Mark Chapter 8

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Jesus Feed Four Thousand

1. Those days, plenty pipo con gada, and as dem no get anytin wey dem go chop, Jesus call hin disciples, con tell dem sey,

2. “I dey sorry-for dis pipo; dem don
already dey wit me for three days, and dem
neva chop.

3. If I sey make dem dey go dia house as
dem neva chop so, dem fit faint for
road—becos some of dem come from far-far.”

4. Hin disciples con ansa am, “Where we
go fit see enuff bread to feed dis pipo, for dis far-far place?”

5. Jesus con ask dem, “How many bread
una get for there?” Dem ansa am sey, “Na
seven bread dey for here.

6. He tell di plenty pipo make dem sidon for ground, and afta he collect di seven bread con give tanks, he cut di bread, he give hin disciples so dat dem go give di pipo, naso di disciples do wetin he tell dem.

7. Dem get some small fish sef; so Jesus
give tanks for di fish, con tell hin disciples
make dem share am for di pipo.

8. Di pipo chop belleful. Later, hin
disciples gada seven baskets of small-small bread wey dem chop-remain.

9. Na four thousand men bin dey for there.
Afta, he tell dem make dem dey go house, 10. he enta inside boat wit hin disciples go Dalmanutha area.

11. Di Pharisees come, con dey ask Jesus
question to test am. Dem ask am for sign
from heaven.

12. He hiss, con tok sey, “Why dis
generation dey ask for miracle sign? I dey
tell una di truth sey una no go see any sign.”

13. He komot from dia side, he enta di boat
back—con go di oda side.

Di Yeast Of Di Pharisees And Herod

14. Di disciples forget to carry bread, only
one bread nahin dem fit carry as dem enta di boat.

15. Jesus con warn dem, “Make una dey
careful, and make una watch out for di
Pharisees and Herod yeast.”

16. Dem con dey follow demsef dey tok sey, “E be like sey na becos we no carry bread.”

17. Jesus notice wetin dem dey tok about, he con ask dem sey, “Why una dey tok sey una no carry bread? Una neva still see, abi una neva still understand? Naso una heart strong reach?

18. Abi una get eyes but no fit see, and ears but no fit hear? And una no fit remember?

19. Wen I share five bread for five thousand pipo, how many baskets of small-small bread una gada?” Dem ansa am, “Twelve.”

20. And wen I share seven bread for four
thousand pipo, how many baskets of small-small bread una gada?”
Dem ansa am, “Seven.”

21. He con tok sey, “So una neva still

As He Take Heal Di Blind Man For

22. Dem reach Bethsaida and some pipo carry one blind man come, and dem beg Jesus make he heal di man.

23. He hold di blind man hand con carry am go outside di village. Afta he spit for di man eyes con lay hin hand for di man body, naso Jesus ask di man sey, “You dey see anytin?”

24. Di man look up con tok sey, “I dey see
pipo, dem be like trees wey dey waka.”

25. Naso Jesus touch di man eyes again. Hin eyes open, he con dey see everitin well-well.

26. Jesus tell am make he dey go house, con tell am sey, “No go inside di village.”

Peter Confess Christ

27. Jesus and hin disciples con enta di
villages wey dey around Caesarea Philippi.

As dem dey go, he ask dem, “Who pipo dey
tok sey I be?”

28. Dem ansa am, “Some pipo tok sey you be John di Baptist; odas tok sey you be Elijah; and some of dem tok sey you be one of di prophets.”

29. He con ask dem, “What of una? Who una tink sey I be?” Naso Peter ansa am, “Na you be di Christ.”

30. Jesus warn dem make dem no tell any-pesin about am.”

Jesus Predict Hin Death

31. He con dey teach dem sey, Man-pikin
must suffer plenty tins. And di senior-men,
chief priests and di teachers of di law go fashi am, he tok sey dem must kill am, but afta three days he go raise up again.

32. He tell dem straight, so Peter con carry
am go one corner—con dey change-am-for

33. But Jesus turn look hin disciples, con
change-am-for Peter, “Komot for my front
Satan! You no get Baba-God mata for your
mind, but di tins of men nahin full your

34. Naso he call all di plenty pipo wey gada
around am wit hin disciples, he con tok sey: “Any- pesin wey wan follow me must forget hinsef, carry hin cross, con follow me.

35. Any-pesin wey wan save hin life go lose
am, but any- pesin wey lose hin life for me
and for Baba-God word—go save hin life.

36. Abi e make-sense if man gain di whole
world, con lose hin soul?

37. Or wetin man fit give, take exchange for
hin soul?

38. If any-pesin dey shame for me and my
word for dis ashawo generation wey like to
commit sin, Man-pikin sef go shame for
am—wen he show wit di holy angels—wit
hin Papa levels.”


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