Matthew Chapter 4

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Devil Tempt Jesus

1. Di Spirit carry Jesus go inside desert
make devil for tempt am.

2. Hungry con catch am afta he don fast for forty days plus forty nights.

3. Devil come meet am, con tok sey, “If you
know sey na you be Baba-God pikin, tell dis
stones to turn to bread.”

4. Jesus ansa am, “Dem write am sey: ‘Man no fit live by bread alone, but na everi word wey dey komot from Baba-God mouth.’ ”

5. So di devil carry am go di holy city, for di
highest part of di worship-place.

6. Naso devil tell Jesus sey, “If na you be
Baba-God pikin, jump from here go down.
Dem write am sey: “ ‘Baba-God angels go
carry you up wit dia hand make your leg no
nack stone.’ ”

7. Jesus ansa am, “Dem write am sey: ‘No
test Baba-God.’ ”

8. Dis time Devil carry am go one high
mountain, he con show am all di kingdoms
of di world, and di beta-beta-tins wey
brekete inside.

9. He con tok sey, “Na all dis tins I go give
you—if you go bow down and worship me.”

10. Jesus tell am sey, “Oya komot for my
side Satan! Dem write am sey: ‘Worship
Baba-God and serve only Am.’

11. Devil con komot from Jesus side, and
angels come meet Jesus to take care of Am.

Jesus Start To Dey Teach

12. Wen Jesus hear sey dem don lock John for inside prison, he go back to Galilee.

13. He komot for Nazareth, con go stay for
Capernaum, wey dey near di coast around di border of Zebulun and Naphtali—

dis one sef confam wetin di prophet tok,

15. “Di land of Zebulun, and di land of
Naphtali wey dey near water-side, around
river Jordan, where di Gentiles [oda nations] dey stay.

16. di pipo wey dey live inside darkness don see ogbonge light; those pipo wey dey live for di land of di shadow of death, light don reach where una dey stay.”

17. From dat time, Jesus start to dey preach, sey, “Abeg, make una repent, Baba-God kingdom dey for una hand.”

Jesus Call Hin First Disciples

18. As Jesus dey waka near di big-river of
Galilee, he see two brodas, Simon wey dem
dey call Peter, and hin broda Andrew. Dem
dey throw dia net inside di water. Dem be

19. Jesus tell dem sey, “Follow me, I go
make una catch men like fish.”

20. Naso dem sharp-sharp leave dia net con follow am.

21. As dem waka go front small, dem see
anoda two brodas, James wey be Zebedee
pikin and hin broda John. Dem dey for inside boat wit dia papa Zebedee, dem dey set dia net. Jesus call dem,

22. naso dem sharp-sharp leave di boat and dia papa, con follow Jesus.

Jesus Heal Sick Pipo

23. Jesus waka go everi-where for Galilee,
he start to dey teach pipo for inside dia
worship-place, about di good news of Baba-God kingdom. He con heal many pipo wey get disease and pipo wey dey sick among dem.

24. Plenty pipo wey dey around Syria con
hear di gist about Jesus. Naso dem carry
many sick pipo wit different disease come
meet Jesus—pipo wey need deliverance,
pipo wey body dey pain, pipo wey get
warakpa, pipo wey paralyze—and Jesus heal all of dem.

25. Plenty plenty pipo from Galilee,
Decapolis, Jerusalem, Judea and those area around Jordan con dey follow am.


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