Mark Chapter 7

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Spirit Wey Clean And Spirit Wey No-clean

1. Some Pharisees and teachers of di law
wey come from Jerusalem gada round Jesus.

2. Dem con see some of hin disciples dey
chop wit dia hands wey “No clean”—wey
dem no wash.

3. Di Pharisees and all di Jews no dey chop
unless dem wash dia hands—dem dey do
like dat becos na dia tradition.

4. If dem come back from market, dem no
dey chop unless dem wash dia hands. And
dem dey keep many traditions like—washing of cups, jugs, kettles, plus

5. So di Pharisees and teachers of di law ask Jesus question, “Why your disciples no dey like to follow di tradition of di senior-men, instead dem dey chop food wit hand wey no clean?”

6. Jesus con ansa dem, “Fake pipo! Isaiah
dey correct wen he prophesy about una; as
dem write am sey, “’Dis pipo only dey respect me wit dia mouth, but dia heart dey far from me.

7. Dem dey waste dia time dey worship me; dia teachings na empty rules wey men dey teach.’

8. Una don forget wetin Baba-God tell una
to do, con dey follow traditions of men.”

9. He con tell dem: “Una sabi use style
fashi Baba-God word, so dat una go fit do
una own tradition!

10. Moses tok sey, ‘Respect your mama and papa,’ and ‘And any-pesin wey curse hin papa or mama must die.’

11. But una tok sey man fit tell hin papa or
mama sey: ‘I don promise to give Baba-God wetin I suppose give una.’

12. So una no let am do anytin for hin mama or papa.

13. And una spoil Baba-God word—wit una
own tradition wey una dey keep. And una
dey do plenty tins like dat.”

14. Jesus call all di plenty pipo come hin side again, con tell dem sey, “Make una listen to me and understand dis tin.

15. Notin wey enta man from outside fit
make am no-clean. But wetin come out from man—nahin dey make amno-clean.”

16. Any-pesin wey get ears to hear, make e

17. Afta he don leave di plenty pipo, con
enta inside house, hin disciples ask am about di parable.

18. He con tok sey, “Naso una dull reach?
Una no dey see sey notin wey enta inside
man from outside fit make am ‘no clean’?

19. No be inside hin heart e dey enta but
inside hin belle, and e go still komot from hin body.”(Wetin Jesus tok mean sey everi food dey clean).

20. He still tok sey, “Wetin man tok wit hin
mouth nahin dey make am ‘no-clean.’

21. Na from inside man heart he take dey
tink evil tins like—anyhow-sex, tiff-tiff,
plus killing,

22. longatrot, badbelle, 419, ashawo, jealousy, bad-mouth, buga, and mumu tins.

23. All dis evil tins dey come from inside
pesin and dey make am ‘no-clean.’”

Di Faith Of Di Syrophoenician Woman

24. Jesus komot for dat side—con go around Tyre. He enta one house, and he no wan make any-pesin know; even as he try reach, pipo still know sey he dey around.

25. As she just hear sey Jesus dey around,
one woman wey bad-spirit dey for her small daughter body—con kneel down for Jesus front.

26. Di woman na Greek woman wey dem born for Syrian Phoenicia. She beg Jesus sey make he pursue di bad-spirit komot from her daughter body.

27. Jesus con tell her sey, “Make pesin pikin first chop belleful, e no dey right make pesin carry pikin bread give dogs.”

28. She con tok sey, “Oga naso, but even di
dogs wey dey under table dey chop di small-small bread wey dey fall.”

29. Naso he tell her sey, “Becos you ansa me like dat, you fit dey go; di bad-spirit don
komot from your daughter body.”

30. She reach house, con see sey her
daughter dey lie down for bed, and di bad-spirit don komot from her body.

As Jesus Take Heal One Man Wey No Fit
Hear And Tok

31. Naso Jesus komot from Tyre and Sidon, con pass tru Decapolis to di big-river of Galilee.

32. Na for there some pipo carry one man

wey no fit hear anytin, and wey no fit tok,
come meet Jesus—and dem beg am make he heal di man.

  1. Jesus carry di man komot from where
    pipo gada, go one corner, Jesus con put hin finger inside di man ear. Naso he spit, con touch di man tongue.
  2. He l ook up— f ace heaven, wit deep
    sound, con tok sey, “Ephphatha!” (wey
    mean, “Oya open!”)
  3. Naso di man ears open, hin tongue con free, and he con start to dey tok well.
  4. Jesus tell dem make dem no gist any-pesin. But di more he tell dem make dem no tell any- pesin, di more dem con dey tell about am.
  5. Pipo con surprise well- well. Dem con
    tok sey, “He don make everitin dey alright, he even dey make pesin wey no fit hear—dey hear, and he make pesin wey no fit tok—dey tok.


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