Matthew Chapter 17

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Di Trans-changing

1. Afta six days, Jesus carry Peter, James,
plus John wey be James broda—go on top of one high mountain.

2. Na for there Jesus trans- change for dia
front. Hin face dey shine like sun, and hin
cloth con white like light.

3. Naso Moses and Elijah show-face—dem
con dey follow Jesus tok.

4. So Peter tell Jesus sey, “Oga, everi-where-soft as we dey here so, if you wish,
make we build three tents—one for you, one for Moses, and one for Elijah.”

5. As he dey tok, naso one bright cloud
cover dem, and one voice from heaven con
tok sey, “Dis na my son wey I love; nahin dey make my belle sweet me. Listen to am!”

6. Wen di disciples hear am, fear catch
dem, dem con fall—face ground.

7. But Jesus touch dem, con tell dem sey,
“Make una stand up, make una no dey fear.”

8. Wen dem look up, dem no see any-pesin
except Jesus.

9. As dem dey come down from di
mountain, Jesus tell dem sey, “No gist any-pesin wetin una see until Man-pikin don raise up from di dead.”

10. Di disciples con ask am, “But di teachers
of di law tok sey na Elijah go first come?”

11. Jesus ansa dem, “True- true, Elijah go
first come—to bring back everitin.

12. But I dey tell una sey, Elijah don already
show, and dem no know sey na him be dat,
but dem don treat am anyhow. Naso Man-pikin sef go suffer plenty tins for dia hand.”

13. So di disciples con understand sey he dey tok about John di Baptist.

Di Healing Of Di Boy Wey Get Bad-spirit

14. As dem come meet di plenty pipo, one
man waka come meet Jesus, naso he kneel down for Jesus front.

15. He con tok sey, “Oga, sorry-for my son,
warakpa dey catch am, and he dey suffer
well- well, he dey always fall inside faya and sometimes inside water.

16. I carry am come meet your disciples, but dem no fit heal am.”

17. Jesus con tell dem sey, “Chai, dis
generation wey no wan gree believe, wey
don corrupt, how long I go dey wit una? How long una go dey wit me? Oya carry di boy come meet me.”

18. Jesus command di bad- spirit, and e

komot from di boy body, and di boy con heal from dat time.

19. Naso di disciples come meet Jesus for

corner, con ask am sey, “Why we no fit

pursue di bad- spirit komot?”

20. Jesus ansa dem sey, “Becos your faith

too small. I dey tell una di truth, if you get

faith wey small like mustard seed, you fit tell

21. dis mountain, ‘Waka from here go there’ and e go move. Notin go dey impossible for you.”

22. But dis kain tin no dey komot, except wit praying and fasting.

23. Wen dem gada togeda for Galilee, he tell dem sey, “Dem go betray Man-pikin to men.

24. Dem go kill am, but he go raise up back

to life on di third day.” Di disciples con dey

feel sad.

Tax For Di Worship-place

25. Afta Jesus and hin disciples reach Capernaum, naso di pesin wey dey collect di two-drachma tax come meet Peter, con ask am sey, “Abi your teacher no dey pay tax for di worship-place?”

26. Peter ansa am, “Na from odas.” Naso
Jesus tok sey, “So dia pikin no dey among.”

27. “But so dat we no go make dem vex, go
di river make you throw your hook. Carry di
first fish wey you catch; open e mouth and
you go see some moni. Carry am make you
give dem for my tax and your tax.”


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