Zechariah Chapter 10

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Baba-God Go Bless Judah Plus Ephraim

  1. Ask Baba-God for rain wen raining season don dey go. Naso Baba-God go form bright clouds, con make rain pour, con make everi pesin farm grow.
  2. Di idols dey tok lie, jazzmen dey see vision wey be lie-lie, dem dey tok dreams wey no be true, dem dey comfort  pipo in vain. So di pipo con dey waka upandan like sheep, dem dey face wahala, becos dem no  get shepherd.
  3. “So I vex like faya for di shepherds, and I punish  di leaders; becos Baba-God Almighty dey take care of hin pipo, di house of Judah, and he go make dem be like hin correct horse for war.
  4. Di foundation stone go come from Judah, and di nails sef go come from Judah. Di bow for war go come from Judah, wit everi ruler—all of dem togeda.
  5. Togeda dem go be like strong men wey dey march dia enemies for portor-portor for di street for war. Dem go fight becos Baba-God dey wit dem, and dem go make shame catch dia enemies horse-riders.
  6. “I go give pawa to di house of Judah, con save di house of Joseph. I go bring dem again to dis place, becos I dey sorry-for dem. E go be like sey I no bin fashi dem  before, becos na me be Baba-God wey be dia Oga, and I go ansa dem.
  7. Di pipo of Ephraim go be like strong men, and dia hearts  go dey happy well-well like men wey drink wine. Yes, dia pikin go see am and dem go happy; dia hearts go happy inside Baba- God.
  8. I  go whistle for dem, con gada dem; becos I don save  dem; and dem go plenty like before.
  9. Even  though I bin scata dem among di nations, but dem  go still remember me from far-far land. All of dem plus dia pikin go survive, and dem go come back.
  10. I go carry dem come back sef from Egypt, con gada dem  from Assyria. I go carry dem come di land of Gilead plus Lebanon—sote enuff space no go dey for dem.
  11. Dem go pass tru di big-river wit wahala; and dem go nack down di waves of di big-river. All di deep parts of di river Nile go dry. Assyria levels go fall, and di govment of Egypt go pass komot.
  12. “I go give dem pawa inside Baba-God, and dem go waka upandan inside hin name,” naso Baba-God tok.


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