Luke Chapter 5

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As Jesus Take Call Di First Disciples

1. One day, as Jesus dey stand near di river
of Gennesaret, wit plenty pipo wey gada
round am—dey hear Baba-God word.

2. He see two boats wey dey near di
water—wey fishermen wey dey wash dia
net—leave for there.

3. He enta inside one of di boat wey belong
of Simon, Jesus con tell am sey make he
carry di boats enta water small.
Jesus sidon for di boat—con dey teach di

4. As he follow di pipo tok finish, he con
tell Simon sey, “Carry your boat go di deep
side of di water—and throw your net go
down to catch fish.”

5. Simon ansa am, “Oga, we don hustle
hard tru-out di night, but we no see shi-shi
catch. But becos you tok am, I go throw di ne enta water.”

6. Wen dem do wetin Jesus tok, dem catch
plenty fish—sote dia net con dey tear.

7. So dem call dia padi wey dey for di oda
boats—to come epp dem. Naso dem carry di fish full inside di two boats—sote di boats con dey sink.

8. Wen Simon Peter see wetin happun, naso he kneel down near Jesus leg—con tok sey, “Komot for my side Oga; I be man wey brekete wit sins!”

9. Him and all hin padi surprise for di
plenty fish wey dem catch,

10. even James and John sef surprise, plus Zebedee sons—wey be Simon padi. Jesus con tell Simon sey, “No dey fear, from now—na pipo you go dey catch.”

11. So dem drag dia boat komot from di
water, dem fashi everitin, con follow Jesus.

Di Man Wey Get Leprosy

12. E happun as Jesus dey for one town, naso one man wey get leprosy just show. As he see Jesus, he kneel down face ground dey beg Jesus, “Oga, if you wish, biko heal me.”

13. Jesus use hin hand touch di man, con tok sey, “I wan heal you. Oya make your body heal!” Naso di leprosy just komot for hin body.

14. Jesus con tell am sey, “No gist any-pesin, but go show yoursef to di priest, con give di sacrifice for your cleaning—wey Moses tok sey make una give—as testimoni to dem.”

15. But di gist of wetin happun con spread
more- more—sote plenty pipo con hear am,
and he heal dia sickness.

16. But Jesus always go pray for coded quiet place.

Jesus Heal One Man Wey Paralyze

17. One day as he dey teach, di Pharisees
plus di teachers of di law, wey come from
everi village wey dey for Galilee, and from
Judea plus Jerusalem—sidon for there. And Baba-God pawa con dey wit am to heal sick pipo.

18. Some men use mat carry one man wey
paralyze—dem try to carry am enta di house to meet Jesus.

19. As dem no see road to carry am enta di
house, becos plenty pipo dey for there, naso dem go up to di roof, dem remove di tiles, con use rope carry di man go down for hin mat, for middle of di plenty pipo—for Jesus front.

20. As Jesus see dia faith, he
tok sey, “Padi, I don forgive your sins.”

21. Di Pharisees plus di teachers of di law
con dey tok among demsef sey, “Who be dis guy wey dey downgrade Baba-God? Who fit forgive sins apart from Baba-God?”

22. Jesus don already know wetin dem dey
reason, he con ask dem, “Why una dey
reason dis tins for una heart?

23. Which one easy pass to tok: make I tok
sey, ‘I don forgive your sins,’ or make I tok
sey, ‘Stand up waka’?

24. But I wan make una know sey Man-pikin get pawa for earth to forgive sins.” He con tell di man wey paralyze sey, “I dey tell you sey, stand up—carry your mat dey go your house.”

25. Naso di man just stand up for dia front,
he carry hin mat, con dey praise Baba-God as he dey waka go house.

26. Everi-pesin wey dey for there surprise,
con dey praise Baba-God. Dem surprise
well- well, con tok sey, “Today we don see
wetin awa eyes neva see before.”

Jesus Call Levi

27. Afta wetin happun, Jesus komot, con
meet one man wey dey collect tax—di man name na Levi, and he sidon for hin tax office. Naso Jesus tell am sey, “Follow me,”

28. Levi stand up leave everitin—con follow

29. So Levi throw big party for hin
house—for Jesus, and plenty tax collectors
plus some oda pipo—con dey follow dem

30. But di Pharisees plus di teachers of di
law con dey complain to Jesus disciples sey, “Why una dey chop and drink wit tax
collectors, plus ‘sinners’?”

31. So Jesus ansa dem, “No be pipo wey dey alright need doctor, but pipo wey no-well.

32. I no come to call good pipo, but sinners
wey need to repent.”

Dem Ask Jesus About Fasting

33. Dem tell am sey, “Why John disciples
dey always fast and pray, even di Pharisees
disciples sef, but na so-so chop-chop and
drink-drink your disciples like?”

  1. Jesus ansa dem, “Una fit tok sey make pipo wey dem invite for wedding start to fast, wen di man wey wan marry dey wit dem?
  2. But time go reach wen di man wey wan marry go komot from dem; those days nahin dem go fast.”
  3. He con gist dem dis parable: “No-pesin go tear patch from new cloth, con sew am for old cloth. If he do am, di new cloth go spoil, and di patch from di new cloth no go match di old one.
  4. And no-pesin go pour new wine inside
    old wineskin. If he do am, di new wine go burst di wineskin, di wine go con pour-throway, and di wineskin go spoil.
  5. No, dem must pour new wine inside new wineskin.
  6. And no-pesin go drink old wine finish,
    con dey ask for new wine. He go tok sey, ‘Di old one beta pass.’ ”


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