Matthew Chapter 3

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John Di Baptist Clear-Road For Jesus

1. Back in di days, John di Baptist con
show, he dey preach for inside di desert for

2. he tok sey, “Make una repent; Baba-God
kingdom dey near.”

3. Na me prophet Isaiah tok about wen he
tok sey, “One voice dey cry for inside di
desert, ‘Clear road for di Oga, make hin way
straight.’ ”

4. Na camel hair John use take make hin
cloth, wit leather belt for hin waist; na locust and bush honey be hin food.

5. Pipo from Jerusalem, Judea and all di
area wey dey round Jordan go meet am.

6. He baptize dem for inside River Jordan
as dem confess dia sins.

7. But as he con see plenty of di Pharisees
and Sadducees dey come do baptism, he tell dem straight, “Chai, generation of snakes! Who warn una sey make una repent becos Baba-God wan change-am-for badbelle pipo?

8. So make una live di kain life wey go
confam sey una don repent.

9. And make una no go believe sey una fit
tell unasef sey, ‘We get Abraham as awa
papa.’ I dey tell una sey Baba-God fit use all
dis stones take make pikin for Abraham.

10. Di axe don already dey for di root of di
trees, and any tree wey no dey produce beta fruit, dem go cut am down con throway am inside faya.

11. I dey baptize una wit water make una
repent. But di pesin wey go come afta me get pawa pass me. I no even get level reach to carry hin sandals: he go baptize una wit Holy Spirit plus faya:

12. Hin fan dey for hin hand, and he go
seriously clean di harvest ground, con gada di wheat inside hin store: but he go burn di chaff wit faya wey no dey quench.”

John Baptize Jesus

13. Jesus come from Galilee go meet John to baptize am for River Jordan.

14. But John no wan gree, he tok sey, “Na
you suppose baptize me, and you dey come meet me make I baptize you?”

15. Jesus con tell am sey, “Make we do am
like dat now; we suppose do dis tin to confam all di right tins wey Baba-God wan make we do.” John con agree.

  1. As he baptize Jesus finish, Jesus komot from inside di water. Naso heaven just open for am dat minute. He con see Baba-God Spirit dey come down like dove and lightning for hin body.
  2. One voice from heaven con tok sey, “Dis na my pikin wey I love; he dey make belle sweet me.”


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