Mark Chapter 2

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Jesus Heal Pesin Wey Paralyze

1. Afta some days, Jesus enta Capernaum
again, and di pipo hear sey he don come

2. Sharp-sharp, many pipo con gada—sote
space no con dey for even outside di door,
naso He start to dey preach Baba-God word to dem.

3. Some men show wit one man wey

paralyze, four of dem carry am come.

4. Dem no fit carry di man meet Jesus,
becos of di plenty pipo wey gada, so dem con go open di roof—for where Jesus stand put, and afta dem break di roof, dem carry di man wey paralyze go down—wit hin bed wey he lie down put.

5. Wen Jesus see dia faith, he tell di man
wey paralyze sey, “Pikin, I don forgive your

6. Now, some teachers of di law wey sidon
for there con dey reason wit demsef sey,

7. “Why dis man dey tok like dat? Abi he
dey downgrade Baba-God! Who fit forgive
pesin sins apart from Baba-God?”

8. Sharply naso Jesus con know for hin
spirit sey na wetin dem dey reason for dia
mind be dat, he con tell dem sey, “Why una
dey reason all dis tins?

9. Which one easy pass: make I tell di man
wey paralyze sey, ‘I don forgive your sins,’ or make I tell am sey, ‘Get up, carry your
mat—dey waka’?

10. But I wan make una know sey Man-pikin sef get pawa for dis earth to forgive sins.” Naso he tell di man wey paralyze sey,

11. “I dey tell you now, get up, carry your
mat dey go house.”

12. As all of dem dey look am, he stand up,
carry hin mat, con waka dey go. All of dem
surprise, con dey praise Baba-God sey, “We
neva see anytin like dis before!”

As He Take Call Levi

13. Jesus waka komot again—near di river.
Plenty pipo come meet am, and he start to
dey teach dem.

14. As he dey waka dey go, he con see Levi, Alphaeus pikin, he sidon for tax collectors office. Jesus con tell am sey, “Follow me,” Naso Levi stand up, con follow am.

15. As Jesus dey chop night- food for Levi
house, many tax collectors plus sinners con sidon wit am, plus hin disciples, dem plenty wey follow am.

16. Wen di Pharisees wey be teachers of di
law see am dey chop wit sinners plus tax
collectors, dem con ask hin disciples sey,
“Why Jesus dey follow sinners and tax
collectors chop?”

17. As Jesus hear wetin dem tok, he con tell dem sey, “No be pesin wey dey alright need doctor, but na pesin wey no-well nahin need doctor. I no come to call good pipo, but I come to call sinners make dem for repent.”

Dem Ask Jesus About Fasting

18. Now, John disciples and di Pharisees con dey fast. Some pipo come meet Jesus, dem ask am sey, “How come John disciples plus di Pharisees disciples dey fast, but your disciples no dey fast?”

19. Naso Jesus ansa dem,“How una expect make pipo wey come wedding start to dey fast—wen di man wey wan marry dey wit dem? Dem no fit, as long as he dey there wit dem.

20. But days dey come wen di man wey wan marry go komot leave dem, na dat time dem go fast.

21. “No-pesin go use new cloth take patch
old cloth, if he do am, di new cloth go tear
komot from di old cloth, con make am tear

22. And no-pesin go pour new wine inside
old bottles. If he do am, di new wine go burst di bottles, and both di wine and di bottles go spoil. He go pour new wine inside new bottles.”

Oga Of Di Sabbath

23. One Sabbath day, Jesus dey waka pass
one farm, and hin disciples dey waka follow am. Dem con start to dey pick some fruits.

24. Di Pharisees con tell am sey, “Why your
pipo dey do wetin no dey right for Sabbath

25. He con ansa dem, “Una neva read wetin David do wen hungry catch him and hin padi?

26. For di days of Abiathar di high priest, he enta inside Baba-God house—con chop di holy bread, wey na only di priest
suppose chop, and he con give hin padi make dem chop.”

27. Naso he tell dem sey, “Di Sabbath na for man, and no be man for di Sabbath.

28. So Man-pikin na Oga even for Sabbath.”


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