Mark Chapter 10

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1. So Jesus komot for dat place—con go
around Judea, for di oda side of di river Jordan. Naso plenty pipo still follow am go there, and as he dey always do, he start to dey teach dem.

2. Some Pharisees come meet am to test am wit question, “Di law gree sey make man divorce hin wife?”

3. Naso Jesus ansa dem, “Wetin Moses tell una?”

4. Dem con tok sey, “Moses allow man to write certificate of divorce, con pursue her komot.”

5. Naso Jesus ansa dem, “Becos una heart
strong, nahin make Moses write di law for una,

6. but from di starting—wen Baba-God
start to dey make tins, ‘E make man and

7. Nahin make man go leave hin mama and papa, con join-body wit hin wife,

8. and di two of dem go turn to one body. So dem no be two again, but one.

9. Wetin Baba-God don join togeda, make
no-pesin separate.”

10. Wen dem dey for house again, di
disciples ask Jesus about di mata.

11. He ansa dem, “Any- pesin wey pursue
hin wife komot, con go marry anoda
woman—don commit adultery against her.

13. And if she separate from her husband
con marry anoda man, she don commit

Di Small Small Pikin And Jesus

13. Pipo con dey carry small small pikin con meet Jesus so dat he go touch dem, but hin disciples con dey change-am-for dem.

14. Wen Jesus see wetin happun—he vex.
He tell dem sey, “Allow di small small pikin
come meet me, and no stop dem, Baba-God kingdom belong to pipo wey be like dis kain

15. I dey tell una di truth, any- pesin wey no
gree receive Baba-God kingdom like small
pikin—no go ever enta inside am.”

16. Naso he carry di small small pikin for hin hand, he lay hin hand for dia body, con bless dem.

Di Rich Young Man

17. As Jesus start to dey go, one man run
come meet am, di man kneel down for hin front. He con ask am sey, “Good teacher,
wetin I must do to get life wey dey last

18. Naso Jesus ansa am, “Why you dey call me good? No- pesin good except Baba-God.

19. You know di commandments: ‘No kill
pesin, no climb pesin wife, no steal, and no
lie for pesin head, no do 419, respect your
papa and mama.”

20. Di man con tok sey, “Teacher, I don keep all dis commandment since wen I be small boy.”

21. Jesus look am, con love am, naso he tell am sey, “E get one tin wey remain, sell
everitin wey you get, come give poor pipo,
and you go get beta-beta-tins for heaven.
Den con follow me.

22. Di man no happy wen he hear am. He no happy as he dey waka komot, becos he get moni well-well.

23. Jesus look round con tell hin disciples
sey, “See as e hard reach for bigman to enta Baba-God kingdom!”

24. Wetin he tok make hin disciples surprise. Jesus con tok again sey, “My pikin, to enta Baba-God kingdom no-be-beans!

25. E easy pass for camel to pass tru di eye of niddle, dan make bigman enta Baba-God kingdom.”

26. Di disciples con surprise more-more,
con dey tok wit demsef sey, “Who go con get salvation?”

27. Jesus look dem con tok sey, “Dis tin no
dey possible wit man, but no be wit Baba￾God; everitin dey possible wit Baba-God.”

28. Peter tell am sey, “We don leave everitin, con follow you!”

29. Jesus ansa am, “I dey tell you di truth,
no-pesin wey don fashi hin house or brodas, or sistas, or mama or papa or pikin, or land—for me and di gospel,

30. wey no go receive hundred times more
for dis life—houses, brodas, sistas, mama,
pikin and land—plus wahala wey dem go
face, and everlasting life—for di world wey
dey come.

31. But plenty pipo wey be first—go be last,
and di last go con be first.”

Jesus Predict About Hin Death Again

32. Dem con go Jerusalem and Jesus dey for front, hin disciples dey surprise, and fear con dey catch di pipo wey dey follow dem. He carry di twelve disciples go one corner con tell dem again, wetin go happun.

33. He tok sey, “We dey go Jerusalem, and
dem go betray Man-pikin to di chief priests
and di teachers of di law. Dem go condemn
am to death, con carry am give world-pipo,

34. wey go yab am, spit for hin body, flog
am, con kill am. Three days later, he go rise

Wetin James And John Dey Ask For

35. Naso James and John, di two Zebedee
sons, come meet am. Dem tok sey, “Teacher, we wan make you do anytin wey we ask you.”

36. So Jesus ask dem, “Wetin una wan make I do for una?”

37. Naso dem ansa am, “Wen you sidon for
your king-chair wit levels, make one of us
sidon for your right hand, and di oda for
your left hand side.”

38. Jesus con tok sey, “E be like sey una no
know wetin una dey ask for. Una fit drink
from di bitter cup of suffer-head wey I go
drink, or baptize wit di baptism of suffer-suffer wey I must baptize wit?

38. Dem ansa am, “We fit.” Jesus con tell
dem sey, “Una go true-true drink from my
cup, and una go baptize wit my baptism,

40. but to sidon for my right or left hand
side—no be me go decide dat one. Dat place belong to those pipo wey my Papa don arrange am for.”

41. Wen di remaining ten disciples hear
wetin happun, dem con start to dey vex for
James and John.

42. Jesus call dem togeda con tok sey, “ Una know sey—those pipo wey be leaders of world-pipo dey use gragra for dem, and dia senior-men dey use pawa for dem.

43. No-be so wit una. Instead, any-pesin
wey wan be leader among una must be una servant,

44. and any-pesin wey wan be di first, must
be everi-pesin slave.

45. Evensef, Man-pikin no come make una
for serve am, but he come to serve pipo, and to give hin life as sacrifice to save plenty pipo.”

Blind Bartimaeus Start To Dey See Again

46. So dem reach Jericho. As Jesus and hin disciples and di plenty plenty pipo dey
komot from di city, one blind man wey dem
dey call Bartimaeus—wey be di son of
Timaeus, sidon for corner of road—dey beg.

47. Wen he hear sey Jesus of Nazareth dey around, he start to dey shout, “Jesus, David pikin, sorry-for me!”

  1. Many pipo change-am-for am, con tell
    am sey make he sharrap, but he con dey shout more-more, “David pikin, sorry-for me!”
  2. Jesus stop, con tok sey, “Call am for me.” So dem call di blind man, “Ginger up! Stand up! Jesus dey call you.”
  3. He throway hin cloth for one corner, he jump—stand up, con go meet Jesus.
  4. Naso Jesus ask am sey, “Wetin you wan make I do for you?”
    Di blind man con tok sey, “Teacher, I wan see.”
  5. Naso Jesus tell am sey, “Dey go, your
    faith don heal you.”Naso he start to dey see—con dey follow Jesus dey go.


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