Zechariah Chapter 14

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Di Day of Baba-God

  1. See, Baba-God day dey come—wen dem go share una property for una front.
  2. I go gada all di nations face Jerusalem to fight against am; dem go catch di city, dem go check all di houses, and dem  go rape di women. Half of di city go run go foreign land, but dem no go fit cut di rest of di pipo komot from di city.
  3. Naso Baba-God go go out to fight against those nations, as he take dey fight for di days of war.
  4. On dat day, hin leg go stand for di Mountain of Olives— east of Jerusalem, and di Mountain of Olives go cut into two from east to west—big bottom-of-mountain go con dey—half of di mountain go move go north and half go move go south.
  5. Una go run go bottom-of-di-mountain, becos bottom-of-di-mountain go reach Azel; yes, una go run, just as una run from di earthquake for di days of Uzziah wey be di king of Judah. Naso Baba-God wey be my Oga go show-face, and all di holy-ones go follow am come.
  6. And e go happun sey on dat day, light no go dey. Di light of di sun plus di moon go kpanji.
  7. E go be special day, day or night no go dey—na day wey only Baba-God sabi. But e go happun sey wen evening reach, light go dey.
  8. On dat day, living water go flow out from Jerusalem, half go flow to di big-river wey dey for di east, and half to di big-river wey dey for west, for both hot-season and cold-season.
  9. Baba-God go rule as King for di whole earth. On dat  day—e go be one God, and hin name go be di only name [wey dem dey worship].
  10. Di whole land from Geba reach Rimmon, south of Jerusalem, go be like Arabah [big open land]. But Jerusalem go raise go up to e original place and pipo go live for there; from di Benjamin Gate to di place  of di First Gate, plus di corner Gate, and from di tall-building of Hananel—go reach di king wine factories.
  11. Pipo go live for there, and e no go ever scata again.  Jerusalem go dey secure.
  12. Na dis be di disease wey Baba-God go take nack all di  nations wey fight against Jerusalem: Dia flesh go rotten even  as dem still dey stand wit dia legs, dia eyes go rotten from di place where e dey, and dia tongues go rotten for inside dia mouths.
  13. On dat day, Baba-God go nack dem wit serious katakata. Everi man go claim anoda pesin land, and dem go attack each oda.
  14. Judah sef go fight inside Jerusalem. Dem go collect di beta-beta-tins of di nations wey dey around—plenty-plenty gold  plus silver and clothes.
  15. Di same kind of disease go nack di horses, di mules, camels plus donkeys, plus all di animals wey dey for di enemy camps.
  16. And e go happun sey di pipo wey survive from all di nations wey attack Jerusalem go go up, year afta year to worship di King, Baba- God Almighty, and to celebrate di Festival of Tents.
  17. If any of di families of di earth no gree go up to Jerusalem to worship di King—Baba-God Almighty; dem no go see rain.
  18. If di pipo of Egypt no gree go up to join di festival, dem no  go see rain. Baba-God go send di disease wey he dey send to  nations wey no gree go up to celebrate di Festival of Tents.
  19. Na dis go be di punishment of Egypt plus di punishment of all di nations we no gree go up to celebrate di Festival of Tents.
  20. On dat day dem go write HOLY TO BABA-GOD on all di bells of di horse, and di cooking pots wey dey inside Baba-God house go be like di holy bowls wey dey near di altar.
  21. Everi pot wey dey inside Jerusalem and Judah go dey holy for Baba-God Almighty, and everi pesin wey come do sacrifice  go dey free to use some of di pots to boil dia sacrifice. And  on dat day, market-pipo no go dey inside Baba-God Almighty house again.


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