Zechariah Chapter 12

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      Baba-God Go Save Jerusalem

  1. Dis na Baba-God word about Israel. Baba-God wey  stretch di heavens go out, and wey lay di foundations of di earth, and wey dey form man spirit inside am, tok sey:
  2. “See, I go make Jerusalem be like cup of ogogoro wey go make di nations wey dey around dey stagger—wen dem send dia armies to surround Jerusalem plus Judah.
  3. On dat day, wen all di nations of di earth gada against  her, I go turn Jerusalem to rock wey no fit move. All di nations  go gada against  am to try to move  am, but dem go surely wound demsef.
  4. On dat day, I go nack everi horse wit fear, con nack dia  riders wit kolomentality [madness], and my eyes go dey watch di house of Judah, but I go blind all di horses of di nations.
  5. Den di leaders of Judah go tok inside dia heart sey, ‘Di pipo of Jerusalem na strong support for us—tru Baba-God  Almighty wey be dia God.’
  6. “On dat day, I go make di leaders of Judah be like faya pan among wood wey dem gada, and like stick of faya among bunch of harvest. Dem go burn all di pipo wey dey around, for di left and for di right side; and di pipo of Jerusalem go live wit peace for inside Jerusalem [wit peace].
  7. “Baba-God go first save di houses of Judah, so dat di levels of di house of David plus di pipo wey dey live for Jerusalem no go pass di levels of Judah.
  8. On dat day, Baba-God go protect those pipo wey dey live for inside Jerusalem, so dat di ones wey no strong among dem go be like David, and di pikin-pikin-pikin of di house of David—go be like God, like Baba-God Angel for dia front.
  9. And e go happun sey, on dat day, I go go out to scata all  di nations wey dey attack Jerusalem.

   Cry-cry For Di Pesin Wey Dem Shuu

10. I go pour di spirit of grace and prayer on di house of  David plus di pipo wey dey live for Jerusalem. Dem go look me wey dem don shuuk, and dem go cry for am like pesin wey dey cry for hin only pikin, and dem go cry for am well-well—like pesin wey dey cry well-well for hin firstborn wey kpeme.

11. On dat day, di cry-cry for Jerusalem go plenty well-well, like di cry-cry of Hadad-rimmon for bottom-of-di-mountain wey dem dey call Megiddo.

12. Di land go cry, everi single family—on e own, wit dia wives  by demsef: di family of di house of David plus dia wives, di family of di house of Nathan [David son] on dia own, and dia wives on dia own.

13. Di family of di house of Levi on dia own, and dia wives on dia own; di family of Shimei on dia own, and dia wives on dia own;

14. Plus all di remaining families on dia own; wit dia wives on dia own.


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