Matthew Chapter 9

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Jesus Heal One Man Wey Paralyze

1. Jesus enta inside boat—con cross go di
oda side wey be hin own town.

2. Some men con use mat carry one man
wey paralyze come meet Jesus. Wen Jesus see dia faith, he tell di man wey paralyze sey, “Ginger up, pikin, I don forgive your sins.”

3. Wen those teachers of di law hear wetin
Jesus tok, dem con dey follow demsef tok
sey, “Dis man dey downgrade Baba-God!”

4. As Jesus read dia mind, he con tok sey,
“Why una dey tink evil tin for una heart?

5. Which one easy pass; make I tok sey, ‘I
don forgive your sins,’ or make I sey, ‘Stand
up waka’?

6. But I wan make una know sey Man-pikin
get pawa for earth—to forgive sins.” He con tell di man wey paralyze sey, “Get up, carry your mat make you dey go your house.”

7. Di man con stand up—dey waka go

8. Wen di plenty pipo see wetin happun,
dem con dey surprise; and dem praise Baba-God wey give men dat kain pawa.

Jesus Call Matthew

9. As Jesus waka komot for there, he see
one man wey dem dey call Matthew sidon
for tax collectors office. Naso he tell am sey, “Follow me,” Matthew stand up con follow am go.

10. As Jesus dey chop evening-food for
Matthew house, plenty pipo wey dey collect tax moni, plus plenty bad sinners con dey follow dem chop, wit all hin disciples.

11. Wen di Pharisees see wetin happun, dem con ask hin disciples sey, “Why una teacher dey follow tax collectors plus ‘sinners’ dey chop?”

12. As Jesus hear wetin dem tok, he tok sey, “No be pesin wey no dey sick nahin need doctor, but pesin wey dey sick.

13. Make una go learn wetin dis one mean:
‘Na mercy nahin I want, no be sacrifice.’ Na
sinners I come for, no be for di good pipo.”
Dem Ask Jesus About Fasting

14. John disciple come, con ask am sey,
“Why e be sey we and di Pharisees dey fast
but your disciples no dey fast at all?”

15. Jesus con tok sey, “How una expect pipo wey dem invite come wedding to dey cry, wen diman wey wan marry dey for there? Time dey come wen di man wey wan marry go komot; na dat time dem go fast.

16. “No-pesin fit use new cloth take patch
old cloth, di patch go tear komot, and e go
make di tear-tear part for di cloth bad more-more.

17. Or you don see where men dey pour new wine inside old wineskin. If dem do like dat, di skin go burst, di wine go pour throway, and di wineskin go spoil. Lai-lai, dem go pour new wine for inside new wineskin so dat di wine, and di wineskin go dey okay.”

Di Girl Wey Die And Di Woman Wey Dey

18. As he dey tok all dis tins, one ruler con
kneel down for where he dey, con tok sey,
“My daughter just die. But come put your
hand for her body, and she go come back to life.”

19. Jesus and hin disciples con stand up
follow am dey go.

20. As dem dey go, one woman wey blood
dey rush komot from her body for twelve
years—go Jesus back, she con touch small
part of hin cloth.

21. She tell hersef sey, “If I only fit touch hin cloth, I go heal.”

22. Jesus turn back look her, con tok sey,
“Ginger up, my daughter, your faith don
already heal you.” Di woman con heal from
dat minute.

23. Wen Jesus enta di ruler house, con see di flute players plus plenty pipo wey dey make noise,

24. he tok sey, “Make una komot first, di girl neva die but she dey sleep.”

25. Afta di plenty pipo don go outside. Jesus waka go inside, con hold di girl hand, naso di girl stand up.

26. Gist about wetin happun—con spread go everi- where for dat area.

Jesus Heal Di Blind Man Plus Di Deaf

27. As Jesus komot from there, two blind
men con dey follow am—dem dey shout,
“Sorry-for us David pikin!”

28. Wen he enta inside, di blind men come
meet am, he con ask dem sey, “Una believe
sey I fit heal una?” Dem ansa am, “Yes Oga.”

Naso he touch dia eyes, con tok sey,
“Based-on una faith naso e go be for una”;

dem con start to dey see again. So Jesus
warn dem well- well sey, “I no wan make
any-pesin know wetin happun.”

But dem waka komot—con go dey
spread di gist to everi-pesin for di full area.

As dem dey komot, some pipo carry one
man wey bad- spirit don possess and wey no
fit tok, come meet Jesus.

And wen Jesus don pursue di bad-spirit
komot, di man wey no fit tok, con dey tok. Di
plenty pipo surprise, con tok sey, “We neva
see anytin like dis before for Israel.”

But di Pharisees tok sey, “Na devil pawa
he take dey pursue bad-spirit komot.”
Di Workers No Plenty

Jesus go all di towns plus villages, he
teach for dia worship-place, he preach di
good news of di kingdom, and he heal everi
disease plus sickness.

Wen he see all di plenty pipo, he sorry￾for dem becos dem don taya wit-out epp, like
sheep wey no get shepherd.

He con tell hin disciples sey, “ Di harvest
brekete but hustlers no plenty.

Ask di Oga of harvest—make he send
hustlers come harvest for hin farm.”


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