Zechariah Chapter 11

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          Sheep Wey Be Point And Kill

  1. Oh Lebanon, make una open una doors, so dat faya fit  burn una cedar forest!
  2. Oh cypress tree, make una cry, becos di cedar trees don fall; becos di big tree wey get levels—don scata. Cry oh oak tree of Bashan, becos di thick forest don come down.
  3. Listen to di cry of di Shepherds; dia green land don spoil! Listen to di lions dey halla, becos di thick forest of Jordan don scata.
  4. Dis na wetin Baba-God tok, “Feed di sheep and goats wey una wan kill;
  5. Pipo wey dey buy dem dey kill dem and no pesin go punish dem. Di pipo wey dey sell dem dey tok sey, ‘Praise Baba-God, I don get  moni!’ Dia own shepherds no dey sorry-for dem.
  6. See, I no go sorry-for di pipo of di land again,” naso Baba-God tok, “But I go give everi pesin to hin neighbour hand and to di  hand of hin king. Dem go oppress di land, and I no go save dem from dia hands.”
  7. So I [Zechariah] turn to di shepherd of di sheep wey di men wey dey sell di sheep don mark to kill—especially di ones wey dem dey oppress. Naso I carry two walking-sticks, con call one, ‘Beauty’, con call di oda one, ‘Union’; and I feed my sheep.
  8. I discharge three shepherds in one month. But I con taya for di sheep, and dem con hate me sef.
  9. So I tok sey, “I no go be una shepherd again. Any pesin wey wan kpeme—make he kpeme; and any pesin wey wan fall—make he fall. And make those wey remain chop demsef!”

          Thirty Silver Coins

10. Naso I carry my walking-stick wey I dey call Beauty, and I cut am into two, so dat I go break di agreement wey I make wit all di pipo [nations].

11. So di agreement break dat day, and di ones wey dem dey oppress among di sheep—wey put dia eyes on me, con sabi sey na Baba-God word.

12. I con tell dem sey, “If e dey good to una, make una give me my pay, but if not, una fit keep am,” and dem count thirty pieces of silver as my pay.

13. Naso Baba-God tell me sey, “Throw di moni give di pot-maker”—na beta price dem set for me. So I carry di thirty pieces of silver, con throw dem give di pesin wey dey mould pot for inside Baba-God house.

14. Den I break my second walking-stick [staff] wey I dey call Union, con break di family connection  between Judah and Israel.

15. Naso Baba-God con tell me sey, “Take di tools of di mumu shepherds.

16. Becos I go raise up one shepherd over di land—wey no go take care of pipo wey don lose, or fyne di young pipo, or heal pipo wey don wound, or feed di pipo wey dey alright, but  he go chop di meat of di fat ones, con tear even bottom of dia legs komot [he no go chop anytin remain].

17. “Wahala for di  mumu shepherd—wey dey run leave hin  animals! Make sword shuuk hin hand and hin right eye! Make  hin hand dry kpatakpata, and make hin right eyes blind kpatakpata!”


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