Zechariah Chapter 13

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 Di End of Worshipping Idols

  1. On dat day, water wey dey flow go open for di House of David, plus di pipo wey dey live for Jerusalem, to clean dem from dia sins plus dia yama-yama.
  2. “E go happun on dat day, sey I go komot di names of di idols from di land, and no pesin go remember dem again,” naso Baba-God Almighty tok, “I go still pursue both di prophets and di spirits wey no clean—komot  from di land.
  3. And e go happun sey, if any pesin still dey prophesy, hin  papa and hin mama wey born am go tell am sey, ‘You must die,  becos you don use Baba-God name take tok lie.’ Wen he prophesy—hin own  mama and papa wey born am—go shuuk am.
  4. “E go happun sey, on dat day, shame go catch di prophets for everi of hin vision wen he prophesy. No pesin go pretend to be prophet by wearing prophet clothes.
  5. But he go tok sey, ‘I no be prophet. I be farmer; I start to dey serve for farm since wen I be boy.’
  6. And pesin go ask am, ‘Which  wounds be all dis ones for your hands?’ He go ansa dem sey, ‘Na wound wey I wound for my padi house.’

         Di Shepherd Savior

7. “Oh sword, wake up, con attack di shepherd wey dey work for me,” naso Baba-God tok. “Nack di shepherd down and di sheep go scata; den I go turn my hand against di small ones.

8. And e go happun for di whole land,” naso Baba-God tok, “Two parts go cut komot, con kpeme, but di third part go survive.

9. I go carry di remaining third part pass tru faya; I go make dem pure as dem take dey make silver pure, con test dem like gold. Dem go call my  name and I go ansa dem; I go tok sey, ‘Dem be my pipo,’ and dem go tok sey, ‘Baba-God na awa God.’ ”


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