Proverbs (Pidgin Bible)

Mark Chapter 16

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As He Take Raise Up From Di Dead

  1. Wen di Sabbath finish, Mary
    Magdalene, Mary wey be James mama and
    Salome carry spices go meet Jesus to anoint hin body.
  1. Early mor-mor for di first day of di week afta sun don rise; as dem dey waka go di grave—
  2. dey ask demsef sey, “Who go carry di
    stone komot from di grave?”
  3. But as dem look up, dem see sey di big stone don roll komot.
  4. As dem near di grave, dem see one
    young man wey wear white cloth—he sidon for di right side, naso fear catch dem.
  5. He con tell dem sey, “Make una mind no dey cut. Una dey fyne Jesus of Nazareth wey dem hang for cross. He don raise up! He no dey for here. See di place wey dem bury am put.
  6. Make una go tell hin disciples and Peter, ‘He don dey move dey go Galilee. Na for there una go see am, as he don tell una before.’ ”
  7. Fear catch di women well-well, naso
    dem run komot from di grave side. Dem no follow any-pesin tok becos dem fear well-well.
  8. As Jesus raise up for early mor-mor of di first day of di week, he first show-face to Mary Magdalene—wey he don first pursue seven bad-spirit komot from.
  9. So she go meet di disciples wey bin dey wit Jesus. Dem dey cry and water full dia eyes.
  10. Wen dem hear sey Jesus dey alive, and sey Mary don see am, dem no gree believe.
  11. Small time Jesus con show-face in anoda way to two of dem as dem dey waka for di kontri-side.
  12. Dem rush go back go tell di disciples, but dem no gree believe dem.
  13. Lata-lata, Jesus show- face to di eleven disciples as dem dey chop. He change-am-for dem becos dem no get faith and becos of dia heart wey too strong, as dem no gree believe those pipo wey see am as he raise up.
  14. He tell dem sey, “Make una enta di whole world, and preach di good news to all pipo.
  15. Any-pesin wey believe, con
    Baptize—go save, but any-pesin wey no believe go condemn.
  16. And dis signs go follow any-pesin wey
    believe; dem go use my name pursue bad-spirit; dem go speak new languages;
  17. dem go carry snake wit dia hand, and if dem drink poison wey fit kill—e no go wound dem at all; dem go touch pipo wey dey sick—and dem go heal.”


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