Matthew Chapter 12

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Oga Of Di Sabbath

1. Jesus dey waka pass farm for Sabbath
day. Hungry dey catch hin disciples—so
dem con dey pick some fruit dey chop.

2. Wen di Pharisees see dem, dem tok sey,
“See! Your disciples dey do wetin no dey
right for Sabbath.”

3. He con ansa dem sey, “Una neva read
wetin David do wen he and hin padi dey

4. He enta Baba-God house, he and hin
padi chop di holy bread- wey no dey right for dem to chop, bread wey be for only di priest.

5. Abi una neva read for di law of Moses
sey di priest wey dey on duty for di worship-place fit work on Sabbath day?

6. I dey tell una sey, pesin wey great pass di worship-place dey for here.

7. If to sey una know di meaning of wetin I
dey tok, ‘Na mercy I want, no be sacrifice,’
una for no bad-mouth innocent pesin.

8. Man-pikin na di Oga of di Sabbath.”

9. As he komot from there, he enta dia

10. and one man wit deform hand dey for
there. As dem dey fyne wetin dem go take
gbab Jesus, dem con ask am sey, “E dey right to heal pesin on Sabbath?”

11. Naso Jesus tell dem sey, “If any of una
get sheep, and di sheep fall inside hole on
Sabbath day, abi you no go carry am come

12. Human being get levels pass sheep! So e dey right to do good on Sabbath.”

13. Naso he tell di man sey, “Make I see your hand.” Di man con stretch hin hand, naso hin hand con dey alright just like di oda hand.

14. Di Pharisees waka komot, con dey plan
how to kill Jesus.

Di Servant Wey Baba-God Choose

15. Wen Jesus see wetin dem dey plan for
am, he move komot from dat place. Many
pipo follow am and he heal all of dem wey
dey sick,

16. he warn dem make dem no tell any-pesin who he be.

17. Dis one confam wetin prophet Isaiah don bin tok:

18. “Dis na my servant wey I don choose,
wey I love, and wey dey make belle sweet
me; I go pour my Spirit for hin body, and he
go bring justice to everi nations.

19. He no go quarrel or cry come out; no-pesin go hear hin voice for streets.

20. He no go break plant wey don already
dey fall, and he no go quench candle wey
wan off—until he make justice win.

21. And all di nations go put dia trust for hin name.”

Jesus And Di Prince Of Evil- spirit

22. Dem carry am go meet one blind
man—wey no fit tok and wey bad-spirit don
possess, so Jesus heal di man sote di man con dey tok, and see.

23. Naso everi-pesin surprise—con tok sey,
“Abi na David pikin be dis?”

24. Wen di Pharisees see wetin happun, dem tok sey, “Na only evil-spirit fit give am dis kain pawa, wey he use pursue bad- spirit komot.”

25. Jesus know wetin dem dey tink, he con
tell dem sey, “Everi kingdom wey dey fight
esef go scata, and everi city or house wey dey fight esef no go fit stand.”

26. If Satan dey drive Satan komot, he go
dey fight against hinsef. How hin kingdom
go fit stand?

27. And if I pursue bad- spirit komot wit
evil-spirit, which pawa una pipo con dey use pursue dem? So una pipo go be una judge.

28. But if I dey pursue bad- spirit wit Baba-God Spirit, den Baba-God kingdom don land for una side be dat.

29. “Or again, how pesin go take enta strong man house to tiff hin property wey he no go first tie di strong man? So dat he go fit rob hin house.

30. “Pesin wey no dey wit me, dey against
me, and pesin wey no dey work wit me dey
work against me.

31. And I dey tell una sey Baba-God go
forgive everi sin, and pipo wey bad-mouth
Baba-God, but Baba-God no go forgive any-pesin wey bad-mouth di Holy Spirit.

32. Baba-God go forgive any-pesin wey
bad-mouth Man- pikin, but Baba-God no go
forgive any- pesin wey bad-mouth di Holy
Spirit, whether for dis life or for di life wey
go come.

33. “If tree good, e fruits sef go good. If tree bad, e fruits sef go bad, na by dia fruits you go take know dem.

34. Una wey be snake pipo! How una wey be evil pipo fit tok beta tin? From di tins wey brekete inside pesin heart—nahin pesin mouth dey tok.

35. Di good man dey bring good tins from di good wey dey for inside hin heart, and di evil man dey bring out evil tins wey dey inside hin heart.

36. But I dey tell una sey men go explain to
Baba-God all di miss-yarn wey dem tok.

37. Na your mouth go free you, or put you
for inside wahala.”

Sign Of Jonah

38. So some of di Pharisees and Teachers of di law con tell am sey, “Teacher, we wan see one sign of miracle from you.”

39. He con ansa dem sey, “Wicked and
ashawo generation dey ask for miracle sign! Una no go see anytin—except di sign of prophet Jonah.

40. As Jonah take dey inside big fish belle
for three days and three nights, naso Man-pikin go dey for under ground for three days and three nights.

41. Men of Neniveh go stand up—con
change-am-for di pipo of dis generation for
judgement day, becos dem repent wen dem hear Jonah preach, but una even see pesin wey great pass Jonah, wey dey here wit una.

42. Bilikisu Sungbo (Queen of Sheba) go
rise up against dis generation on judgement day, and condemn dem, becos she come from far-far to hear Solomon wisdom, and now pesin wey great pass Solomon dey for here.

43. “Wen evil spirit komot from man body, e go go empty land, dey fyne where to relax, but e no go see place to rest.

44. E go con tok sey, ‘I go go back to di pesin wey I komot from.’ Wen he come back, if e see sey hin former house still dey empty, and see sey dem sweep di house clean, and everi-where dey sengemenge

45. he go go back go carry seven spirits wey wicked pass am come stay inside di house, and dem go stay for there, and dat man condition go bad pass as e first be before. Naso e go be for dis wicked generation.”

Jesus Mama And Brodas

46. As Jesus still dey tok wit di plenty pipo,
hin mama and brodas con stand for outside. Dem wan follow am tok.

47. Pesin con tell am sey, “Your mama and
your brodas dey stand for outside, dem wan follow you tok.”

48. He con ansa dem, “Who be my mama
and who be my brodas?”

49 Naso he point hin disciples, con tok sey, “Na my mama and brodas be dis.

50. Any-pesin wey do wetin my papa for heaven like, nahin be my broda and sista,

plus mama.”


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