Mark Chapter 15

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Jesus For Pilate Front

1. For early mor-mor, di chief priests, plus
di senior-men, di teachers of di law and di
whole Council con gree. Dem tie Jesus, con carry am go meet Pilate.

2. Pilate con ask am “Shebi na you be di
King of di Jews?” Naso Jesus tell am sey,
“Yes, as you tok am, na so e be.”

3. Di chief priests tok sey he do plenty bad

4. Pilate con ask am again, “You no go
ansa? See how many bad tins dem dey tok
sey you do.”

5. Jesus no still tok anytin. Pilate con

6. Na dia tradition for di Festival sey dem
go free one prisoner wey di pipo ask for.

7. One man wey dem dey call Barabbas bin
dey for prison, wit hin fellow rebels—wey
kill pesin wen dem try to take over govment.

8. Plenty pipo con go meet Pilate make he
do wetin he dey always do for dem.

9. Pilate con ask dem sey, “Shebi una wan
make I free di king of di Jews?”

10. He know sey na becos di chief priests
dey jealous Jesus, nahin make dem carry
Jesus come meet am.

11. But di chief priests ginger di plenty pipo sey, make dem tell Pilate to free Barabbas for dem, instead of Jesus.

12. Pilate con ask dem “Wetin una wan make I do wit di one wey una dey call King of di Jews?”

13. Dem con halla, “Nail am for cross!”

14. Pilate con ask dem sey, “Why? Which
crime he commit?” But dem con dey halla
more-more, “Nail am for cross!”

15. As Pilate wan make di pipo happy, he
release Barabbas for dem. He sey make dem flog Jesus, and make dem hang am for cross.

Di Sojas Dey Yab Jesus

16. Di sojas carry Jesus go di palace (wey be di headquarters of di govnor), con call all di sojas.

17. Dem wear am one purple cloth, dem use shuku-shuku make crown for am, con put am for hin head.

18. Dem con dey hail am, “Tuale, King of di

19. Dem use stick nack hin head plenty
times, con dey spit for hin body. Naso dem
dey kneel down dey pretend to worship am.

20. Wen dem don yab am finish, dem komot di purple cloth wey dem wear for hin body, con wear am back hin own cloth. Naso dem carry am go where dem go hang am for cross.

As Dem Take Hang Jesus For Cross

21. One man wey dem dey call Simon from
Cyrene—wey be Alexander plus Rufus
papa, dey come from di kontri-side dat time. Naso dem use gra-gra make am carry di cross.

22. Dem carry Jesus reach di place wey dem dey call Golgotha (wey mean, place of

23. Dem con give am wine wey dem mix wit myrrh, but he no gree drink am.

24. Dem nail am for cross, dem divide hin
cloth, con roll dice to share di pieces of hin

25. Na nine o’clock for morning dem nail am for cross.

26. Dem write sign board about di mata wey dem put for hin head: DI KING OF DI

27. Dem hang two tiff for cross wit am, one for hin right and one for hin left.

28. Dis one confam wetin di Holy-books tok sey, “Dem count am join jaguda pipo.”

29. Pipo wey dey waka pass dey curse am,
dem dey shake dia head—con dey tok sey,
“Haba, you wey wan scata di worship-place
con build am for three days,

30. come down from di cross make you save yoursef!”

31. Naso di chief priests plus di teachers of di law dey laff am sef. Dem tok sey, “He save oda pipo but he no fit save hinsef!

32. Make dis Christ, dis king of Israel, come down now from di cross, so dat we go see, and believe.” Even di pipo wey dem nail for cross wit am sef—dey curse am.

As Jesus Take Die

33. For twelve o’clock, everi-where con dark
reach three o’clock.

34. Around three o’clock, Jesus cry wit loud
voice, “Ubangiji [Baba-God], Ubangiji
[Baba-God], kini idi ti o fi ko me
sile?”—wey mean, “Oluwa, Chineke, why
you con fashi me?”

35. Wen some pipo wey stand for there hear wetin he yarn, dem con tok sey, “See, he dey call Elijah.”

36. One man run go carry sponge, con full
am wit sawa wine, he put am for stick, con
carry am give Jesus make he drink. He tok
sey, “Now make una leave am, make we see if Elijah go con carry am come down!”

37. Wit loud cry, Jesus con breath hin last

38. Di curtain wey dey for inside di worship-place con tear into two from up to down.

39. Wen di soja wey dey for Jesus front hear hin cry, con see how he take die, he tok sey, “True- true dis man na Baba-God pikin!”

40. Some women dey watch from far-far.
Among dem na, Mary Magdalene, Mary (di
younger James mama and Joseph), and

41. Dem be Jesus followers wen he dey for
Galilee, and dem take care of am. Many oda women wey don follow am from Jerusalem sef dey for there.

As Dem Take Bury Jesus

42. Na Preparation Day (di day before
Sabbath). So as evening don dey reach,

43. Joseph of Arimathea—man
wey get levels among di senior-men—wey
hinsef dey wait for Baba-God kingdom, naso he use full-mind waka go
meet Pilate, con ask for Jesus body.

44. Pilate surprise wen he hear sey Jesus don already die. He call di sojas, con ask if Jesus don already die.

45. Wen di sojas tell am sey na true sey Jesus don die, he give Jesus body to Joseph.

46. So Joseph buy some linen cloth, he carry di body come down, wrap am wit di linen, con put am for grave inside rock. He con roll one stone cover di grave.

47. Mary Magdalene and Mary wey be
Joseph mama see where dem bury Jesus put.


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