Matthew Chapter 14

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Dem Cut John Di Baptist Head

1. Afta dat time, Herod di govnor con hear
about Jesus,

2. so he tell hin men sey, “Dis na John di
Baptist; he don raise up from di dead! Na
wetin make am get miracle pawa be dat.”

3. Herod bin catch John, con carry am

throway inside prison becos of Herodias, hin broda—Philip wife,

4. John di baptist bin dey tell am sey: “E no
dey right for you to marry her.”

5. Herod wan bin kill John, but he dey fear
di pipo, becos dem know sey John na

6. For Herod birthday, Herodias daughter
dance for dem wella and Herod belle sweet am well-well,

7. sote Herod con swear sey he promise to
give her anytin wey she ask for,

8. so her mama tell her to tok sey, “Make
dem bring John di Baptist head come for

9. Di king no know wetin he go do, but
becos of di oath wey he don swear and di
pipo wey come di party, he con tok sey make dem give di girl wetin she ask for.

10. Dem con cut John di Baptist head komot from inside prison.

11. Naso dem carry hin head give her on top plate, she con carry am go give her mama”

12. So John disciples carry hin body go bury am. Dem con go tell Jesus.

Jesus Feed Five Thousand Pipo

13. Wen Jesus hear wetin happun, he use
boat komot, con go one coded place where
only am dey. As di plenty pipo hear sey Jesus don komot, dem use leg follow am from di cities.

14. Wen Jesus land, con see as pipo plenty
reach, he sorry-for dem, he heal dia sickness.

15. As evening start to reach, hin disciples
come meet am—con ask am sey, “Dis place far well-well and night don dey reach,
discharge di plenty pipo go inside di villages so dat dem go buy food to chop.”

16. Jesus con tok sey, “Dem no need to
komot. Make una give dem wetin dem go

17. Naso dem tok sey, “We get five bread
plus two fish.”

18. Jesus ansa dem, “Bring dem come meet me for here.”

19. He tell di pipo make dem sidon for grass. He carry di five bread plus di two fish go up, con look heaven, he give tanks, con cut di bread. He give di disciples and di disciples
give di pipo.

20. All of dem chop belleful, and di
disciples pick small-small pieces of bread
wey dem chop remain—e full twelve

21. Di numba of pipo wey chop—reach five
thousand men, and dem no count di women plus small small pikin.

Jesus Waka On Top Water

22. Jesus quick-quick tell hin disciples make dem enta inside di boat, and make dem dey carry- go for front—to di oda side, as he dey discharge di plenty pipo.

23. Afta he don discharge dem, only am
waka go up of di mountain go pray. Na only
am con dey for there wen evening don reach,

24. but di boat don already go far-far from
land, and strong- breeze dey disturb dem.

25. Deep inside di night, Jesus waka on top of di water go meet dem.

26. Wen di disciples see am dey waka on top of di water, naso fear catch dem. Dem con use fear tok sey, “Na ghost.”

27. Jesus sharp-sharp tell dem sey: “Make
una no fear! Na me.”

28. Naso Peter tok sey, “Oga, if na you be
dat, tok sey make I come meet you for di
water joor.”

29. Naso Jesus tok sey, “Oya come na.”
Peter komot from inside di boat, con dey
waka on top of di water go meet Jesus.

30. But wen he see di heavy- breeze, naso
fear catch am sote he con dey sink, he con
halla, “Oga, save me!”

31. kpakpakpa, Jesus hollam. He con tok
sey, “You wey get small faith, why you con
dey get two-mind?”

32. As dem climb enta di boat, di heavy-breeze just stop.

33. Naso all of dem wey dey for inside di
boat con dey worship am sey, “True-true, na Baba-God Son you be.”

34. Wen dem don cross go di oda side, dem land for Gennesaret.

35. Wen di men wey dey for there see sey na Jesus be dat, dem send message to di whole area. Pipo carry all di pipo wey no-well come meet am,

36. con beg am sey make he allow di pipo
wey no-well just touch small part of hin
cloth, and all of dem wey touch am con heal kpatakpata.


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