Zechariah Chapter 2

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One Man Wit Line [Rope] For Measurement

  1. So I look up, and I con see for my front—one man wit  line [rope] for measurement for hin hand.
  2. I con ask am sey, “Where you dey go?” So he ansa me, “I dey go measure Jerusalem, so dat I go know as e long and wide reach.”
  3. Naso di angel wey dey follow me tok, con carry-go, and anoda angel go meet am,
  4. con tell am sey: “Run, go tell dat young man sey, ‘Jerusalem  go brekete wit pipo plus animals—sote space no go dey, and plenty pipo go live for outside di wall of di city.
  5. And me mysef go be wall of faya round am,’ naso Baba- God tok, ‘And na me go be di levels inside am.’”

                   Zion Go Save

6. “Come! Come! Run komot from di land of di north,” naso  Baba-God tok, “Becos I don scata una to di four breeze of heaven,” naso Baba-God tok.

7. “Oh Zion, stand up! And make una escape, una wey dey stay wit di daughters of Babylon.”

8. Becos dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok: “He don send me for hin levels, against di nations wey don rob una—becos any pesin wey touch una, don touch di apple of Hin  eye—

9. I go surely raise my hand against dem—sote dia slaves go  rob dem. Den una go know sey Baba-God Almighty don send me.

10. “Sing and make una dey happy, oh pipo of Zion, becos I dey come, and I go live among una,” naso Baba-God tok.

11. “Many nations go gum-body wit Baba-God on dat day, and dem go turn to my pipo. I go live among una, naso una go sabi sey Baba-God Almighty nahin send me to una.

12. Baba-God go claim Judah as hin portion for di holy land, and he go choose Jerusalem again.

13. Dey silent for Baba-God front, everi human being, becos he  don raise up from hin holy place!”


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