Matthew Chapter 18

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Pesin Wey Great Pass For Di Kingdom Of Heaven

1. Dat time di disciples come meet Jesus,
con ask am sey, “Who great pass for di
kingdom of heaven?”

2. Jesus call small pikin, con sey make e
stand for dia front.

3. He con tell dem sey: “I dey tell una di
truth, unless una change, con be like small
pikin, una no go ever enta di kingdom of

4. Any-pesin wey humble hinsef like dis
small pikin—nahin be di greatest pesin for di kingdom of heaven.

5. “And any-pesin wey welcome pesin like small pikin, becos of my name—dey welcome me.

6. But if any-pesin make one of dis smallie

wey believe in me—commit sin, e go beta

make dem hang big heavy stone for hin neck, make dem throway am inside river.

7. “Kasala for di world becos of di tins wey

dey make pipo dey commit sin! Those kain

tins must come, but yawa for di man wey

those tins go come from!

8. If your hand or your leg dey make you

commit sin, cut am komot make you

throway am. E beta for you to enta Baba-God kingdom wit one hand or one leg, dan make you get two hands or two legs, and make dem throway you inside everlasting faya.

9. And if your eye dey make you commit sin, pluck am komot, throway am. E go beta for you to enta Baba-God kingdom wit one eye, dan make you get two eyes and make dem throway you inside hell faya.

Di Parable Of Di Sheep Wey Lose

10. “Make sure sey you no use small eyes

look any of dis small pikin. I dey tell una sey dia angels for heaven dey always see my Papa face for heaven.

11. Man-pikin don come to save pipo wey


12. Wetin una tink? If one man get hundred

sheep, and one of dem waka-lose, shebi he

go leave di ninety-nine for di hill, con go

fyne di one wey waka-lose?

13. And if he see am, I dey tell una di truth,

he go happy for dat one sheep, pass di ninety-nine wey no waka-lose.

14. Naso your papa sef for heaven no wan

make any of dis small pikin waka-lose.

Broda Wey Do You Bad Tin

15. “If your broda do you bad tin, show am

hin mistake, make e dey between una two. If he hear you, you don win am for your side.

16. But if he no gree listen, carry one or two pipo follow-body, so dat ‘everi mata go stand wen two or three witness confam am.’

17. If he no gree listen to dem, tell di church; and if he still no gree listen to di church, treat am as you go treat world-pipo or corrupt tax collector.

18. “I dey tell una di truth, anytin wey you tie for earth, go tie for heaven, and anytin wey una loose for earth, go loose for heaven.

19. “And I dey tell you sey if two of una for earth agree about anytin wey una ask for, my Papa for heaven go do am for una.

20. For where two or three pipo gada togeda wit my name, I go dey there wit dem.”

Di Parable Of Di Servant Wey No Dey

Sorry-for Pesin

21. Naso Peter come meet Jesus, con ask am sey, “Oga, how many times I go forgive my broda wen he sin against me? Reach seven time?”

22. Jesus ansa am, sey, “I dey tell you sey no be even seven times, but seventy-seven


23. Di kingdom of heaven be like one king

wey wan settle hin account wit hin servants.

24. As he start di settlement, dem bring one man come meet am—wey dey owe am ten thousand bags of gold coins.

25. As he no fit pay, di oga con tok sey make dem sell am plus hin wife, hin pikin, and everitin wey he get—to pay di moni wey he dey owe.

26. “Di servant kneel down for ground for

hin oga front, con dey beg, ‘Abeg make you

dey patient wit me, I go pay back everitin.’

27. Di oga sorry-for am, hesey make he

forget di moni wey he dey owe, con allow am dey go.

28. “But wen dat servant komot, he con see one of hin follow servant wey dey owe am hundred denarii. He hollam, he drag hin

shirt, con tell am sey ‘Pay me back di moni

wey you dey owe me!’

29. “Hin fellow servant kneel down for

ground for am, dey beg am sey, ‘Make you

dey patient wit me, and I go pay you back.’

30. “But he no gree.Instead, he carry diman go jail until wen he don get di moni to pay di debt.

31. Wen di oda servants see wetin happun,

dem no like am at all, so dem go tell dia oga wetin happun.

32. Di oga con call di servant come inside,

‘You be wicked servant, I sey make you no

pay di moni wey you dey owe me becos you beg me.

33. Shebi you for sorry-for your fellow

servant as I take sorry-for you?’

34. Wit vex, hin oga carry am go jail make

dem punish am, until he fit pay back all di

moni wey he dey owe.

35. “Naso my papa for heaven go do all of

una, unless una forgive una broda from una heart.”


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