Mark Chapter 11

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Jesus Enta Like King

1. As he start to dey reach Jerusalem, for
near Bethphage and Bethany for around
Mount Olives, Jesus send two of hin

2. he tell dem sey, “Go di village wey dey
opposite una, and as una dey enta di village, una go see one small donkey wey dem tie for there, wey no-pesin don ride before. Loose am, and make una carry am come here.

3. If any-pesin ask una, ‘Wetin una dey do?’
tell am sey, ‘Di Oga wan use am, and small
time we go carry am come back.’”

4. Dem waka go, con see di small donkey
for outside—for street, wey dem tie for
doormot. As dem dey loose am,

5. some pipo wey stand for there con ask
dem, “Wetin una dey do, una dey loose dat
small donkey?”

6. Dem con ansa, as Jesus bin tell dem sey
make dem ansa di pipo, so di pipo allow dem dey go.

7. Wen dem carry di small donkey come
meet Jesus, dem put dia clothes on top of am, so he sidon.

8. Plenty pipo spread dia clothes for road,
and some odas spread branches wey dem cut from trees.

9. Those pipo wey dey for front, and those
pipo wey dey follow am—con dey shout,
10. “Blessings for di Pesin wey dey come wit di name of Baba-God!”

“Blessings for di kingdom of awa papa David—wey dey come!”
‘Hosanna in di highest!”

11. Jesus enta Jerusalem, con go di worship-place. He look everitin round, but as time don already go, he con go Bethany wit di Twelve disciples.

Jesus Clear Di Worship-place

12. Di next day as dem dey komot from
Bethany, Jesus con dey hungry.

13. As he see one fig tree from far, he waka
go see if e get any fruit. Wen he reach there, he no see anytin apart from leaves, becos no be di season of figs be dat.

14. He tell di tree sey, “Make no-pesin ever
chop from your fruit again.” And hin disciples hear am wen he tok am.

15. As dem reach Jerusalem, Jesus enta di
worship-place,con start to dey pursue those pipo wey dey buy and sell for there. He throway di table of di pipo wey dey change moni, and di bench of pipo wey dey sell dove,

16. and he no allow any- pesin carry dia
market enta di worship-place.

17. And as he dey teach dem, he tok sey,
“Abi dem no write am sey:
“ ‘Dem go call my house di house of prayer
for all nations’? But una don turn am to ‘Joint for robbers.’”

18. Di chief priests and di teachers of di law hear wetin happun, dem con dey fyne way to kill Jesus, but dem dey fear am—becos di full crowd dey surprise for hin teaching.

19. So wen evening reach, dem go di city.

Di Fig Tree Wey Dry

20. As dem dey go for morning, dem see sey di fig tree don dry from e root.

21. Peter remember, con tell Jesus sey,
“Teacher, see! Di fig tree wey you curse don

22. Jesus ansa am sey, “Put your faith on

23. I dey tell una di truth, if any-pesin tell dis mountain sey, ‘Go throway yoursef inside big-river,’ and e no get two-mind, but e believe sey wetin e tok go happun, e go true-true happun for am.

24. So I dey tell una sey, anytin you ask wit
prayer, believe sey you don already receive
am, and you go true-true receive am.

25. And wen you stand to pray, if you get
sometin against any-pesin for your mind, forgive am so dat your Papa for heaven go
forgive your sins.”

  1. But if you no forgive pipo, your Papa for heaven no go forgive you sef.
    Dem Ask About Di Pawa Of Jesus
  2. Dem reach Jerusalem again, and as Jesus dey waka for di worship-place, di chief priests, and di teachers of di law, plus di senior- men come meet am.
  3. Dem con ask am sey, “Which pawa you dey use take do all dis tins? And who give you authority to do am?”
  4. Naso Jesus ansa dem, “I go ask una one question. Make una ansa me, and I go tell una which pawa I dey use do all dis tins.
  5. John baptism—na from heaven, abi na from men? Make una tell me!”
  6. Dem reason am among demsef sey, “If we tok sey, ‘Na from heaven,’ he go ask, ‘So why una no believe am?’
  7. But if we sey, ‘Na from men.” (Dem fear di pipo becos everi-pesin know sey John na prophet.)
  8. So dem ansa Jesus, “We no know.”
    Jesus con tok sey, “Me sef no go tell una which pawa I take dey do all dis tins.”


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