Luke Chapter 1

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1. Plenty pipo don try to write about di tins
wey don happun among us,

2. just as those pipo wey first see am wit dia eyes, and wey con be servant of di word, put am for awa hand.

3. So, as me sef don cool down torch-light
everitin from di starting, e make-sense for
me to write wetin happun—for you,
Theophilus wey get level,

4. so dat you go dey sure about everitin wey you learn.

Dem Predict As Dem Go Take Born John
Di Baptist

5. For Herod time, wey be king of Judea, e
get one priest wey dem dey call Zechariah,
he be member of di priest-line of Abia; hin
wife Elizabeth sef na from di daughters of

6. Di two of dem dey live straight life for
Baba-God eyes, dem dey keep all Baba-God commandment and dia life no get any error.

7. But dem neva get pikin becos Elizabeth no fit born pikin; and di two of dem don dey old.

8. One day, wen Zechariah group dey on
duty, and he con dey

9. based-on di tradition of di priest, dem cast lot, con choose Zechariah, to enta Baba-God worship-place to burn incense.

10. And wen time reach wen dem go burn
incense, everi-pesin gada, con dey worship
and pray for outside.

11. Naso one of Baba-God angel show-face to Zechariah—di angel stand for di right side of di altar of incense.

12. Wen Zechariah see di angel, he con dey
shake, and fear catch am.

13. But di angel con tell am sey: “Make your mind no dey cut Zechariah; Baba-God don hear your prayer. Your wife Elizabeth go born baby boy, and you go call di pikin

14. He go give you joy, and he go make you
happy. Plenty pipo go happy wen dem born

15. he go be great pesin for Baba-God eyes. Make he no drink wine, or ogogoro, and he go brekete wit di Holy Spirit—even from wen he dey inside hin mama belle.

16. He go bring many pipo for Israel come
back to Baba-God dia Oga.

17. Baba-God go give am di pawa and spirit of Elijah, to make papa heart turn to dia pikin, and make pipo wey no dey hear
word—reason di wisdom of di good pipo,
and to prepare di pipo wey Baba-God don
arrange for hinsef.”

18. Zechariah con ask di angel sey, “How I
go take dey sure of dis tin? I be old man, and my wife sef don dey old.”

19. Di angel ansa am, “Na me be Gabriel,
and I dey stand for Baba-God front, and he
send me to tell you dis message of good

20. And now you go dey silent, and you no
go fit tok until di day wey dis tin go happun,
becos you no believe wetin I dey tok—wey
go soon happun wen time don reach.”

21. Di pipo bin dey wait for Zechariah, so
dem con dey reason why he dey waste time for inside di worship-place.

22. As he come outside, he no fit follow dem tok anytin. Dem notice sey he don see vision for inside di worship-place, Zechariah just dey use hin hand give dem sign—becos he no fit tok.

23. Afta he finish hin days of service for di
worship-place, he con go hin house.

24. Now afta those days, hin wife
Elizabeth—get belle, and for five months
she dey alone.

25. She sey, “Baba-God don do am for me.
Dis days he don show me hin favour—con
carry my disgrace komot among pipo.”
Dem Predict As Dem Go Take Born Jesus

26. For di sixth month, Baba-God send hin
angel Gabriel—go Nazareth, for one town
wey dem dey call Galilee,

27. to meet one virgin wey don engaged to
one man wey dem dey call Joseph, wey be
David pikin-pikin-pikin. Di virgin name na

28. Di angel go meet her, con tell her sey, “I
dey greet you—wey Baba-God favour well-well! Baba-God dey wit you.”

29. Mary mind no rest for wetin di angel tell her, she dey reason which kain greeting be dat.

30. But di angel tell her sey, “Mary, no dey
fear, Baba-God don favour you.

31. You go get belle, con born Man-pikin,
and you go call am—Jesus.

32. He go be great man, and dem go call am Son of di Most High. Baba-God go give am di king-chair of hin papa—David,

33. and he go rule over all di house of Jacob forever; hin kingdom no go ever end.”

34. Mary con ask di angel sey, “How dis kain tin go take happun—wen I still be virgin?”

35. Di angel ansa her, “Di Holy Spirit go
enta you, and di pawa of di Most High go
cover you. So di pikin wey you go born go
holy, and dem go call am Baba-God Son.

36. Even your cousin,Elizabeth go born pikin as she don old, and shewey pipo tok sey she no
fit born pikin—don get six month belle.

37. Wit Baba-God notin go dey impossible.

38. Mary con ansa am, “I be Baba-God
servant, make e happun as you don tok am.” Di angel con komot.

Mary Visit Elizabeth

39. Dat time, Mary ready, con rush go di
town for di hill kontri of Judea,

40. na for there she enta Zechariah house,
con greet her.

41. Wen Elizabeth hear Mary greeting, di
pikin wey dey for her belle shake, and
Elizabeth brekete wit Holy Spirit.

42. Nahin she con halla: “Blessings dey on
you among women, and blessings for di
pikin wey you go born!

43. But why Baba-God favour me like dis,
wey di mama of my Oga go come visit me?

44. As I hear your greeting, di pikin wey dey
for my belle shake wit happiness.

45. Blessings dey on you becos you believe
wetin Baba-God don tok sey he go do.

Mary Song

46. Naso Mary tok sey: “Chai, my soul dey
praise Baba-God.

47. and my spirit dey happy for Baba-God
my Saviour!

48. He don reason di low- level of hin
servant girl. From now on, all generations go call me blessing,

49. di great One don do ogbonge tins for
me—Holy na hin name.

50. He dey sorry-for pipo wey dey respect
am—from generation to generation.

51. He don use hin hand do ogbonge tins! He don scata those pipo wey dey make-mouth, and wey dey feel big for inside dia heart.

52. He don carry rulers komot from dia king-chair, and he don promote humble pipo.

53. He don give beta tins to pipo wey dey
hungry—but he don pursue bigmen komot
wit notin.

54. He don epp hin servant—Israel, he dey
always remember to sorry-for hin pipo,

55. as he tell awa ancestors, Abraham and
hin pikin-pikin- pikin forever.”

56. Mary stay wit Elizabeth for three
months, and she con go back to her house.
As Dem Take Born John Di Baptist

57. Wen time reach for Elizabeth to born her pikin, she born baby boy.

58. Her neighbours and family pipo hear sey Baba-God don sorry-for her well￾well—dem con happy for her.

59. For di eight day, dem circumcise di
pikin, dem wan bin give am di same name
wit hin papa Zechariah,

60. but hin mama tok sey, “No! Na John be
hin name.”

61. Naso dem tell her sey, “No-pesin among una family pipo dey ansa dat kain name.”

62. So dem give hin papa sign to know
which name he go give di pikin.

63. He con tok sey, make dem give am
sometin to write put, everi-pesin surprise sey he write sey, “Hin name na John.”

64. Naso Zechariah mouth open sharp-sharp, so he start to dey tok again, con dey
praise Baba-God.

65. All dia neighbours surprise, and pipo con dey spread di gist tru-out di hill kontri of Judea.

66. Everi-pesin wey hear wetin happun con
surprise—dey ask sey, “Which kain pesin
dis pikin go be?” Baba-God hand dey for hin body.

Zechariah Song

67. Hin Papa — Zechariah, wey di Holy
Spirit brekete for hin body, con prophesy

68. “Praise be to Baba-God, di God of Israel, becos he don come to save hin pipo.

69. He don raise up horn of salvation for
inside di house of David hin servant,

70. just as he promise tru hin prophet tey-tey.

71. So dat we go free from awa enemies, and from di hand of everi pesin wey hate us—

72. He don sorry-for awa papa-papa￾papa—as he remember hin holy agreement,

73. di oath wey he swear to awa papa

74. to save us from awa enemies hand, and make we no fear as we dey serve am—
register for dia own town.

75. inside holiness plus goodness—for hin front, everi day of awa life.

  1. And you my son, dem go call you
    prophet of di Most High; you go go for
    front—to clear road for di Oga.
  2. You go tell hin pipo about salvation tru forgiveness of sins.
  3. Becos of di softness wey Baba-God take dey sorry-for pesin, di sun wey dey rise—go come meet us from heaven—
  4. to shine for those pipo wey dey live for inside darkness, and inside di shadow of death, to guide awa leg to di road of peace.”
  5. Naso di pikin grow, con strong well-well for hin spirit; and he stay for inside desert until he show-face for Israel pipo.


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