Zechariah Chapter 7

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            Call To Justice Plus Mercy

  1. E con happun sey, for di fourth year of king Darius, Baba-God message come meet Zechariah, for di fourth day of di ninth month, for di month of Chislev,
  2. Di pipo of Bethel bin send Sharezer plus Regem-melech, togeda wit dia men—to pray to Baba-God for favour,
  3. to ask di priest of Baba-God Almighty house, and di prophets, sey, “[Now wey I don come back from foreign land wey I be prisoner] abi make I feel sad and fast for di fifth month [to cry for Baba-God house wey don scata, as I don dey do for plenty years [for inside Babylon]?”
  4. Naso Baba-God Almighty word come meet me, sey:
  5. “Ask all di pipo of di land, plus di priests, sey, ‘Wen una  bin fast, con cry for di fifth and seventh month since seventy years, abi  na me una true-true fast for?
  6. And wen una dey chop and dey drink, abi una no just dey  chop and drink for unasef?
  7. Abi una no suppose hear di words wey Baba-God don tok tru di prophets wey don dey before, wen pipo bin dey stay for Jerusalem and wen di place dey prosper wit di cities wey dey round her, wen men bin dey live for di south plus di smooth-land?’”
  8. Naso Baba-God word come meet Zechariah again, sey,
  9. “Dis na wetin Baba-God Almighty tok: ‘Judge wit your church-mind, and make everi pesin dey kind to hin broda, con sorry-for am:
  10. And make una no oppress widow, or pipo wey no get papa, or foreigners, or pipo wey no get shi-shi. Make una no dey reason evil tins  against una broda for inside una heart.’
  11. “But dem no gree listen; dem turn dia stubborn shoulder, con block dia ears so dat dem no go hear.
  12. Yes, dem make dia hearts strong like stone, so dat dem no go hear di law plus di words wey Baba-God Almighty don send inside hin Spirit—tru di prophets wey bin dey before; so Baba-God Almighty vex well-well.
  13. E con happun sey, wen I call and dem no gree hear; naso dem cry sef, and I no gree hear dem,” naso Baba- God Almighty tok.
  14. “But I scata dem wit rolling-breeze among all di nations— for where dem con be jjc (strangers). So di land con empty kpatakpata, sote no pesin fit enta or komot. Naso dem take make di beta land empty.”


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