Matthew Chapter 13

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Parable Of Di Farmer

1. Dat same day, Jesus komot for house con go sidon for water side.

2. Plenty plenty pipo gada am, sote he enta
inside boat con sidon for there, everi-pesin
con dey for front of di water as he face dem.

3. He tell dem plenty tins wit parable—he
tok sey, “One farmer go farm, to plant hin

4. As he dey plant di seeds, some seeds fall for road, birds con chop dem.

5. Some seeds fall for where big stones dey, for where beta sand-sand no dey. Dem grow fast-fast becos di sand no deep reach.

6. But wen di sun show- face, e burn di
plants, and dem dry becos dem no get root.

7. Some seeds fall for where shuku-shuku
dey, di shuku- shuku grow—con shuuk di

8. But some oda seeds fall for beta ground,
where dem produce plant—one hundred,
sixty or thirty times of wetin di farmer plant.

9. Pesin wey get ears, make e hear.”

10. Di disciples come meet am, con ask am, “Why you dey use parable follow dem tok?”

11. He con tok sey, “Baba-God don give una di knowledge of di secrets of di kingdom of heaven, but no be to dem.

12. Pesin wey get, go get more, and he go get yanfu-yanfu. Pesin wey no get shi-shi, dem go collect even di small tin wey he get.

13. Nahin make I dey follow dem tok wit
parables: “Dem dey look but dem no fit see; even though dem dey hear, but dem no fit understand.

14. Na dem confam Isaiah prophecy:
“ ‘Una go everly dey hear but una no go ever fit understand; Una go dey look but una no go fit see.

15. Dia heart don dull; e hard for dem to hear wit dia ears, and dem don close dia eyes—if not, dem for use dia eyes see, use dia ears hear, and dem for understand wit dia heart, and dem for change, and I go heal dem.’

16. But blessings dey on una eyes becos una fit see: and blessings dey on una ears becos una fit hear.

17. I dey tell una di truth, many prophets and good men for like to see wetin una dey see today, but demno fitsee am, and dem for like to hear wetin una dey hear, but dem no fit hear am.

18. “Oya make una listen to wetin di parable of di farmer mean:

19. Di seed wey fall for road be like any-pesin wey hear di message about Baba-God kingdom, but dem no f i t understand am, di evil pesin come, con collect wetin Baba-God don plant for dia heart.

20. Di seed wey fall for where stone plenty
be like pesin wey hear Baba-God word, con
use happiness accept am.

21. But e no last, becos e no get any root.
Wen wahala and kasala show becos of di
word, he sharp-sharp fall go one side.

22. Di seed wey fall for shuku-shuku side, be like pesin wey hear di word, but too much worry-worry of dis life, and di wayo of moni shuuk di word—con make am no produce fruit.

23. But di seed wey fall for beta soil na di
man wey hear di word, con understand am.
He go produce fruit wit—hundred, sixty or
thirty times of wetin dem plant.”

Di Parable Of Di Grass For Farm

24. Jesus con tell dem anoda parable: “Di
kingdom of heaven be like man wey plant
beta seed for hin farm.

25. But wen everi-pesin dey sleep, hin
enemies plant grass near di wheat, con

26. Wen di wheat start to grow—con form,
di grass sef show-face from ground.

27. “Di servants of di pesin wey get di farm
come meet am, con tell am sey, ‘Oga, I tink
sey you plant beta seed for your farm? Where all dis grass come from?’

28. He ansa am, “ ‘Badbelle pesin nahin do
dis kain tin.’ So di servants ask am, ‘You wan make we komot di grass from ground?’

29. He con tok sey,“’No, becos una fit komot di wheat as we dey try to komot di grass from ground.

30. Make di two of dem grow togeda reach
harvest time. Dat time I go tell pipo wey go
harvest am sey: First komot di grass—con tie am for one bundle—to burn dem; den gada di wheat, con put am for my store.’”

Di Parable Of Di Mustard Seed Plus Di

31. He con tell dem anoda parable: “Di
kingdom of Heaven na like mustard seed wey one man carry go plant for hin farm.

32. even though nahin be di smallest of all di seeds, but wen e grow, nahin dey big pass for inside di garden, and e go turn to tree wey birds wey dey fly for air go con perch for hin branch.”

33. He still tell dem anoda parable: “Di
kingdom of heaven be like yeast wey one
woman use make bread. Even though she
mix only small yeast wit plenty flour, di
small yeast mix everitin wella.”

34. Na wit parable Jesus take tok all dis tins to di plenty pipo; na so-so parable he use tok everitin wey he tok.

35. Dis one confam wetin di prophet tok:
“I go open my mouth wit parables, I go tok
tins wey dey coded—since Baba-God make
di world.”

Di Parable Of Di Grass Wey He Explain

36. He waka komot from di plenty pipo con
enta house. Naso hin disciples come meet
am, con tok sey, “Abeg we wan make you
explain di parable of di grass for di farm.”

37. So he ansa dem sey, “Di pesin wey plant di good seed na Man-pikin.

38. Di farm na di world, and di good seed na di pikin of di kingdom. Di grass na di evil
pesin pikin,

39. and di enemy wey plant dem na di devil. Di harvest na di end of dis generation, and di harvesters na di angels.

40. “As dem komot di grass con put am for
faya, naso e go be wen time don reach.

41. Man-pikin go send hin angels out, and
dem go remove di grass from hin kingdom,
everitin wey dey cos sin, and everi-pesin
wey dey do evil.

42. Dem go throway evil pipo inside big faya where dem go dey cry, dey bite dia teeth wit pain.

43. Good pipo go shine like sun inside di
kingdom of dia Papa. Any-pesin wey get
ears, make dem hear.

Di Parable Of Di Beta-beta-tin Wey Dem

44. “Di kingdom of heaven be like beta-beta-tins wey dem hide for one land. Wen
one man see am, he hide am again, and he use happiness sell everitin wey he get, con go buy di land.

45. “Again di kingdom of heaven be like
market-pesin wey dey fyne beta-beta-tins.

46. Wen he see one wey make-sense well-

well, he go sell everitin wey e get, con buy

Di Parable Of Di Net

47. “Again, di kingdom of heaven be like net wey dem throw inside water, wey catch
different fish.

48. Wen di net full, di fishermen carry di net
komot from water. Dem con sidon dey
remove di fish put inside basket, but dem
throway di ones wey no good.

49. Naso e go be for di end of dis generation. Di angels go separate di wicked pipo from di good pipo,

50. con throway dem put inside big faya
where dem go dey cry, dey bite dia teeth wit pain.

51. He con ask dem sey, “Shebi una don
understand all dis tin?” Dem ansa am, “Yes,”

52. So he tell dem sey,“Everi teacher of di
law wey be disciple of di kingdom of heaven, be like owner of house wey dey bring fine-fine-tins from hin store—both new and old ones.”

Prophet Wey Dem No Gree Respect

53. Wen Jesus don tok all dis parable finish, he komot from there.

54. As he reach hin home town, he start to
dey teach di people for inside di worship-place, and dem surprise, con tok sey, “Where dis man from get hin wisdom and miracle pawas?

55. No be di carpenter pikin be dis? Abi no
be Mary be hin mama, abi James, Joseph,
Simon plus Judas no be hin brodas?

56. Abi no be all hin sistas dey wit us? Na
where dis man con get all dis tins from?”

57. Dem con dey vex for am. But Jesus tell
dem sey, “Na only for prophet house, and for hin home town-pipo no dey gree respect am.”

58. He no do many miracle for there becos
dem no get faith.


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