
sackcloth plus ashes.

22. But I dey tell una sey, Tyre and Sodom
condition go beta pass una condition for
Judgement day.

23. And una Capernaum, wey una level high reach sky, una go go down to hell. If to sey I perform di miracles wey I perform for una side for Sodom, Sodom for still dey till today.

24. But I dey tell una sey, Tyre and Sodom
condition go beta pass una condition for
Judgement day.”

Rest For Pipo Wey Don Taya

25. Dat time, Jesus con tok sey, “I praise you Papa, Oga of heaven and earth, becos you don hide all dis tins from wise pipo, plus pipo wey go school, you con show am to small small pikin.

26. Yes, Baba-God, dis one dey make your
belle sweet you.

27. “My Papa don put everi- everi for my
hand, pesin no fit know di Son until he know di Fada, and pesin no fit know di Fada until he know di Son, and only those pipo wey di Son choose make dem know di Fada.”

28. Jesus con tok sey, “Come meet me all of una wey don taya wit heavy load, and I go give una rest.

29. Carry my load and learn from me, my
way na sofri-sofri, and my heart na jeje, your soul go fyne rest.

30. My load easy to carry, and e no heavy at


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