Zechariah Chapter 4

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Di Vision of Di Gold Lampstand

  1. Naso di angel wey follow me tok—come back, con wake  me, like man wey dem wake up from sleep.
  2. So he ask me, “Wetin you dey see?” So I ansa am, “I don look, and I see  lampstand wey dem make wit solid gold, wit one bowl on top, I con see seven lamps on di lampstand, wit seven pipes to di seven lamps wey dey on top;
  3. Two olive trees sef dey near am, one dey for di right side of di bowl, and di oda one dey for di left side.”
  4. So I ask di angel wey dey follow me tok, sey “Wetin be  dis my oga?”
  5. Naso di angel wey dey follow me tok, ansa me, con tell me sey, “So you no sabi wetin dis tins be?” I con ansa am, “No my oga.”
  6. So he tell me sey, “Dis na Baba-God word to Zerrubbabel, sey: ‘No be by gragra, no be  by pawa, but na by my Spirit,’ naso Baba-God Almighty yarn.
  7. Oh big mountain? Who you con be for front of Zerrubbabel, you go turn to smooth-land! And wen Zerrubbabel set di final stone for Baba-God house, di pipo go  shout, “Grace! Grace to am!”’”
  8. Naso message come meet me from Baba-God, sey:
  9. “Zerrubbabel hands don lay di foundation of dis house; hin hands sef go complete am. Naso una go take know sey  Baba-God Almighty don send  me to una.
  10. Who be dat wey dey downgrade di days wen sometin just start in a small way? Dem go happy and dem go see di plumline for Zerrubbabel hand. Dem [di seven eyes] be Baba-God eyes wey dey torch-light upandan for di whole earth.”

Di Two Olive Trees

11. Den I ask di angel, “Wetin be dis two olive trees wey dey for di right side plus di left side of di lampstand?”

12. I ask am again, “Wetin be dis two olive branches wey dey  di side of di two   gold pipes—wey dey pour out golden ororo?”

13. So he ansa me sey, “So you no sabi wetin dis tins  be?” I con tok sey, “No my oga.”

14. So he tok sey, “Na dis be di two pipo wit anointing to  serve di Oga of all di earth [Joshua wey be di high priest plus Zerubbabel wey be di prince of Judah].”


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