Luke Chapter 2

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As Dem Take Born Jesus

1. Those days, e con happun, sey Caesar
Augustus tok sey, make dem count everi-pesin wey dey for inside di full Roman

2. (Na dis be di first census wey happun as
Quirinus be govnor of Syria).

3. Everi-pesin con go register for dia own town.

4. So Joseph sef komot from di town of
Nazareth for Galilee, con go Judea for
Bethlehem—di town of David, becos he
belong to di house and family-line of David.

5. He go there to register wit Mary wey he
wan marry, and wey don get belle.

6. As dem dey for there, time con reach for
her to born di pikin,

7. naso she born her first pikin—baby boy.
She wrap am tight for cloth, con keep am for di container for malu food, becos space no dey for dem for inside di room.

Di Shepherd And Di Angels

8. Some shepherds dey for di field for dat
same kontri—dey watch dia animals for

9. Naso Baba-God angels show-face to
dem, and Baba-God levels con dey shine
around dem, so fear con catch dem.

10. But di angel tell dem sey, “Make una no
dey fear. Na good news wey go make body
sweet all di pipo—nahin I carry come.

11. Today for di town of David; dem don
born pikin wey go save una; nahin be Christ
di Oga.

12. And dis go be sign for una: Una go see one pikin wey dem wrap am tight for cloth, wey lie down inside container for malu food.”

13. Before you know, plenty angels from
heaven just show-face wit di angel, dem dey praise Baba-God, dem con tok sey,

14. “Glory to Baba-God wey dey up-up,
and peace to men for earth—wey Baba-God don favour.”

15. Afta di angels leave dem go heaven, di
shepherds con dey reason wit demsef sey,
“Make we go Bethlehem go see dis tin wey
don happun, wey di Oga don tell us about.”

16. Naso dem rush go, dem see Mary and
Joseph, plus di pikin wey lie down inside
container for malu food.

17. As dem see am, dem go dey gist pipo
wetin dem don hear about di pikin.

18. And everi-pesin wey hear wetin
happun—con dey surprise for wetin di
shepherds tell dem.

19. But Mary keep all dis tins, con dey
reason am for her heart.

20. Di shepherds come back, con dey praise and worship Baba-God, for everitin wey dem don hear and see—as di angel tell dem.

Dem Carry Jesus Go Di Worship-place

21. For di eight day, wen time don reach wey dem go circumcise am, dem give am di name—Jesus, di name wey di angel don give am even before hin mama carry hin belle.

22. Wen di time for dia cleansing
reach—based-on di law of Moses, Joseph
and Mary carry Jesus go Jerusalem for
dedication to Baba-God,

23. (as dem write am for Baba-God law,
“Dem must give everi first boy pikin to

24. and to give sacrifice to keep wetin Baba-God law tok: “Two doves, or two young pigeons.”

25. Now e get one man for Jerusalem wey
dem dey call Simeon, wey be good man, and wey dey follow Baba-God mata. He dey wait for di Saviour to come save Israel, and di Holy Spirit dey wit am.

26. Di Holy Spirit don let am know sey he no go kpeme until he see di Christ.

27. Di Spirit con move am go di worship-place. As Jesus papa and mama carry am enta di worship-place based-on tradition,

28. Simeon carry am from hin mama hand,
he con praise Baba-God sey:

29. “Now Baba-God, as you don promise,
you fit discharge your servant in peace.

30. My eyes don see your salvation,

31. wey you don arrange for everi-pesin to

32. dis na light for world- pipo
(Gentiles)—to make dem fit see road, and
for di levels of your pipo—Israel.

33. Jesus mama and papa con dey surprise for wetin he dey tok about di pikin.

34. Naso Simeon bless dem, con tell
Mary—hin mama, sey: “Dis pikin go make
plenty pipo fall and rise again for Israel, na
sign wey plenty pipo go tok against.

35. And sword go shuuk your own soul sef,
becos he go make pipo know wetin many
pipo dey tink for dia heart.”

36. E get one prophetess— Anna, Phanuel
daughter from di tribe of Asher. She don old well-well; she bin dey wit her husband for only seven years afta dem marry,

37. and she con be widow until she reach
eighty-four years. She always dey for di
worship-place, she dey worship for night
and day—and she dey fast and pray.

38. Naso she come meet dem dat very minute, she give Baba-God tanks, con dey tok about di pikin to everi-pesin wey dey reason di salvation of Jerusalem.

39. Afta Mary and Joseph don do everitin
wey Baba-God law tok sey make dem do,
dem go back to Galilee—dia home town for

40. Di pikin grow, hin spirit con dey strong,
naso he wise well- well, and Baba-God grace con dey for hin body.
Di Boy, Jesus—For Inside Di Worship￾place

41. Everi year, hin papa and mama dey
always go Jerusalem for di Festival of di

42. Wen he be twelve years old, dem con go di Festival based-on tradition.

43. Afta di Festival don finish, as hin mama
and papa dey go house, di boy Jesus no
follow dem, he stay for Jerusalem—and dem no know.

44. Dem travel for one day, and dem no even notice sey Jesus no follow dem. Naso dem start to dey fyne am among all dia family pipo and padi.

45. As dem no see am, dem go back to
Jerusalem go fyne am.

46. Afta three days, naso dem go see am for inside di worship-place— dey sidon wit di teachers—he dey listen to dem, and he dey ask dem questions.

  1. All di pipo wey dey for there—dey listen to am, con dey surprise di way he take dey ansa, and di way he take get understanding.
  2. Wen hin mama and papa see am, dem surprise. Hin mama con tell am sey, “My Son, why you dey do us like dis na? Me and your papa don fyne you taya.”
  3. Naso he ask dem sey, “Why una dey fyne me? Abi una no know sey I must dey do my Papa business?”
  4. But dem no understand wetin he tok.
  5. So he follow dem go Nazareth, and he
    obey dem. But hin mama keep all dis tins for inside her heart.
  6. Jesus con dey wise more-more, hin body con dey gbofty, and men plus wit Baba-God con dey favour am more-more.


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