Mark Chapter 4

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Di Parable Of Di Farmer

1. Jesus con dey teach again for near di
river. Di pipo wey gada round am plenty
well- well—sote he con climb inside one
boat wey dey for di river—as all di plenty
pipo gada for di water side.

2. He use parables take teach dem plenty
tins, and from hin teaching dem, he tok sey:

3. “Make una hear me! One farmer go plant

4. As he dey plant di seeds, some of di seeds fall for road side, and some birds chop dem.

5. Some fall for where stones dey, for
where sand–sand no plenty. Di seeds quick-quick grow becos di sand no deep.

6. But wen sun rise, di plant con burn, and
dem no fit grow becos dem no get root.

7. Some seeds fall for where shuku-shuku
dey, di shuku- shuku grow, con shuuk di
plants sote dem no fit produce fruit.

8. Some oda seeds fall for beta soil. E grow, con turn to plant wey produce thirty, sixty and hundred times.”

9. Naso Jesus tok sey, “Pesin wey get ears,
make e hear.”

10. Wen he dey alone, di twelve disciples
and some oda pipo con gada am—dey ask
am about di parable wey he tell dem.

11. He tell dem sey, “Di secret of Baba-God
kingdom don already dey wit una, but
everitin be like parable to those pipo wey no belong,

12. so dat, “ ‘Dem go dey see, but dem no go fit observe, and dem go dey hear but dem no go fit understand; if not dem for change, and Baba-God go forgive dem!’ ”

13. Naso Jesus tell dem sey, “Una no
understand dis parable? How una go fit
understand any parable?

14. Di farmer dey plant di word.

15. For where dem plant di word put, some
pipo be like seeds wey fall for road side. As
dem just hear di word, Satan steal di word
wey dey grow for dia mind.

16. Odas be like seeds wey fall for where
big-big stones plenty put, dem hear di word
wit happiness,

17. but becos dem no get root, dem no last at all. Wen wahala and katakata show becos of di word, dem sharp-sharp park- well.

18. Odas be like seeds wey fall for where
shuku-shuku dey, dem hear di word;

19. but worry-worry of dis life, and as moni
dey deceive dem, and dia mind wey need
plenty tins con go press di word for neck, and dem no fit produce anytin.

20. Odas be like seeds wey fall for beta soil, dem hear di word, dem accept am, con produce fruit— thirty, sixty, or
evensef—hundred times wetin dem plant.”

Lamp Wey Dey For E Stand

21. He con tell dem sey, “Who go light lamp, con put am under bowl, or under bed? Instead, dem go put am for e stand.

22. Notin wey dem hide wey no go show come out, and anytin wey dem keep for
secret—go show come out for light.

23. Any-pesin wey get ears to hear, make e

24. He con tok sey, “Dey reason wetin you
dey hear. Di more you dey listen, di more you go dey understand—and you go understand even more.

25. Any-pesin wey get—go get more, any-pesin wey no get shi- shi—dem go collect
even di small tin wey he get.”

Di Parable Of Di Seed Wey Dey Grow

26. He con still tok sey, “Naso Baba-God
kingdom be. One man plant seed for ground.

27. For night or for day, whether he dey sleep or he dey awake, di seed go form, even if he no understand how e take dey happun.”

28. Di soil go produce fruit by esef—first of
all di leaves go form, den di head go form,
and las- las, di seed go ripe.

29. As di fruit just ripe finish, di farmer go
harvest am, becos harvest don reach.”

Di Parable of Di Mustard Seed

30. Naso he con still tok sey, “Wetin we go
tok sey Baba-God kingdom be like, or which parable we go use take explain am?

31. E be like mustard seed wey be di smallest seed wey you fit plant for ground.

32. But as dem plant am finish, e go grow,
con big pass oda trees, wit branches wey big well- well, sote birds wey dey fly for air fit build dia house put.”

33. Jesus use plenty parables take follow
dem tok. Plenty parables wey dem fit

34. He no follow dem tok unless he use
parable. But as he dey alone wit hin
disciples, he explain everitin to dem.

Jesus Make Di Heavy-Breeze Kpanji

35. Dat day, wen evening don reach, he tell
hin disciples sey, “Make we go di oda side.”

36. Dem komot leave di plenty pipo, he dey
inside di boat wit dem. Some oda boat follow dem.

37. Heavy-breeze start to dey blow, and di
waves con dey rush enta inside di boat, sote di boat con dey sink.

38. Jesus dey for di back of di boat—he dey sleep for cushion. Di disciples wake am up con tell am sey, “Teacher, you no-send as water wan carry us go?”

39. He stand up, he command di heavy

breeze, con tell di waves sey, “Sharrap! Dey
one place! Naso di heavy breeze
kpanji—everi-where con segemenge.

40. So he tell hin disciples sey, “Why una
mind dey cut? How e be sey una no get faith?”

41. Fear con dey catch dem, as dem dey ask demsef sey, “Who be dis? Even di heavy breeze plus di waves—dey obey am!”


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