Matthew Chapter 2

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Di Visit Of Di Wise Men

1. Afta dem born Jesus for Bethlehem—for inside Judea, wen Herod be King, naso some wise men show from di east of Jerusalem.

2. Dem con ask sey, “Where dat pikin wey dem born as di king of di Jews? We don see hin star for east, and we don come worship am.”

3. Wen Herod hear wetin happun, hin mind con dey do gbim-gbim, even Jerusalem sef.

4. Wen he gada all di chief priests and di
teachers of di law, he ask dem for where dem go born dis Christ.

5. Dem con tok sey, “Na for Bethlehem
inside Judea, na wetin di prophet don write:

6. “ ‘Shebi Bethlehem na di smallest among di rulers for Judah; but na from there one leader go from come, wey go lead my pipo Israel.’ ”

7. So Herod call di wise men codedly, con ask dem which time di star bin show-face.

8. He send dem go Bethlehem, con tell dem sey, “Make una go fyne di pikin. And as una just see di pikin, make una come tell me, so dat me sef fit come worship di pikin.”

9. As di king tok finish, di wise men waka komot; and dat star wey dem bin see for east con show dem road until di star stop for where dem born di pikin put.

10. As dem see di star, body sweet dem well-well.

11. As dem reach di house where di pikin dey, dem see Mary as she carry di pikin, dem con bow down—dey worship di pikin. Dem open dia box of beta- beta-tins, con give di pikin gifts; gold, plus frankincense and myrrh.

12. Naso di wise men pass anoda road go dia own kontri becos Baba-God don warn dem for dream sey make dem no go meet Herod again.

Dem Run Go Egypt

13. As dem komot, Baba-God angel show-face inside Joseph dream, con tell am sey “Get up, carry di pikin and hin mama run go Egypt. Stay for there until I tell you wetin you go do, Herod go fyne di pikin to kill am.”

14. So he wake up, he carry di pikin and hin mama go Egypt for night,

15. dem stay for there until Herod die; dis tin wey happun confam wetin di prophet tell sey, “Na from inside Egypt, I call my pikin.”
Herod Kill Small Small Pikin

16. Herod para, wen he notice sey di wise
men don dagbo am. Wen di time wey di wise men tell am sey dem go born di pikin reach, he send hin pipo make dem go kill all di small boys wey be two years old go down, for inside Bethlehem and around di area.

17. Dis tin wey happun- confam wetin Baba-God use prophet Jeremiah tok, sey,

18. “For inside Rama dem go hear cry,
sadness, and tears go flow like river, Rachel go dey cry for her pikin, and no-pesin go fit cool her down, becos her pikin no dey again.”

As Dem Take Go Back To Nazareth

19. Afta Herod die, naso Baba-God angel
show-face for inside Joseph dream—for

20. con tok sey, “Stand up make you carry
your pikin and hin mama go Israel; di pipo
wey wan kill your pikin don kpeme.”

21. He con carry di pikin and hin mama go

22. But wen he hear sey Archelaus don climb di king-chair of hin papa—Herod, for Judea,naso fear catch am—so he no gree go there.As Baba-God don warn am for dream, he go Galilee,

23. he go stay for di city wey dem dey call
Nazareth: to confam wetin di prophet tok,
“Dem go call am Nazarene.”






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