Zechariah Chapter 6

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    Di Vision of Four Horse-moto

  1. I turn, con look up again—and I see four horse-moto for my front, and dem dey come out from di middle of two mountains—dem be mountains of bronze!
  2. Di first horse-moto get red horses, di second one get  black horses,
  3. di third horse-moto get white horses, and di fourth  horse-moto get horses  wey get plenty spots—all of dem strong.
  4. I ask di angel wey dey follow me tok sey, “Wetin be all dis  tins my oga?”
  5. Di angel con ansa me, “Na dis be di four spirits of di heavens wey dey go out from standing for front of di Oga of di  whole world.
  6. Di one wit di black horses dey go di north kontri, di one wit di white horses follow afta dem, di one wit di horses wey get spot—dey go di south side kontri.
  7. As di strong horses komot, dem dey ginger  to go patrol all di earth, and he tok sey, “Make una go patrol di whole earth.” So dem con dey waka upandan di earth.
  8. Naso he call me, con tell me sey, “Look those wey dey go di north konri don give my Spirit rest for di north kontri.”

        Crown For Joshua

9. Baba-God message come meet me, sey:

10. “Take silver plus gold from di pipo wey dem carry as  prisoners go Babylon, but wey just come back from Babylon; Heldai, Tobijah, and Jedaiah; con go Josiah house—wey be di son of Zephaniah, on di same day.

11. Take silver plus gold, make crowns, con wear am put for  di head of Joshua wey be di son of Josedech, di high priest;

12. Tell am sey, ‘Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty dey tok: “See [watch out], one man wey hin name na DI BRANCH; and he go grow out from hin place, con build Baba-God house;

13. Nahin go build Baba-God house, he go carry di levels as king, and he go sidon, con rule for hin king-chair. He go be priest for hin king-chair. And di office of di king wit di office of di priest go blend togeda.’

14. Di crown go dey for inside Baba-God house to remind Heldai, Tobijah, Jedaiah, plus  Hen wey be di son of Zephaniah.

15. Those pipo wey dey far-far go come epp to build Baba- God house, and una go sabi sey Baba-God Almighty  nahin send me to una. And dis tin go happun if una go seriously obey di voice of Baba-God una Oga.”


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