Mark Chapter 5

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As He Take Heal Di Man Wey Get Bad-spirit

1. Dem go di oda side of di river—to di
kontri of Gerasenes.

2. Wen Jesus komot from di boat, one man
wey get evil spirit come out from one
grave—come meet am.

3. Dis man dey live around di grave, and
no-pesin fit tie am again, even wit chain.

4. Dem dey always chain hin hand and hin
leg, but he cut di chain, con break di iron wey dem put for hin leg. No-pesin get pawa reach to control am.

5. For night and for day—for di graves and
for di hills, he go dey halla, dey use stone dey cut hin body.

6. As he see Jesus from far, he run con
kneel down for Jesus front.

7. He con dey halla wit loud voice, “Wetin
you wan use me do, Jesus, Son of di Most
High God? I dey beg you wit God make you
no suffer me!”

8. So Jesus tell am sey, “Oya komot from
dis man body—you evil spirit!”

9. Naso Jesus ask am sey, “Wetin be your
name?” He ansa, “My name na legion, we
plenty inside dis man body.”

10. Naso he dey beg Jesus—sey make he no pursue dem komot from di area.

11. Plenty pigs dey chop for near di side of di hill.

12. Di evil spirit con beg Jesus sey, “Send us go meet di pigs; Abeg allow us go enta dem.”

13. So he con allow dem go, naso di evil
spirits komot—go meet di pigs. So di pigs
wey reach two hundred—run go enta di deep side of di river. And di water kill dem.

14. Di pipo wey dey take care of di pigs run
enta town, and village go tok wetin happun,
and di pipo go see wetin happun.

15. Wen dem reach where Jesus dey, dem see di man wey bin possess wit evil spirit, he baffup well con sidon, and he dey alright; fear con catch dem.

16. Those pipo wey see wetin happun tell
odas about di man wey evil spirit bin
possess—dem tell dem about di pigs mata

17. So di pipo beg Jesus to komot for dia

18. As Jesus dey enta di boat, di man wey
evil spirit bin possess beg Jesus—sey make he follow dem go.

19. Jesus no gree, but he telldi man sey, “Go house—go meet your family make you tell dem wetin Baba-God don do for you.”

20. So di man con waka go—dey tell pipo
for Decapolis wetin Jesus do for am. And
everi- pesin surprise.

Di Girl Wey Die Plus Di Woman Wey Dey

21. As Jesus use boat cross go di oda side of di river again, plenty pipo gada round am as he dey near di river.

22. Naso one of di rulers for di worship-place wey dem dey call Jairus come there. As he see Jesus, he kneel down,

23. con dey beg Jesus well- well, “My small
daughter wan die. Abeg come lay your hand on her, so dat she go dey alright and make she dey alive.”

24. Naso Jesus follow am go. Plenty pipo
dey follow am, and dey gada round am.

25. And one woman dey for there—wey
blood dey rush komot from her body for
twelve years.

26. She don suffer well-well for plenty
doctors hand, and she don spend all di moni wey she get, instead of her to heal, her mata con dey worse more-more.

27. As she hear about Jesus, naso she waka go Jesus back from among di plenty pipo, con touch Jesus cloth,

28. becos she believe sey, “If I fit just touch
hin cloth, I go dey alright.”

29. Naso di blood wey dey rush komot from her body just stop sharp-sharp, and she con feel for her body sey—her suffer-suffer don end.

30. Jesus notice sey pawa don komot from hin body. He look round di plenty pipo wey dey follow am, con ask dem, “Who touch my cloth?”

31. Hin disciples con ansa am, “Shebi you
see as plenty pipo dey follow you, and you
still dey ask sey, ‘Who touch me?’”

32. But Jesus con dey look round to see if he go see di pesin wey touch am.

33. As di woman see wetin happun to her,
she con kneel down for Jesus front. Naso she use fear tell Jesus everitin wey happun to her.

34. He con tell her sey, “My daughter, your
faith don heal you. Make you dey go in
peace, and you no go suffer again.”

35. As Jesus still dey tok, some men waka
come from Jairus house, wey be ruler for di worship-place. Dem con tell am sey, “Your daughter don die, why you still dey disturb di teacher?”

36. Jesus no-send wetin dem tok, he tell
Jairus sey, “No let fear catch you; make you just believe.”

37. He no let any-pesin follow am go except Peter, James plus John wey be James broda.

38. As dem reach Jairus house, Jesus see di katakata, as pipo dey cry, con dey halla.

39. He waka go inside, con ask dem sey,
“Why una dey cry like dis? Di pikin neva die,
she just dey sleep.”

40. Naso dem laff am. Afta he tell all of dem make dem come outside, he carry di pikin mama and papa plus hin disciples wey dey wit am—go where di pikin dey.

41. He hold di babe hand, con tell her sey,
“Talitha koum!” (wey mean sey, “Small girl,
I sey make you stand up!”).

42. Naso di girl stand up, con dey waka. She be twelve years old. All of dem surprise well-well—for wetin happun.

43. He con tell dem sey make dem no let
any-pesin know wetin happun, and make
dem give her sometin to chop.


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