Matthew Chapter 21

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Jesus Enta Like King

1. As dem dey reach Jerusalem, near
Bethphage, for di Mount of Olives, Jesus
send two disciples,

2. he tell dem sey, “Go di village wey dey
for front, una go just see one donkey wey
dem tie for one corner, wit e pikin for e side.
Loose dem and make una carry dem come
meet me.

3. If any-pesin ask una anytin, tell am sey
una Oga need dem and he go quick-quick
send dem come back.”

4. Dis t in happun to confam wetin di
prophet tok:

5. “Tell di daughters of Zion sey, ‘See una
King dey come meet una, he dey ride donkey jeje, he dey ride on top of donkey- pikin’ ”

6. Di disciples go—con do wetin Jesus tell
dem to do.

7. Dem bring di donkey and di donkey
pikin, dem put dia cloth on top, and Jesus
sidon put.

8. Plenty plenty pipo spread dia cloth for
road, and some odas cut branches from trees, con put am for road.

9. Di pipo wey dey for front and those pipo
wey dey follow am—con dey sing,
“Hosanna to di Son of David!” “Blessings
for di pesin wey come in di name of Baba-God!”
“Hosanna in di highest!”

10. Wen Jesus enta Jerusalem, di whole city con dey shake and pipo con ask sey, “Who be dis?”

11. Di pipo con ansa dem, “Dis na Jesus, di
prophet from Nazareth for Galilee.”
Jesus, For Inside Di Worship-place

12. Jesus enta di worship-place con pursue everi-pesin wey dey buy and sell for there. He throway di table of di pipo wey d

change moni, and di benches of pipo wey
dey sell dove.

13. He con tell dem sey, “Dem write am sey, ‘Dem go call my house di house of prayers, but una don turn am to joint for robbers.’ ”

14. Blind pipo, plus pipo wey no fit waka,
come meet am for inside di worship-place
and he heal dem.

15. But wen di chief priests plus di teachers of di law see di ogbonge tins wey he do, plus di small small pikin wey dey shout for di worship-place,
“Hosanna to di son of David,” dem con dey

16. Naso dem ask Jesus sey, “You dey hear wetin dis small small pikin dey shout?” Jesus ansa dem, “Yes I dey hear dem. Una neva read sey, ‘From small pikin mouth, and small babies nahin you don command praise’?”

17. He komot from dia side, con komot from di city go Bethany, where he sleep for night.

Di Fig Tree Dry

18. Early mor-mor as he dey go back to di
city, hungry catch am.

19. As he see one fig tree for road, he waka
go meet di tree, but he no see any fruit unless leaves. He con tell di tree sey, “Make you no ever produce fruit again!” Di tree con dry sharp-sharp.

20. Wen di disciple see wetin happun, dem
surprise. Dem con ask, “How di fig tree take dry quick-quick?”

21. Jesus ansa dem, “I dey tell una di truth, if you get faith and you no get two-mind, no be only wetin I do to di fig tree nahin you go fit do, but you go fit tell dis mountain sey, ‘Waka go enta inside big-river, and e go happun.’

22. If you believe, you go receive anytin wey you ask for wit prayer.”

Dem Dey Ask Who Give Jesus Pawa

23. Jesus enta di worship-place, and as he
dey teach, di chief priests and di senior-men come meet am. Dem ask am, “Who give you pawa to dey do all dis tins?” And who give you di authourity?”

24. Jesus ansa dem, “Me sef go ask una one question. If una ansa me, I go tell una di pawa wey I dey use.

25. Where John baptism come from? Na
from heaven, or na from men?”
Dem con reason di mata wit demsef sey, “If we tok sey, ‘Na from heaven,’ he go ask us sey, ‘So why una no believe am?

26. ‘But if we tok say, ‘Na from men’—we dey fear di pipo, becos all of dem know sey John na prophet.”

27. So dem ansa Jesus, “We no know.” Jesus con tok sey, “Me sef no go tell una di pawa wey I dey use take dey do wetin I dey do.”

Di Parable of Di Two Sons

28. “Wetin una tink? E get one man wey get

two sons. He go meet di first one, con tok sey, ‘My pikin, go work for me for di grape- farm today.’

29. Naso he ansa am, “ ‘I nogo go,’ but later

he change hin mind—con go.

30. “Di papa go meet di second son, con tell am di same tin. He ansa, ‘I go go oga,’ but he no go.

31. “Which of di two pikin do wetin hin papa want?” Dem con ansa am, “Na di first pikin.” Naso Jesus tell dem sey, “I dey tell una di truth, di tax collectors and ashawo go first una enta Baba-God kingdom.

32. John come meet una to show una di way of goodness, but una no gree believe am, but di corrupt tax collectors and ashawo believe am. And afta una see all dis tins, una no repent, con believe am.

Di Parable Of Di Tenant

33. “Make una listen to anoda parable: One

landlord dey—wey get grape-farm. He fence am around con build wine factory inside, and he con build tall security house. Naso he rent di grape-farm to some farmers, he con travel komot.

34. Wen harvest time reach, he send hin

servants to di tenant make dem go collect hin fruit.

35. “But di tenants grab di servants; dem

beat one, kill anoda one, con stone di third


36. Naso he send some oda servants wey

plenty pass di first setgo meet dem, and di

tenants do di same tin wey dem do to first


37. Las-las he con send hin pikin go meet

dem, he tok sey, ‘Dem go respect my son,’

38. “But wen di tenants see hin pikin, dem

tell demsef sey, ‘Na hin pikin be dis. Come

make we kill am, con collect di land.’

39. So dem hollam, dem throway am komot from di grape-farm, con kill am.

40. “So wen di owner of di grape-farm show, wetin he go do all those tenants?”

41. Dem con ansa am, “He go use bad way

take end those useless men life, and he go

rent di grape-farm to anoda tenants wey go

give am hin own share of di fruits for


42. Jesus con tell dem sey, “Una neva read

for inside di Holy books: “ ‘Di stone wey di

builder don fashi, don turn to di foundation

stone; Baba-God don do am, and e good for

awa eyes.”

43. “So I dey tell una sey Baba-God go carry hin kingdom komot from una—con give pipo wey go use am produce beta fruit.

44. Any-pesin wey fall on top of dis stone go break to pieces, and any-pesin wey di stone fall on top—di stone go grind am to powder.”

45. Wen di chief priests plus Pharisees hear wetin Jesus tok, dem know sey he dey tok about dem.

46. Naso dem start to dey fyne way to arrest am but dem con dey fear di plenty pipo wey dey around, becos dem know sey Jesus na prophet.


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