Mark Chapter 1

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John Di Baptist Clear Road For Jesus

1. Na dis be di starting of di good news
about Jesus Christ, Baba-God pikin.

2. Isaiah wey be prophet write am sey, “I go
send my messenger go for your front, wey go clear road for you.”

3. “One voice dey halla for inside desert,
‘Clear road for di Oga, make hin way

4. Naso John take show, he con dey baptize pipo for around di desert, he dey preach di baptism of repentance, for di forgiveness of sins.

5. Plenty pipo wey come from Judean
village and Jerusalem—go meet am. He con baptize dem River Jordan as dem confess dia sins.

6. John wear cloth wey dem make wit
camel hair, wit leather belt for hin waist, and he dey chop locust, plus bush honey.

7. And na hin message be dis: “One man go soon come, wey get pawa pass me. I no get levels reach to komot hin sandals from hin leg.

8. I dey baptize una wit water, but he go
baptize una wit Holy Spirit.”

As Dem Take Baptize And Tempt Jesus

9. Dat time, Jesus come from Nazareth for
Galilee, and John Baptize am for Jordan.

10. As Jesus dey komot from di water, he
con see as heaven open, naso di Spirit land
for hin body like dove.

11. One voice con halla from heaven, “Dis
na my correct pikin wey I love; wey dey
make belle sweet me.”

12. Naso di Spirit con carry am go inside

13. and he dey for inside desert for forty days. Na for there Satan tempt am. He dey wit wild animals, but angels give am moral.

As Jesus Take Call Di First Disciple

14. Afta dem catch John put for inside
prison, Jesus go Galilee—con dey preach di good news of Baba-God.

15. He tok sey, “Time don reach. Baba-God
kingdom dey near una. Make una change,
make una believe di good news!”

16. As Jesus dey waka near di big-river of
Galilee, he see Simon and hin broda
Andrew—for where dem dey throw dia net
inside water—dey catch fish, dem be

17. Jesus con tok sey, “Follow me, and I go
make you catch men like fish.”

18. Naso dem just leave dia net—con start to dey follow Jesus.

19. As dem waka go front small, he see
James wey be Zebedee pikin, and hin broda John—for inside boat as dem dey set dia net.

20. He sharply call dem, and naso dem leave dia papa and di oda workers for inside di boat, con follow Jesus.

Jesus Pursue Evil Spirit

21. Dem go Capernaum and wen Sabbath
day reach, naso Jesus enta inside di worship-place, con dey preach.

22. Di pipo surprise for di kain tins wey he
dey teach dem, becos he dey teach dem like pesin wey get pawa, no be like di teachers of di law.

23. Naso one man for inside di worship-place wey possess wit evil spirit con dey

24. “Wetin you want from us, Jesus of
Nazareth? Abi you don come to scata us? I
Know who you be-na you be di Holy One of

25. Jesus con use vex tell am sey, “Sharrap! Oya komot from hin body!”

26. Di evil spirit shake di man anyhow—con dey make loud noise as e dey komot from di man body.

27. Di pipo surprise well- well—sote dem
con dey ask demsef sey, “Wetin be dis? Dis
one na new teaching wey get pawa! He even sabi control evil spirit, and dem dey obey am.”

28. Naso pipo sharp-sharp start to tok about di mata for everi area for Galilee.

Jesus Heal Plenty Pipo

29. As dem komot from inside di worship-place, dem follow James and John go Simon and Andrew house.

30. Simon moda-in-law get fever, she sleep
on top of bed, so dem tell Jesus about di

31. Naso Jesus waka go meet her, he carry
her hand, con epp her stand up. Naso di fever just komot from her body, and she con arrange food for dem.

32. Dat evening wen sun don go down, pipo start to dey bring all di sick pipo, and pipo wey get bad-spirit, come meet Jesus.

33. Naso di full town gada for doormot,

34. and Jesus heal many of dem wey get
different sickness. He still pursue plenty
bad-spirits, but he no let di bad-spirits
tok—becos dem know who he be.

Jesus Go Pray For One Corner

35. For early mor-mor wen e still dark small, Jesus stand up komot from di house—go pray for one corner.

36. Simon and hin padi con go fyne am,

37. and wen dem see am, dem halla am sey,
“Everi-pesin don dey fyne you!”

38. Jesus con tell dem sey, “Make we komot go anoda place—for all those villages wey dey around—so dat I go fit preach for there sef. Dis na why I show.”

39. So he travel round Galilee—dey preach
for inside di worship-place—and he dey
pursue bad- spirits.

One Man Wey Get Leprosy

40. One man wey get leprosy come meet am, he kneel down dey beg am sey, “I know sey you fit heal me if you want.”

41. Jesus sorry-for am, con use hin hand
touch di man. He tok sey, “I wan heal you.
Oya you don heal!”

42. As he just tok finish, naso di leprosy just vanish from di man body, and di man con dey okay.

43. So Jesus tell am sey make he dey go. He warn am sey,

44. “Make sure sey you no gist any-pesin dis mata. But make you go show yoursef to di priest, and give di sacrifice wey Moses tok sey make una give for your cleaning, and as testimoni to dem.”

45. Instead, di man con go dey gist everi-pesin wetin happun to am. Becos of dat,
Jesus no fit enta di town korokoro, but he con go dey stay for coded corners. Upon dat, pipo still dey come meet am from everi￾where.


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