Matthew Chapter 6

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 To Dey Give Pipo wey no Get Shi-shi

  1. “Make you dey careful—no dey show yoursef wen you wan give pesin sometin, so dat pipo go respect you. If you behave like dat, you no go get any blessing from your Papa wey dey for heaven.
  2. “If you wan give pesin sometin, make you no go dey tell everi-pesin wetin you wan do—as fake-pipo dey do for inside church and for street, so dat pipo go respect dem. I dey tell una di truth sey, dem go get dia full pay.
  3. But if you wan give pesin sometin, make you no let even your left hand know wetin your right hand dey do,
  4. so dat wetin you dey give go dey coded. Den your Papa wey know wetin you do for secret—go bless you.


5. “Wen you wan pray, no do like fake-pipo wey dey stand for inside church and for corner of street—so dat pipo go see dem. I dey tell una di truth sey, dem don receive dia full pay.
6. But wen you wan pray, make you go inside your room, close di door, con pray to your papa wey pipo not fit see. Naso your papa wey see wetin you do for secret go bless you.
7. And wen you dey pray, no dey tok anyhow like world- pipo, dem tink sey Baba- God go hear dem becos of dia plenty tok.
8. No be like dem, Baba-God don already know wetin you want—even before you ask am.
9. “Dis na how una suppose pray: “ ‘Awa Papa wey dey for heaven, make your name dey holy ,

10. make your kingdom come, make your plan show for earth—as e dey for heaven.

11. Give us wetin we go chop today.

12. Forgive us awa sins, as we sef dey forgive di pipo wey do bad tins to us.

13. No let us fall for temptation, carry evil pipo komot for awa side. Na you get di kingdom, di pawa plus di levels, forever. Iseee [Amen]’

14. If you forgive pipo wey do bad tins to you, Baba-God sef go forgive your sins.

15. And if you no forgive pipo wey sin against you, Baba-God sef no go forgive your sins.


16. “Wen you dey fast, no let everi-pesin know sey you dey fast as fake-pipo dey do. Dem go bone dia face make pipo know sey dem dey fast, I dey tell una di truth sey dem don receive dia full pay.
17. But wen you dey fast, baffup well and look good,
18. so dat pipo no go know sey you dey fast, except your Papa wey pipo no fit see; and Baba-God wey see wetin you dey do codedly—go bless you.

Beta-beta-tins For Heaven

19. “No keep your beta-beta-tins for earth—where insect and dust go make dem kpafuka, and where tiff go steal am.

20. Make heaven be your bank—where insect and dust no go fit make am kpafuka, and where tiff no go fit steal am.

21. Where pesin investment dey, na there hin heart sef go dey.

22. Your eye be di lamp of di body. If your eye good, your body go brekete wit light.

23. But if your eye bad, your whole body go burku wit darkness. And if di light wey dey around you na darkness, how dat darkness con deep reach!

24. “No-pesin fit serve two oga. He go hate one—con love di oda, or he go give one time—con bone di oda. You no fit serve Baba-God and moni.

Make You No Worry

25. “So I dey tell una, no dey worry about your life, wetin you go chop, or wetin you go drink; or about your body, and how you go take baffup.

Abi life no dey more important pass food, abi your body no dey more important pass clothes?

26. See di birds wey dey fly for air; dem no dey plant or harvest, dem no dey keep anytin for dia store, and Baba-God dey give dem food everi day. Abi you no get value pass dem?

27. Abi which one of una fit add one single hour join hin life wit worry-worry?

28. “And why you dey worry about clothes? See as flowers take dey grow for field. Dem no dey hustle or make cloth.

29. I dey tell una sey even King Solomon wit all hin levels-no baffup reach one of dis flowers.

30. If naso Baba-God take dey dress all dis grass wey dey di field—wey go dey today, and by tomorrow pesin don burn am, you tink sey Baba-God no go fit give you sef beta clothes—haba, una faith too small?

31 So make you no worry about dis

tins—con tok sey, ‘Wetin I go chop?’ or ‘Wetin I go drink?’ or ‘Which cloth I go wear?’

32. Na world-pipo dey worry about all dis tins, and Baba-God know sey you need dem.

33. But make you first fyne Baba-God kingdom and hin correct way, and everitin go be jara for you.

34. So make una no worry about tomorrow, tomorrow go take care of esef. Everi day get hin own wahala.


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