Mark Chapter 13

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Sign Sey Time Don Dey End

1. As he dey komot from di worship-place,
one of hin disciples con tell am sey,
“Teacher! See dis kain heavy stones wey
dem take build dis fine worship-place.”

2. Jesus con tell am sey, “You dey see dis
fine building so? One single stone no go dey on top anoda one; all of dem go scata finish for ground.”

3. As Jesus sidon for di Mount of Olives
opposite di worship-place, Peter, James,
John plus Andrew con ask am codedly,

4. “Tell us, wen all dis tins go happun? And
wetin go be di sign sey time don dey reach
for dem to happun?”

5. Jesus con tell dem sey: “Shine your eyes
make no-pesin play una wayo.

6. Many pipo go come wit my name—dey
claim sey, ‘Na me be am,’ con whyne plenty

7. Wen una hear about wars and tori of wars, no let una mind cut. Dis tins must
happun, but di end neva still reach.

8. Nation go change-am-for nation, and
kingdom go change-am-for kingdom.
Earthquake go happun for different place,
and food no go dey. Dis na di starting of di

9. “Una must guard unasef. Dem go carry
una give di local council, con flog una for di
worship-place. Becos of me, una go stand for front of govnors and kings as witness to dem.

10. And dem must preach Baba-God word to all nations.

11. Any time wey dem arrest una, con carry
una go court, no worry about wetin you go
tok. Just tok anytin wey Baba-God put for
your mouth dat time, no be you go dey tok
but na di Holy Spirit.

12. “Broda go betray broda to death, and
papa go betray pikin. Pikin go change-am-for dia mama and papa—con even kill dem.

13. All men go hate una becos of me, but
any-pesin wey stand gidigbam to di end go

14. Wen una see di ‘tufiakwa wey dey cos
scata-scata’—dey dem go happun. stand for where e no suppose dey—make di reader understand, and make those pipo wey dey for Judea run go di mountains.

15. Make any-pesin wey dey for di roof of
hin house, no go down go carry anytin.

16. Make any-pesin wey dey for farm no go
back go carry hin cloth.

17. E go bad well-well for women wey get-belle, and woman wey her pikin dey suck

18. Pray sey make e no happun for cold

19. becos those days go full wit suffer-suffer, wey pass any suffer-head wey pipo don see before, since di starting wen Baba-God make di world.

20. If to sey Baba-God no minus from those days, no-pesin for survive am, but becos of di chosen ones, he don reduce dem.

21. For dat time, if any- pesin tell you sey,
‘Look, see di Christ for here!’ or, ‘Look, see
am for there!’ No believe am.

22. Fake christs plus fake prophets go show, and dem go perform signs plus miracles to scam di chosen pipo—if e dey possible.

23. So make una dey watch, I don tell una all dis tins before

24. “But for those days wey go follow di
kasala, “Di sun go dark, and di moon no go shine e light;

25. di stars go fall komot from di sky, and
everitin wey dey for heaven go dey shake.’

26. “Na dat time men go see Man￾pikin—dey come inside clouds, wit ogbonge
pawa, and levels.

27. And he go send hin angels, wey go gada di chosen ones from all over di world, from di end of di earth, to di end of di heavens.

28. “Now learn dis lesson from di fig tree: As e branch start to dey grow, and e leaves start to dey come out, una go know sey hot season don reach.

29. Naso e be sef, wen you see all dis tins dey happun, una go know sey time don dey
near—di time dey for doormot.

30. I dey tell una di truth, dis generation no
go pass go—until all dis tins happun.

31. Heaven and earth go pass go, but my
words no go ever pass komot.

No-pesin Know Di Day Or Di Hour

32. “No-pesin know di day or hour, even di
angels for heaven no know, or even di Son,
na only di Fada know.

33. Shine your eyes! Dey watch! Una no
know wen dat time go reach.

34. Wen Man-pikin go come, e go be like
man wey wan travel far-far—wey komot
from house, and he put hin servants in
charge, con give dem dia work wey dem go
do. He con tell di gateman to dey watch until he come back.

35. “So make una dey watch becos, una no
know wen di owner of di house go
show—whether na for evening or for
midnight, or wen di cock crow, or for early

36. If he come wen you no expect, no let am meet you dey sleep.

37. Wetin I dey tell una, nahin I dey tell everi oda pesin: ‘Watch!’”


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