Mark Chapter 14

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Dem Anoint Jesus For Bethany

1. Na only two days remain for di Passover
and di Festival of Bread wit no Yeast, and di chief priests, plus di teachers of di law dey fyne how dem go use style arrest Jesus, con kill am.

2. But dem tok sey, “No be for di Festival,
becos di pipo fit riot.”

3. As dem dey for table for Simon house—wey bin get leprosy for Bethany, one woman show wit alabaster container of
perfume wey cost well-well, and wey dem
make wit pure nard.
She break di bottle, con pour di perfume for Jesus head.

4. Some of di pipo wey dey there con dey
vex sey, “Why dis woman waste dis

5. She for sell am for pesin ‘one year salary,’ con give di moni to poor pipo.” Dem con dey vex for her.

6. Naso Jesus tok sey, “Make una free her
joor! Why una dey disturb di woman? She
don do beta tin for me.

7. Poor pipo go always dey wit una, and
una fit epp dem any time wey una like. But I no go always dey wit una.

8. She don try. She pour perfume for my
body to prepare me for my burial wey dey

9. I dey tell una di truth sey, anywhere wey
dem preach Baba-God word for di world,
dem go remember her becos of wetin she

10. Naso Judas Iscariot, one of di twelve
disciples, go meet di chief priests to betray
Jesus to dem.

11. Dem happy wen dem hear wetin Judas
tok, naso dem promise to give am moni. So Judas con dey fyne chance to carry Jesus give dem.

Evening Food Wey Jesus Chop

12. For di first day for di Festival of Bread
wit no Yeast, wey dem dey sacrifice di lamb, Jesus disciples con ask am, “Where you wan make we go arrange for you to chop di Passover?”

13. So he send two of hin disciples, he tell
dem sey, “Make una go Galilee, una go meet one man wey dey carry container of water. Make una follow am.

14. Tell di owner of di house wey he enta sey, ‘Di teacher dey ask: Where di visitors room, wey I fit chop di Passover wit my disciples?’

15. He go show una one big room wey dey
up, dem don arrange di table and chair. Set di place for us.”

16. Di disciples komot for there—con go di
city, everitin happun as Jesus tell dem sey e go be. So dem prepare di Passover.

17. As evening reach, Jesus con show wit di twelve disciples.

18. As dem dey for table—dey chop, he tok sey, “I dey tell una di truth, one of una go
betray me—pesin wey dey follow me chop.”

19. Dem con dey feel sad, and one by
one—dem con dey ask Jesus sey, “I sure sey no be me!”

20. Naso Jesus tok sey, “Na one of di twelve of una—wey dey chop wit me for plate.

21. Man-pikin must die just as dem don
write am. But yawa for di man wey go betray Man-pikin! E for beta sey hin mama no born am.”

22. As dem dey chop, Jesus carry bread, he bless am, con cut am, he give hin disciples, con tok sey “Make una take am, na my body.”

23. Naso he carry di cup, he give tanks and
he give dem, all of dem con drink am.

24. He con tok sey, “Dis na my blood of di
agreement, wey I pour as sacrifice for plenty pipo.”

25. “I dey tell una di truth, I no go drink
again from di fruit of di vine—until dat day
wen I go drink afresh for Baba-God

26. Afta dem sing one hymn, dem con go di Mount of Olives.

Jesus Predict Sey Peter Go Deny Am

27. As dem dey go, he tell dem sey, “All of
una go fashi me.”
Dem write am sey, “ ‘Attack di shepherd and all di sheep go jakpa.’

28. But afta I don raise up, I go go Galilee,
make una meet me for there.”

29. Peter con tok sey, “Even if everi-pesin
fashi you, I no go fashi you.”

30. Jesus ansa am, “I dey tell you di truth
today-today, dis night—before di cock go
crow two times, you go deny me three

31. But Peter serious tok sey, “Even if I go
die wit you, I no go ever deny you.” All of
dem con tok di same tin.


32. Dem reach one place wey dem dey call
Gethsemane, Jesus con tell hin disciples sey, “Make una sidon for here make I go pray.”

33. He carry Peter, James and John follow-body, hin body con start to dey bite am, like
sey palava plenty for hin head.

34. He con tell dem sey, “My soul dey feel
sad well-well like sey I wan die. Make una
wait for here—dey watch.”

35. As he reach front small, he kneel down
for ground con pray sey, if e dey
possible—make time just fly pass.

36. He tok sey, “Chai, Papa, everitin
possible for you. Carry dis cup komot from
me. But no be by my will—but na by your

37. Naso he come back go meet hin
disciples, con see dem dey sleep. He call
Peter, “Simon, you dey sleep? You no fit
watch for only one hour?

38. Watch and pray make una no fall for
inside temptation. Di spirit don ready, but di body dey do sme-sme.”

39. Naso he komot again go pray di same tin.

40. Wen he come back, he still see dem dey sleep, becos dia eyes don dey heavy dem. Dem no know wetin to tell am.

41. As he jam dem dey sleep di third time, he con tell dem sey, “Una still dey sleep, dey rest? E don do! Time don reach. See, dem don betray Man-pikin to sinners.

42. Stand up! Make we dey go, di pesin wey go betray me dey come!”

Dem Arrest Jesus

43. As he dey tok, Judas wey be among di
twelve disciples con show. Plenty pipo wey
di chief priests, di teachers of di law, plus di senior-men send—follow am, dem carry
knives and sticks.

44. Judas don arrange sign wit dem sey, “Di pesin wey I go kiss, nahin be di man; arrest am make una carry am go wit una sojas.”

45. Naso Judas waka go meet Jesus, con tok sey, “Teacher!” he con kiss am.

46. Naso dem hollam, con arrest am.

47. One of di disciples wey stand near am
drag hin sword come out, con cut di high
priest servant ear.

48. So Jesus tok sey, “Shwoo, una carry
sword and sticks come catch me—like sey I be tiff?

49. Everi day I bin dey wit una, dey teach
una for di worship-place, and una no arrest
me. But wetin di Holy-books tok must come to pass.”

50. All of dem con run leave am.

51. One young man wey wear only linen
cloth bin dey follow Jesus—as dem hollam,

52. he leave hin cloth—con run naked.

For Front Of Di Council

53. Dem carry Jesus go meet di high priest
and all di chief priests, di senior-men, plus di teachers of di law wey gada togeda.

54. Peter follow dem from far reach di high
priest palace. He sidon for there wit di
guards, con dey warm hin body near di faya.

55. Di chief priests and di whole council dey fyne evidence wey dem go use change-am-for Jesus, so dat dem go fit kill am, but dem no see anytin.

56. Many of dem con lie for hin head, but
wetin dem tok no- join.

57. Naso some of dem stand up, con lie for
hin head sey,

58. “We hear am tok sey, ‘I go scata di
worship-place wey man build, con build
anoda one for three days— wey no be man

59. Upon dat, wetin dem tok no still join.

60. Naso di high priest stand up con ask
Jesus sey, “You no go ansa? Wetin all dis
men dey tok on top your head?”

61. But Jesus keep quiet—he no ansa dem.
Di high priest ask am again, “Na you be di
Christ, Baba-God Son?”

62. Jesus con ansa am, “Yes, na me! And you go see Man-pikin as he sidon for Baba-God right hand, and as he dey come wit di clouds of heaven.”

63. Naso di high priest tear hin cloth con ask dem, “Abi we still need any more

64. Una don hear as he take dey downgrade Baba-God. Wetin una tink? All of dem con condemn am—sey he suppose die.

65. Naso some of dem start to dey spit for hin body, dem tie hin eyes, give am blow—dem con tok sey, “Prophesy!” Naso di guards dey beat am.

Peter Deny Jesus

66. As Peter dey down for di palace, one of
di high priest house- girl show.

67. Wen she see Peter dey warm hinsef, she look am well- well. She con tok sey, “You sef bin dey wit dat man wey be Jesus of Nazareth.”

68. Peter deny am straight, “I no understand, and I no know wetin you dey tok about,” he con waka go di gate side. Naso di cock crow.

69. Wen di house-girl see am for there again, she tell di pipo wey dey around sey, “Dis pesin na one of dem.”

70. Peter deny am again. Small time, di pipo wey dey stand around con tell Peter sey, “We dey sure sey you be one of dem, you come from Galilee.”

  1. He con dey curse hinsef, dey swear sey, “I no know dis man wey una dey tok about.”
  2. Naso di cock just crow di second time. Peter con remember wetin Jesus tell am,
    “Before di cock crow two times, you go deny me three times.” Naso he fall for ground con dey cry.


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