Luke Chapter 3

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John Di Baptist Prepare Di Way

1. For di fifteenth year of di reign of
Tiberius Caesar—wen Pontius Pilate be di
govnor of Judea, Herod be govnor of
Galilee, hin broda—Philip, be govnor of
Iturea plus Traconitis, and Lysanias be
govnor of Abilene—

2. wen Annas plus Caiaphas be di high
priests, Baba-God word enta John—wey be
di son of Zechariah, for inside di desert.

3. He waka enta everi kontri wey dey
around Jordan, con dey preach to di pipo
make dem baptize, to show sey dem don
repent from dia sins, con turn to Baba-God to forgive dem.

4. As dem write am for di book of di words
of Isaiah wey be prophet—sey:
“One voice dey cry from inside desert, ‘Clear road for di Oga, and make hin way straight.

5. Everi valley go full, and everi mountain
plus hill go level. Bend-bend road go
straight, jagajaga way go smooth.

6. And everi human being go see di
salvation wey Baba-God don send.’ ”

7. John tell di plenty pipo wey come meet
am for baptism—sey, “Family of snakes!
Who warn una make una repent—becos
Baba-God go soon vex?

8. Make una confam sey una don
repent—wit una way of life, and make una
no go dey tok sey, ‘We get Abraham wey be awa papa.’ I dey tell una sey, Baba-God fit make pikin for Abraham wit all dis stones.

9. Axe don already dey for root of trees,
and everi tree wey no produce beta
fruit—dem go cut am down, con throway am inside faya.”

10. Di plenty pipo con ask am sey, “Wetin
we go do now?”

11. John ansa dem sey, “Make pesin wey get two clothes—share am wit pesin wey no get at all, and make di pesin wey get food—do di same tin.”

12. Tax collectors sef con do baptism. Dem ask am sey, “Teacher, wetin we go do?”

13. Naso he tell dem sey, “No dey collect
moni wey pass wetin you suppose collect.”

14. Some sojas ask am sey, “Wetin make we do?” He ansa dem sey, “No use ogboju collect pesin moni, no lie for pesin head—and make your salary belleful you.

15. Pipo bin dey wait seriously for di Christ,
sote dem con dey reason sey abi na John be di Christ.

16. So John ansa all of dem, “I dey baptize
una wit water, but pesin wey get pawa pass me dey come, I no get levels reach—to loose hin shoe. He go baptize una wit Holy Spirit plus faya.

17. Hin fan dey for hin hand to seriously
clean hin harvest ground, con gada di wheat put for hi store; but he go burn di chaff wit faya—wey no dey quench.”

18. And John ginger di pipo wit plenty oda
words, con preach di good news to dem.

19. But wen John tok bad about Herod di
govnor becos of Herodias—hin broda wife,
plus all di oda bad-bad-tins wey he don do,

20. Herod con add dis one join all of dem: He arrest John, con lock am for prison.
Di Baptism, And Di Family-tree Of Jesus

21. As all di pipo dey baptize, Jesus sef come baptize. And as he dey pray, heaven open,

22. and di Holy Spirit come down on top
Jesus fisikally like dove. One voice con halla from heaven: “You be my pikin wey I love; my belle dey sweet me for you.”

23. Jesus na thirty years wen he start hin
work for Baba-God. Pipo know am as
Joseph pikin, Joseph wey be di son of Heli—

24. Heli na di son of Matthat, wey be di son
of Levi, Levi na di son of Melki, Melki na di
son of Janna—wey be di son of Joseph.

25. Joseph na di son of Mattathias, wey be di son of Amos. Amos na di son of
Nahum—wey be di son of Esli, Esli na di son of Naggai.

  1. Naggi na di son of Maath, wey be di son of Mattathias, Mattathias na di son of Semein, Semein na di son of Josech, wey be di son of Joda.
  2. Joda na di son of Joanan, wey be di son of Rhesa, Rhesa na di son of Zerubbabel, Zerubbabel na di son of Shealtiel—Shealtiel na di son of Neri.
  3. Neri na di son of Melki, wey be di son of Addi, Addi na di son of Cosam—and Cosam na di son of Elmadam, wey be di son of Er,
  4. Er na di son of Joshua, wey be di son of Eliezer, and Eliezer na di son of
    Jorim—Jorim na di son of Matthat.
  5. Matthat na di son of Levi, Levi na di son of Simeon, and Simeon na di son of Judah— Judah na di son of Joseph, Joseph na di son of
    Jonam, Jonam na di son of Eliakim.
  6. Eliakim na di son of Melea, Melea na di son of Menna, and Menna na di son of Mattatha, Mattatha na di son of Nathan, Nathan na di son of David.
  7. David na di son of Jesse, Jesse na di son of Obed, and Obed na di son of Boaz, Boaz na di son of Salmon, Salmon na di son of Naasson.
  8. Naasson na di son of Amminadab,
    Amminadab na di son of Ram. Ram na di son of Hezron, Hezron na di son of Perez and Perez na di son of Judah.
  9. Judah na di son of Jacob, Jacob na di son of Isaac, and Isaac na di son of Abraham, Abraham na di son of Terah. Terah na di son of Nahor.
  10. Nahor na di son of Serug, Serug na di son of Reu, and Reu na di son of Peleg—Peleg na di son of Eber. Eber na di son of Selah.
  11. Selah na di son of Cainan, Cainan na di son of Arphaxad, Arphaxad na di son of Shem. Shem na di son of Noah, Noah na di son of Lamech.
  12. Lamech na di son of Methuselah,
    Methuselah na di son of Enoch, and Enoch na di son of Jared, wey be di son of Mahalalel. Mahalalel na di son of Kenan.
  13. Kenan na di son of Enosh—wey be di
    son of Seth, Seth na di son of Adam, and
    Adam na di son of God.


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