Mark Chapter 6

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Prophet Wey Dem No Gree Respect

1. Jesus komot f rom there go hin home
town. He carry hin disciples follow-body.

2. Wen Sabbath day reach, he start to dey
preach for inside di worship-place, and
plenty pipo wey hear am con surprise—dey
ask sey. “Where dis man from get all dis tins? Which kain wisdom he get wey he even dey do miracle!

3. No be di carpenter pikin be dis? No be
Mary pikin, and James, Joseph, Judas and
Simon be hin broda? Shebi hin sistas bin dey here wit us?” Dem con dey vex for am.

4. Jesus con tell dem sey, “Only for hin
home town, among hin family-pipo and for
inside hin own house—nahin pipo no dey
respect prophet.”

5. He no fit do any miracle for there, he
only lay hin hand on some pipo wey dey sick, and he heal dem.

6. Di tin surprise am becos dem no get
faith. Jesus con dey waka round—dey teach from village to village.

Jesus Send Di Twelve Disciples Go Out

7. He call di twelve disciples, con send dem out, two by two, and he give dem pawa to control evil spirit.

8. Na wetin he tell dem to do be dis: “Make
una no carry anytin as una dey travel except staff—no bread, no bag, and no moni for your belt.

9. Wear sandals but no carry extra cloth.

10. Wen una enta any house, make una stay for there until una wan komot for dat town.

11. And if dem no welcome una for
anywhere or listen to una, dust your leg as
you dey waka komot—as warning against

12. Dem con go out—dey preach sey make
pipo repent.

13. Dem pursue plenty bad-spirit komot,
and dem anoint plenty pipo wey dey sick wit ororo, con heal dem.

Dem Cut John Di Baptist Head Komot

14. King Herod hear sey Jesus name don dey spread. Some of dem tok sey, “John di
Baptist don raise up from di dead, and na
wetin make am get pawa to do miracle.”

15. Some of dem tok sey, “Na Elijah.” And
some odas tok sey, “He be prophet like oda
prophets for olden days.”

16. But as Herod hear am, he tok sey, “John, di man wey I cut hin head komot don raise up from dead!”

17. Herod don bin tell dem sey make dem
arrest John, and make dem tie am put for
prison. He do dis tin becos of Herodias—hin broda, Philip wife, wey he marry.

18. John bin tell Herod sey, “E no dey right
for you to take your broda wife.”

19. So Herodias get bad mind for John and
wan kill am sef, but she no fit.

20. Herod dey respect John and becos he
know sey John na good and holy man, Herod protect John. Wen Herod hear John yarnings, he do many tins; and he like to listen to John.

21. Las-las, she con see di chance wey she
dey fyne. For Herod birthday, he throw party for hin high officials, plus army
commanders, and di bigmen for Galilee.

22. As Herodias daughter dey dance, she

dance well-well sote Herod and hin visitors

like as she dey dance. Naso Herod tell di girl sey, “Ask me anytin wey you want, and I go give you.”

23. And he swear to her sey, “Anytin wey

you ask, I go give you, even half of my


24. Naso she go meet her mama, con ask her sey “Wetin I go ask for?” She con ansa her, “John di Baptist head.”

25. Naso di girl rush go meet di king, con tell am wetin she want: “I wan make you give me John di Baptist head right now on top tray.”

26. Di king no happy about di mata but becos he don already swear, and becos of di visitors wey he invite, he no wan tell di girl no.

27. So he send dem to go bring John di

Baptist head come meet am. Naso di man go inside di prison go cut John di Baptist head komot.

28. He con bring di head for tray. He give di

girl, and di girl carry am give her mama.

29. As John disciples hear wetin happun,

dem carry hin body go bury for grave.

Jesus Feed Five Thousand Pipo

30. Di disciples gada round Jesus con gist

am everitin wey dem don do, and teach.

31. As plenty pipo dey come—and dey go,

dem no see chance chop. He con tell dem sey, “Make una come make we go one quiet place wey we fit rest.”

32. Naso dem use boat go one quiet place.

33. But di pipo see Jesus and hin disciples as dem dey komot, dem notice am, so dem use leg run follow dem from all di town, con go wait for dem for front.

34. As Jesus come down from di boat, con

see plenty pipo wey gada, naso he sorry-for dem becos dem be like sheep wey no get shepherd. So he start to dey teach dem plenty tins.

35. By dis time, e don already late for

evening, so di disciples come meet Jesus,

con tok sey, “Dis area far well-well and time

don dey go.

36. Tell di pipo sey make dem dey go, so dat dem go fit buy wetin dem go chop from di kontri-side, and villages wey dey around.”

37. But Jesus ansa dem, “Make una give

dem sometin to chop.” Dem con tell am sey, “Dat one go reach pesin eight months salary! Abi we go spend dat kain moni take buy bread for dem to chop?”

38. Jesus con ask dem, “How many bread

una get for there, make una go check.” Wen di disciples go check, dem con tok sey, “Five bread—plus two fish.”

39. Jesus tell dem sey make dem tell di pipo sey make dem go sidon for grass—group by group.

40. So dem con sidon for groups—hundred-hundred, and fifty-fifty.

41. He carry di five bread and di two fish, he look heaven, he give tanks, con cut di bread. So he give hin disciples make dem give di pipo. He con share di fish for all of dem.

42. All of dem chop belleful.

43. And later, di disciples still gada twelve

baskets of small- small bread and fish wey

dem chop-remain.

44. Di men wey chop di bread—reach five


Jesus Waka On Top Of Water

45. Jesus tell hin disciples make dem enta

boat dey go for front go Bethsaida, so dat he go discharge di plenty pipo.

46. Afta he leave dem, he go di mountain

side go pray.

47. Wen evening reach, di disciples don

carry di boat go far inside di river, so na only Jesus con dey for land.

48. He see di disciples dey hustle to paddle di boat, becos of di heavy-breeze wey don change-am for dem. Later for night, he waka on top of di water go meet dem,

49. but as dem see Jesus dey waka on top of di river, dem tink sey he be ghost, dem con dey shout,

50. becos fear catch dem—as dem see am.

Naso Jesus tell dem sey, “Make una no fear! Na me. Make una mind no dey cut.”

51. He climb go meet dem for inside di boat, di heavy-breeze con cool down. Naso all of dem surprise,

52. becos dem still dey try to understand di

bread mata, dia heart neva still believe.

53. Wen dem cross go di oda side, dem land for Gennesaret, con park dia boat for there.

54. As dem come down from di boat, pipo

notice sey na Jesus.

55. Dem run round di whole area—dey carry pipo wey dey sick for dia mat—go meet Jesus anywhere he dey.

56. And anywhere wey he enta—inside

villages, town or kontri-side—dem carry di

sick pipo go marketside, dem beg am to
allow dem touch even small part of hin cloth. And any-pesin wey touch am—con heal.


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