Matthew Chapter 7

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To Judge Odas

1. “Make you no judge, or dem go judge

2. Di same way wey you take judge odas
nahin dem go take judge you, and di same
level wey you use judge pesin nahin dem go use judge you sef.

3. “Why you dey look di small sawdust
wey dey your broda eye, and you no fit see di plank wey cover your own eye?

4. How you go tell your broda sey, ‘Make I
komot di small tin from your eye, wen plank still cover your own eye?’

5. Una wey be fake-pipo, first komot di
plank from your own eye, den you go fit see
road to komot di small tin wey dey for your
broda eye.

6. Make you no give dogs holy tins; no give
pigs your fine- fine-tins. If you give dem,
dem go march am for ground—and dem go
attack you.

Ask, Fyne, knock

7. “Ask, and you go get wetin you ask for;
fyne, and you go see wetin you dey fyne;
knock, and di door go open for you.

8. Any-pesin wey ask go receive; pesin
wey fyne go see wetin he dey fyne, and pesin wey knock, di door go open for am.

9. “Which one of una wey hin pikin go ask
am for bread, and he go con give am stone?

10. Or if hin pikin ask for fish, and he go con give am snake?

11. If una wey be evil pipo fit give una pikin
beta gift, abi you tink sey your Papa for
heaven no go fit give beta gift to those pipo wey ask am?

12. Anytin wey you dey do, make you treat
pipo di way you want dem to treat you sef.
Na dis one be di koko of di law and

Di Small And Wide Gates

13. Follow di small gate. Di gate wey man go pass go kpeme—dey wide, and plenty pipo dey follow there.

14. But di gate wey lead to life—dey very small, and na only some pipo go fit see where di road dey.

Tree And E Fruit

15. “Shine your eye for fake prophets. Dem go wear sheep dress come meet una, but for inside dia heart dem be hungry wolf.

16. Na by dia fruit you go take know who dem really be. Abi pesin fit pick grape from shuku-shuku? Or fruits—from bush flower?

17. Naso everi beta tree dey produce beta fruit, but bad tree dey produce bad fruit.

18. Beta tree no go fit produce fruit wey don spoil, and bad tree no go fit produce beta fruit.

19. Dem go cut everi tree wey no produce beta fruit, con put am inside faya.

20. So, na by dia fruit you go take know who dem really be.

21. “No be everi-pesin wey dey shout, ‘Baba-God, Baba-God,’ nahin go enta heaven, but na only those pipo wey do wetin Baba-God want—nahin go fit enta di kingdom of heaven.

22. Wen dat day reach, plenty pipo go tell me sey, ‘ Oga, Oga, abi no be your name we take dey prophesy, and we even pursue bad spirit komot wit your name, con do plenty miracles?’

23. Naso I go tell dem straight, ‘I no sabi una. Abeg komot for here badbelle pipo!’

Di Wise And Foolish Builder

24. Any-pesin wey hear all dis beta tins wey dey tok, con do wetin I tok—go be like wise man wey build hin house on top of rock.

25. Rain fall, and water con full river

throway, heavy-breeze blow di house, but di house no gree kpafuka, becos di foundation dey on top rock.

26. But any-pesin wey hear all dis my words and he no do wetin I tok—be like mumu wey build hin houseforsand-sand.

27. Rain fall, water con full river throway, heavy breeze blow di house, naso di house

fall scata for ground yakata.”

28. Wen Jesus don tok finish, wetin he teach dem—make dem surprise,

29. becos he teach dem like pesin wey get

pawa, and no be like dia teachers of di law.


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