Zechariah Chapter 9

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Prophecies Against Israel Enemies

  1. Baba-God word dey against di land of Hadrach, and e go  rest for Damascus—becos di eyes of men plus all di tribes of Israel dey look Baba-God;
  2. And e go dey against Hamath sef, wey dey share di same border [wit Damascus], and against Tyre plus Sidon, even though dem wise well- well.
  3. Tyre don build strong-house for hersef; she don gada  plenty silver like dust, and she don gada gold like portor-portor for  streets.
  4. But Baba-God go komot her properties from her, con  scata her pawa for di big-river, and she go burn wit faya.
  5. Ashkelon go see am, and fear go catch am; Gaza sef go see am and dem go feel sad well-well, even Ekron sef, becos her hope go scata. Di king go kpeme for Gaza and pipo go run from Ashkelon.
  6. Pipo wit mix blood go take-over Ashdod, and I go cut di levels of di Philistines.
  7. I go komot di blood from dia mouths, and I go komot dia tufiakwa from between dia teeth [those mumu sacrifices of idols wey dem dey chop wit di blood]. Those pipo wey remain go belong  to awa God, and dem go turn to leaders inside Judah, and Ekron go be like di Jebusites.
  8. But I go camp round my house [like guard], con protect am against armies wey wan come attack—plus those wey dey march upandan, and I dey watch well-well to make sure sey pipo wey dey oppress odas, no go takeover my pipo land again.

        Di King Of Zion Wey Dey Show

9. Make una happy well-well, oh daughters of Zion! Make  una shout, daughters of Jerusalem! See una king dey come meet una, wit pure-heart and he dey save pesin, he humble and  he dey ride donkey; he dey ride donkey pikin.

10. I go komot di horse-moto from Ephraim, and all di war horse from Jerusalem, and I go break di bow for war. He go preach peace for di nations. Hin govment go stretch from big-river to big-river  and from river Euphrates—go reach di end of di earth.

11. As for una, becos of di blood of my agreement wit una, I  go free una prisoners from pit wey empty wit no water.

12. Make una go back to una strong-house, oh prisoner wey get  hope; even now, I dey tok sey I go give una double of wetin una bin get.

13. Judah na my bow and Israel na my arrow. I go raise una sons, oh Zion, against di sons of di Greeks. And I go make you be like di sword of fighter.

       Baba-God Go Save Hin Pipo

14. Naso Baba-God go show-face for up of hin pipo, and hin arrow go move like lightning; Baba-God di Oga go sound di trumpet and he go march out inside di rolling-breeze of di south.

15. Baba-God Almighty go protect hin pipo, and dem go win dia enemies by shooting big stones. Dem go dey shout for war like sey dem drink ogogoro. Dem go full wit blood like bowl, dem go soak wit blood like di corners of di altar.

16. Baba-God wey be dia Oga go save dem on dat day as shepherd take dey save hin sheep and goats [from wetin wan kill dem]. Naso dem go dey shine for hin land like fine-fine-stones wey dey for crown.

17. E go fyne well-well and e go beautiful no-be-small! Corn go make di young men segemenge, and di young babes go segemenge wit new wine.


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