Mark Chapter 12

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Parable Of Di Tenant

1. He con start to dey follow dem tok wit
parables: “One man plant grape-farm. He
build wall round am, he build wine- factory,
and tall security house. So he rent am for
some farmers, con travel.

2. Wen harvest time reach, he send one of
hin servant make dem go meet di tenants to collect hin share from di grape farm.

3. But dem hollam, beat am, con send am
go back wit notin.

4. Naso he send anoda servant go meet
dem; dem nack am for head, con do am

5. He still send anoda servant and dem kill
dat one. He send many odas; dem beat some of dem con kill some of dem.

6. “One pesin con remain for am to send,
hin son wey he love. He send am las-las, con tok sey, ‘Dem go respect my pikin.’

7. “But di tenants tell demsef sey, ‘Dis na
hin pikin. Come make we kill am so dat we
go collect di property,’

8. So dem hollam, dem kill am, con throway am komot from di grape-farm.

9. “Wetin di owner of di grape-farm go con
do? He go kill those tenants con rent di
grape- farm to odas.

10. Una neva read di Holy- books: “ ‘Stone
wey di builders fashi don turn to foundation stone;

11. Baba-God don do am and e sweet for
awa eyes’?”

12. Naso di chief priests, di teachers of di
law, plus di senior- men con dey fyne way to arrest Jesus becos, dem know sey he tok di parable against dem. But dem fear di plenty pipo, so dem leave am con waka go dia way.

To Pay Tax To Caesar?

13. Later, dem send some of di Pharisees and Herodians—go meet Jesus to hollam-for-work wit hin words.

14. Dem come meet am, con tok sey,
“Teacher we know sey you be beta pesin.
Men no dey move you becos you no-send who dem be; and you dey teach di way of Baba-God based-on di truth. E dey right to pay tax to Caesar or not?

15. Make we pay abi make we no pay?” But
Jesus know dia fake-life, he con ask dem,
“Why una dey try to hold-me-for-work?
Carry one denarius come—make I see am.”

16. Dem carry di coin come, and he ask dem sey, “Which pesin picture dey there? And which pesin writing?”
Naso dem ansa am, “Caesar,”

17. Jesus con tell dem sey, “Give Caesar,
wetin belong to Caesar—and give Baba-God, wetin belong to Baba-God.”
Dem con surprise for am.

Marriage And As Dead Pipo Go Take
Raise Up

18. So di Sadducees wey tok sey pipo no go raise up from di dead— come meet am wit question.

19. Dem tok sey, “Teacher, Moses give us
law sey if man broda die, and he leave hin
wife wit no pikin, di man must marry hin
broda wife con get pikin for hin broda.

20. Now e get seven brodas. Di first one
marry, con kpeme wit no pikin.

21. Di second one marry di same woman but he die sef, wit no pikin. Na di same tin
happun to di third one.

22. None of di seven brodas get pikin. Las-las di woman sef con kpeme.

23. For di day wey pipo go raise up from di
dead, which pesin wife she go con be, since di seven of dem bin marry her?”

24. Jesus ansa dem, “Una dey make mistake, becos una no know di Holy-books, and di pawa of Baba-God.

25. Wen di dead go raise up, no-pesin go
marry and dem no go give any-pesin for
marriage, dem go be like angels for heaven.

26. Now about di dead wey go rise up—una
neva read for di book of Moses, wen he see di bush, as Baba-God take tell am sey, ‘Na me be di God of Abraham, di God of Isaac, and di God of Jacob’?

27. He no be God of di dead, but di God of di living. Una dey make serious mistake!”

Di Commandment Wey Great Pass

28.One of di teachers of di law come meet
dem, con dey argue one mata. As he notice
sey Jesus don give dem beta ansa, he con ask am sey, “Out of all di commandment, which one dey Christ na David son?
important pass?”

29. Jesus ansa, “Di one wey dey important
pass na dis one: ‘Make una listen, Oh Israel, Baba-God awa Oga, Baba-God na one.

30. Love Baba-God awa Oga wit all your
heart, wit all your soul, wit all your mind,
and wit all your pawa.’

31. Na di second one be dis: ‘Love your
neighbour as you take love yoursef.’ No
commandment great pass dis ones.”

32. Di man con ansa am, “You don tok well
teacher. You dey right wen you tok sey Baba-God na one, and no oda God dey but am.

33. To love am wit your full heart, wit all
your understanding, wit all your pawa, and
to love your neighbour as you take love
yoursef—dey more important pass all burnt
offerings plus sacrifice.”

34. Wen Jesus see sey hin ansa make-sense, he tell am sey, “You no far from di kingdom of Baba-God.” And from dat time, no-pesin get liver to ask am more question.

Which Pesin Pikin Be Di Christ

35. As Jesus dey teach for di worship-place, he ask, “How e be sey di teachers of di law dey tok sey,

36. Wen David hinsef dey in di spirit, he tok
sey, “ ‘My Oga tell my Oga sey: “Sidon for
my right hand until I put your enemies under your leg.” ‘

37. David hinsef dey call am ‘Oga.’ How he
con take be David pikin?” Body dey sweet di plenty plenty pipo as dem dey listen to am.

38. As he dey teach dem, he tok sey, “Shine
una eyes for di teachers of di law. Dem like to dey waka around wit long cloth, and dem like make pipo dey throway-salute for dem for marketplace,

39. dem like to dey sidon for di highest chair for di worship-place, and dem like make pipo dey respect dem for party.

40. Dem dey chop widow house finish, and
dem like long prayer—becos dem wan show demsef. Those kain men go receive serious punishment.”

Di Widow Offering

41. Jesus sidon opposite di place where dem dey put offering, con dey watch di plenty pipo as dem dey put dia moni for di offering box. Many rich pipo put big moni.

42. But one widow come, con put two very small coins.

43. Jesus call hin disciples come where he
dey, con tok sey, “I dey tell una di truth, dis
poor widow don put more moni inside di
offering box dan all di odas.

44. All of dem give from di plenty moni wey
dem get; but she give everitin wey she get
even though she poor.”


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