Luke Chapter 4

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Devil Tempt Jesus

1. Jesus come back from Jordan, and di
Holy Spirit brekete for hin body, Holy Spirit con carry am go inside desert,

2. where devil tempt am for forty days.
Hungry catch am afta forty days—wey he no chop anytin.

3. Devil con tell am sey, “If na you be Baba-God son, tell dis stone sey make e turn to

4. Jesus con ansa am, “Dem write am sey:
‘No be only bread dey keep man alive.’”

5. So devil carry am go one high place, con
sharply show am all di kingdoms of di world.

6. Naso he tell am sey, “I go give you all dia
pawa, and all di fine-fine tins, na me get
everitin, and I fit give any-pesin wey I like to

7. I go give you everitin if you worship

8. Jesus ansa am, “Dem write am sey;
‘Make you worship Baba-God your Oga, and na only am you go serve.’ ”

9. Devil carry am go Jerusalem, for di place
wey high pass for di worship-place. He con
tell am sey, “If na you be Baba-God pikin,
jump from here go down.

10. Dem write am sey: “ ‘He go command
hin angels make dem use sofri take care of
you—to protect you;

11. dem go use dia hand carry you go up, so dat you no go use your leg nack stone.’”

12. Jesus ansa am, “Di Holy-books tok sey:
‘No dey test Baba-God your Oga.’ ”

13. As devil tempt am finish, he leave am for anoda time.

Dem Bone Jesus For Nazareth

14. Jesus come back to Galilee wit di pawa
of di Spirit, and gist about am con dey spread for di whole kontri-side.

15. He teach inside di worship-place and di
pipo cut-cap for am.

16. He go Nazareth where he grow up, and
on di Sabbath day, he go di worship￾place—as he dey always do. And he stand up
con read.

17. Dem give am di book of prophet Isaiah.
As he open am, he just see one place wey
dem write sey:

18. “Baba-God Spirit dey wit me, becos he
don anoint me to preach good news to poor pipo. E don send me to free prisoners, and make blind pipo start to dey see, to free pipo wey dem dey oppress,

19. to tok about di year of Baba-God

20. Naso he close di Holy book, con carry am give di pesin wey dey keep am, he con
sidon. Everi-pesin eyes just dey look am for
di worship-place.

21. He con start to dey tell dem, “Today as
una hear am so, wetin dem write for di Holy-books don happun.”

22. Pipo con dey tok beta tins about am, and dem surprise for di beta words wey komot from hin lips.
Dem con dey ask, “No be Joseph pikin be

23. Naso Jesus tell dem sey, “Una go surely quote dis proverb to me: ‘Healer, heal yoursef! Do di tins wey we hear sey you do for Capernaum for here— your hometown.’”

24. Jesus tell dem sey, “I dey tell una di truth, dem no dey accept prophet for hin

25. I sure sey plenty widows bin dey for
Israel for Elijah time, wen di sky no gree
bring rain for three and half years, and
serious hunger bin dey di land.

26. Baba-God no send Elijah go meet any
one of dem, but he send am go meet di
widow of Zarephat around Sidon.

27. And plenty pipo bin dey wey get leprosy
for Israel for di time of Elijah di prophet, but none of dem heal—except Naaman di

28. Everi-pesin for di worship-place con
dey para as dem hear wetin he tok.

29. Dem stand up, con pursue am komot
from di town—dem carry am go on top of di hill wey dem build di town put—dem wan be push am fall from di hill.

30. But Jesus just waka pass di middle of di plenty pipo, con go hin own way.

Jesus Pursue Bad-spirit

31. Naso he go Capernaum, for one town for inside Galilee, he con start to dey teach di pipo on Sabbath day.

32. Dem surprise di way he dey teach dem,
becos hin message carry pawa.

33. For inside di worship-place e get one
man wit bad-spirit for hin body. He con dey
shout wit hin full voice,

34. “Ewo! Abeg leave us. Wetin concern us
wit you, Jesus of Nazareth? Abi you don con scata us? I know who you be—Baba-God Holy One!”

35. Nahin Jesus halla for am, “Sharrap! Oya komot from hin body!” Naso di bad-spirit nack di man for ground, con komot—and he no wound am.

36. All di pipo surprise, con dey gist wit
demsef sey, “Which kain teaching be dis? Na wit authority plus pawa he take dey
command bad-spirit, and dem dey komot!”

37. Gist about am con dey spread for everi-where around dat area.

Jesus Heal Many Pipo

38. Jesus komot from di worship-place go
Simon house. Now Simon moda-in-law bin
get serious fever, and dem tell Jesus make he epp her.

39. So he stand near her, con command di
fever, naso di fever just komot from her
body. She stand up sharp-sharp con arrange food for dem.

40. As di sun start to dey go down, naso pipo carry all di pipo wey get different sickness come—he lay hin hand for dia body and he heal all of dem.

41. Bad-spirit komot from many pipo
body—con dey shout sey, “Na you be Baba-God Son!” But he change-am-for dem, and
he no let dem tok—becos dem know sey
nahin be di Christ.

42. Wen morning reach, naso Jesus go one
quiet place. Di pipo con dey fyne am, and
wen dem reach where he dey, dem try to make am no komot from dia area.

43. But he tell dem sey, “I must preach di
good news of Baba-God kingdom to all
those oda town sef, na why I come be dat.”

44. And he kontinu to dey preach for di
worship-place of Judea.


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