Zechariah Chapter 5

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Di Vision Of Di Book Wey Dey Fly

  1. Naso I turn, con raise my eyes up—and I see one book  wey dey fly for my front!
  2. He con ask me, “Wetin you dey see?” So I ansa am, “I dey see book wey dey fly, e long reach thirty feet, con wide reach fifty feet.”
  3. Naso he tell me sey, “Dis na di curse wey dey move enta di whole earth; based-on wetin e tok for one side, ‘Everi pesin wey tiff must komot from di land’; and based-on wetin e tok for di oda side, ‘Everi  pesin wey dey swear wit wetin no be true, must komot from di land.’”
  4. Baba-God Almighty tok sey, ‘I go send am out, and e go  enta di house of tiff, con enta inside di house of those pipo wey dey use my name take swear wit wetin no be true. E go dey for hin house, con scata hin  house, both di woods plus di stones.”

Di Vision of Di Woman Wey Dey For Inside Basket

5. Naso di angel wey dey follow me tok—con come front, and he tell me sey, “Look up make you see wetin dis tin be—wey dey show-face.”

6. So I ask am sey, “Wetin e be?” He con ansa me, “Na basket for measuring seeds.” He con still tok sey, “Na dis be di sins of di pipo for  di whole land.

7. Naso dem carry di cover of di basket wey be  lead, and one woman sidon for  inside di basket”;

8. He tok sey, “Dis na wickedness,” and he push her go back inside di basket, con  push di lead cover—take cover di mouth  of di basket.

9. So I look up—and for my front I see two women wey heavy-breeze dey for inside dia feathers! Dia feathers be like stork feathers, and dem carry di basket go up between heaven and earth.

10. Naso I ask di angel wey dey follow me tok sey, “Where dem dey carry di basket go?”

11. So he ansa me, “Dem dey carry am go di land of Shinar, to build house for am. Wen di house don ready, dem go set di basket for there—for e own place.”


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