Matthew Chapter 5

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Blessings of Jesus

1. As Jesus see sey plenty pipo gada
around, he climb di mountain, con sidon.
Hin disciples come meet am,

2. naso he start to teach dem, he tok sey:

3. “Blessings for di pipo wey get low-key
spirit, na dem get Baba-God kingdom.

4. Blessings for those pipo wey dey cry,
dem go calm down.

5. Blessings for those pipo wey dey do dia tins wit jeje, dis earth belong to dem.

6. Blessings for those pipo wey dey hungry
and wan drink goodness like water, dem go
soon belleful.

7. Blessings for those pipowey dey sorry-for pesin, pipo sef go sorry-for dem.

8. Blessings for those pipo wey get pure
heart. Dem go see Baba-God.

9. Blessings for those pipo wey like to
make peace, dem go call dem Baba-God

10. Blessings for those pipo wey dem show pepper becos dem dey do di correct tins—na dem get heaven.

11. “Blessings for you if pipo insult you,
show you pepper, and tok everi kain bad tin
about you, becos of me.

12. Make body sweet you becos your pay go burku for heaven. Naso dem take show
pepper to those prophets wey bin dey before una.

Salt And Light

13. “Na you be di salt of di earth. But if salt
lose e taste, how e go fit get e taste again?
Dem no go fit use am do anytin, except make dem throway am for ground make pipo march am.

14. “Na you be di light of di world. City wey
dey on top of hill no go fit hide.

15. Pesin no go light lantern con keep am
under basket, instead he go put di lantern for e stand so dat di light go shine for everi-pesin inside di house.

16. So make you let your light shine—make
pipo see your beta handwork, con cut-cap for Baba-God wey dey for heaven.

To Confam Di Law

17. “No go dey tink sey I don come to stop di law [of Moses] or di [di writings of di]
prophets; I no come to stop dem, but I come do wetin dem suppose do.

18. I dey tell una di truth, until heaven and
earth disappear, even one small writing or
word no go fit disappear from di law until
everitin wey dem prophesy come to pass.

19. Any-pesin wey break Baba-God law,
con teach pipo to follow am break di
law—go be di smallest pesin for heaven, but any-pesin wey keep Baba-God
commandment, con teach pipo, go be great pesin for di kingdom of heaven.

20. I dey tell una, unless una goodness pass di Pharisees and di teachers of di law, una no go fit enta di kingdom of heaven.


21. “Una know sey di prophet of olden days
tell una sey, ‘No kill pesin, and any-pesin
wey kill pesin go face judgement.’

22. But I dey tell una again sey, any-pesin
wey dey vex for hinbroda for no reason—go
face judgement. Any-pesin wey call hin
broda ‘Useless,’ go face di council. But any-pesin wey call hin broda, ‘You mugu!’ dey in
danger of hell.

23. “So if you dey for altar and you wan give Baba-God gift, and you con remember sey your broda dey vex for you,

24. leave your gift for di altar, and make you first go settle wit your broda; den make you come back con give your offering for di altar.

25. “Make you settle sharply wit your
enemy wey wan carry you go court. Settle
am as una still dey for road, or he go carry
you give di judge, and di judge go carry you
give di officer, and dem fit put you for prison.

26. I dey tell you di truth, you no go komot
until you pay di last moni.


27. “Una don hear sey, ‘Make una no climb
pesin wife or husband.’

28. But I dey tell una sey any-pesin wey look woman wit one-kain konji eyes—don
already climb her for hin heart.

29. If your right eye dey make you commit
sin, pluck am komot—throway am. E beta
seymake you lose only one part of your body dan make you carry your full body enta hell faya.

30. If na your right hand dey make you
commit sin, cut am komot—throway am. E
beta sey make you lose one part of your body dan make all your body enta hell.


31. “Dem don tok am sey, ‘Any-pesin wey
pursue hin wife komot, go give her
certificate to show sey he don pursue her

32. But I dey tell una sey any-pesin wey
pursue hin wife komot, except di woman dey play am—don make di woman commit
adultery, and any-pesin wey marry woman
wey don komot for husband house—don
climb anoda pesin wife.

33. Shebi una hear sey, ‘No break your oath, and make you keep di oath wey you don make to Baba-God.’

34. But I dey tell una sey make you no swear at all: wit heaven becos na Baba-God king-chair;

35. or swear wit earth, becos na for earth
Baba-God carry hin leg put as hin stool; or by Jerusalem, becos Jerusalem na di city of di ogbonge King.

36. Make you no use your head swear, becos you no fit make even one single hair, white or black.

37. Make your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No’ be ‘No’; anytin wey pass dat one na evil tin. Do Me, I Do You—God No Go Vex

38. “Una don hear sey dem bin tok sey, ‘Do me, I do you—Baba-God no go vex.’

39. But I dey tell una sey, No worry if badbelle pipo carry wahala come meet you. If pesin slap you for one side,turn di oda side for am.

40. And if pesin sue you, con collect your
jacket, give am your cloth sef.

41. If pesin use gragra carry you go far,
follow am go far-far.

42. Give pesin wey ask you for sometin, and no bone pipo wey wan borrow sometin from you.

To Love Badbelle Pipo

43. “Una don hear di law wey tok sey, ‘Love
your neighbour, and hate your enemy.’

44. But I dey tell una sey: Love your
enemies, and pray forthose pipo wey dey
show you pepper,

45. so dat una go fit be di correct pikin of una papa wey dey for heaven. Nahin dey make sun shine for good and badbelle pipo, con send hin rain for both evil and good pipo.

46. Which kain blessings you go get if you
love only those pipo wey love you? Abi even tax collectors no dey do like dat?

47. And if you only dey greet your brodas,
wetin con be di difference between you and world-pipo? Shebi even world-pipo dey do like dat sef?

48. You suppose dey perfect, as your papa
wey dey for heaven dey perfy sef.


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