Matthew Chapter 15

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Clean And No-clean

1. Naso some Pharisees and Teachers of di law come meet Jesus from Jerusalem, con ask am sey,

2. “Why your disciples dey break di tradition of di senior- men? Dem no dey wash dia hand before dem chop!”

3. Jesus ansa dem, “And why una dey break Baba-God commandment becos of una tradition?

4. Baba-God sey, ‘Honour your papa and

mama’ and ‘any- pesin wey curse hin papa or mama must die.’

5. But una tok sey if pesin tell hin papa or mama sey, ‘I don promise Baba-God wetin I for give una,’

6. Una tok sey dem no need to honour dia papa and mama. So una dey counter Baba-God word wit una tradition.

7. Fake-pipo! Isaiah tok true wen he prophesy about una:

8. “ ‘Na for dia mouth dis pipo take dey

respect me, but dia heart dey far from me.

9. Dem dey waste dia time dey worship me; wetin dem dey teach na just rules wey men make.’

10. Jesus call di plenty pipo, con tok sey, “Listen make una understand.

11. No be wetin man chop nahin go make am ‘no-clean,’ but na wetin dey come out from hin mouth nahin make am be ‘sinner.’ ”

12. Naso hin disciples come meet am, con

ask am sey, “You know sey di Pharisees vex wen dem hear wetin you tok?”

13. He con ansa dem, “My Papa for heaven

go komot di root of any tree wey he no plant.

14. Abeg bone dem; dem be blind teachers.

15. If blind man dey show blind man road, di two of dem go fall for inside gota.”

16. Peter con tok sey, “Abeg explain di

parable for us.”

17. Jesus tell dem sey, “Abi una be swegbe?”

18. “Abi una no dey see sey wetin una chop

dey enta di belle, and una dey pass am komot from di body?

19. But di tins wey dey komot from your

mouth dey come from inside your heart, and nahin fit make man ‘no-clean.’

20. Na from di heart evil reasoning dey from come, Killing, adultery, corrupt mind, tiff, lie for pesin head, bad-mouth. Na all dis tins dey make man ‘no-clean’; but to chop wit hand wey pesin no wash no go make am ‘no-clean.’

Di Canaanite Woman Faith

21. As he komot from dat place, Jesus go

around Tyre and Sidon.

22. One woman from Canaan wey dey stay
around—come meet am dey cry sey, “Oga,
David pikin, sorry-for me! Bad-spirit don
enta my daughter body, and she dey suffer

23. Jesus no tok anytin. So hin disciples
come meet am, con dey ginger am sey,
“Pursue her komot, she just dey cry follow

24. Jesus con ansa, “Dem send me come
meet only di lost sheep of Israel.”

25. Naso di woman kneel down for hin
front—con tok sey, “Oga epp me!”

26. He con tok sey, “E no dey right for me to carry pikin bread give dogs.”

27. She ansa am sey, “Na true you tok, but
even di dogs dey chop from di small-small
bread wey fall from e oga table.”

28. Jesus ansa her, “Madam your faith na
ogbonge! You don already receive wetin you dey ask for.” And naso her daughter heal from dat time.

Jesus Feed Four Thousand Pipo

29. Jesus komot from there con waka along di water-side of Galilee. He waka go up of di mountain—con sidon.

30. Naso plenty plenty pipo gada for hin
side, dem carry pipo wey no fit waka follow-body, blind pipo, cripple, pipo wey no fit tok, plus many oda pipo. Dem put di sick pipo for ground, for hin front; and he heal all of dem.

31. Di pipo surprise wen dem see sey pipo
wey no fit tok before con dey tok, cripple dey alright, pipo wey no fit waka con dey waka, and blind pipo con dey see again. And dem praise di God of Israel.

32. Jesus call hin disciple come meet am,
con tell dem sey, “I dey sorry-for dis pipo;
dem don dey wit me for three days, and dem neva chop. I no wan tell dem sey make dem dey go as dem dey hungry, if not dem fit faint for road.”

33. Hin disciples con tok sey, “Where we go fit get enuff bread for dis kain far-far
place—for dis plenty pipo tochop?”

34. Naso Jesus tok sey, “How many bread
una get?” Dem ansa am, “Na seven bread
plus some chikini fish nahin dey wit us for

35. Jesus tell di plenty pipo make dem sidon for ground.

36. He con carry di seven bread plus di fish, naso he give tanks, he cut di bread, con give di disciples—naso dem give di pipo.

37. All of dem chop belleful. Lata-lata, hin
disciples gada seven baskets full of bread
wey dem chop remain.

38. Di numba of pipo wey chop na four
thousand pipo, and dem no count women
plus small pikin.

39. Afta Jesus don discharge di plenty pipo,
he con enta inside di boat go Magadan area.


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