Mark Chapter 9

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1. Jesus con tell dem sey, “I dey tell una di
truth, some pipo wey dey stand for here no
go kpeme until dem see di kingdom of Baba-God show wit pawa.”

Di Trans-changing

2. Afta six days Jesus carry Peter, James
and John follow-body, go on top of one high mountain, na only dem con dey for there.

Naso he con trans-change for dia front.

3. Hin clothes start to dey shine white well-well like snow, e white pass if any-pesin for
di world bleach dem to white.

4. Naso Elijah plus Moses just show-face
for hin front—dem con dey tok wit Jesus.

5. Peter con tell Jesus sey, “Teacher, e good as we dey for here so. Make we build three tents—one for you, one for Moses and one for Elijah.”

6. (He no know wetin to tok, becos fear
catch dem well- well.)

7. Naso one cloud show, con cover dem,
one voice halla from di cloud: “Dis na my
son wey I love well-well. Listen to am!”

8. Before you know as dem look round,
dem no see any-pesin again except Jesus.

9. As dem dey come down from di
mountain, Jesus warn dem make dem no tell any-pesin wetin dem see until Man-pikin don raise up from di dead.

10. Dem keep di mata wit demsef, con dey
tok wetin e mean “To raise up from di dead.”

11. Dem ask am, “Why di teachers of di law
tok sey Elijah must come first?”

12. Jesus con ansa dem, “True-true Elijah go come first, to bring back everitin. But why dem con write am sey, Man-pikin must
suffer well-well, and dem go treat am

13. But I dey tell una sey Elijah don already
come, and dem do am anyhow, just as dem write am for di Holy-books.”

Jesus Heal Di Boy Wit Evil Spirit

14. Wen dem reach where di oda disciples
dey, dem see plenty pipo around dem. And di teachers of di law dey argue wit dem.

15. As everi-pesin just see Jesus, e blow dia mind—so dem run go greet am.

16. He con ask dem, “Wetin una dey argue
wit dem about?”

17. Naso one man among di plenty pipo con ansa, “Teacher, I carry my son come meet you, one bad-spirit don enta hin body—wey no gree let am tok.

18. Any time di tin hook am, e go nack am
for ground. Foam go dey komot from hin
mouth, he go start to dey bite hin teeth wit
pain, and hin body go strong well-well. I ask your disciples make dem pursue di bad-spirit, but dem no fit.”

19. Jesus con tok sey “Chai, see generation wey no wan gree believe, how long I go stay wit una? How long I go dey manage una?
Carry di boy come meet me.”

20. So dem carry di pikin come meet am.
Wen di spirit see Jesus, naso e sharply make warakpa catch di boy. Di boy fall—con dey roll round for ground, and foam start to dey komot from hin mouth.

21. Jesus ask di boy papa sey, “How long he don be like dis?” He ansa am, “Since wen he be small pikin.

22. Di tin dey always push am enta faya or
water—to kill am. But if you fit do anytin,
sorry-for us, make you epp us.”

23. Jesus con tok sey, “If you fit believe,
everitin dey possible to any-pesin wey

24. Naso di boy papa shout sey, “I believe;
epp me change my mind wey no wan gree

25. Wen Jesus see sey plenty pipo dey rush come where di tin dey happun, he pursue di evil spirit. He con tok sey, “You deaf and dumb spirit, I command you to komot from hin body, and make you no enta hin body again.”

26. Naso di spirit shout, e shake di boy wit
serious warakpa, con komot from hin body.
Di boy con be like deadbody, sote everi-pesin con dey tok sey, “He don kpeme.”

27. But Jesus hold hin hand, con epp am
stand up, naso he stand up.

28. Afta Jesus don go inside, hin disciples
con ask am codedly, “Why we no fit pursue
di bad-spirit komot?”

29. He ansa dem, “Na only prayer and
fasting fit pursue dis kain one komot.”

30. Dem komot from dat place, con pass
inside Galilee dey go. Jesus no wan make
any-pesin know where dem dey,

31. becos he dey teach hin disciples. He tell dem sey, “Dem go betray Man-pikin give men. Dem go kill am, and afta three days, he go rise.”

32. But dem no understand wetin he mean,
and dem no get liver to ask about am.

Who Be Di Greatest?

33. Afta dem reach Capernaum, he settle
down for house, he con ask dem, “Wetin una bin dey argue about for road?”

34. But dem no tok anytin, becos dem bin
dey argue for road—about who great pass.

35. As he sidon, he call di twelve disciples,
con tok sey, “If any-pesin wan be di first,
nahin must be di last, and he must be everi-pesin servant.”

36. He carry one small pikin come, he tok sey make di pikin stand for dia front. He
carry di pikin for hin hand con tok sey,

37. “Any-pesin wey welcome one of dis
kain small pikin wit my name—don
welcome me; and any-pesin wey welcome
me, no welcome only me, but he welcome di pesin wey send me sef.”

Any-pesin Wey No Dey Against Us, Dey
Wit Us

38. Naso John tok sey, “Teacher, we see one man dey pursue bad-spirit komot wit your name, and we tell am make he stop, becos he no be one of us.”

39. Jesus con tok sey, “No stop am. No-pesin wey use my name do miracle, fit tok any bad tin about me di next minute.

40. Any-pesin wey no dey against us, dey
wit us.

41. I dey tell una di truth, any-pesin wey give una cup of water wit my name becos una belong to Christ—no go ever lose hin

Wetin Dey Cos Sin

42. “If any-pesin make one of dis small pikin wey believe me—to commit sin, e for beta for am if dem tie big stone round hin neck, con throway am inside river.

43. If your hand dey make you commit sin,
cut am komot. E beta make you enta life wit one hand, dan make you enta hell wit two hands—where di faya no dey off,

44. for where ‘Dia worm no dey die, and di
faya no fit quench.’

45. And if your leg make you dey commit
sin, cut am komot. E beta make you enta life as cripple dan make you enta hell wit two legs,

46. for where ‘Dia worm no dey die, and di
faya no fit quench.’

47. And if your eye dey make you dey
commit sin, pluck am komot. E beta make you enta Baba-God kingdom wit one eye dan make you enta hell wit two eyes,

48.for where ‘Dia worm no dey die, and di
faya no fit quench.’

49. “Na faya go test everi- pesin, and dem
use salt for everi sacrifice.

50. “Salt good, but if e lose e flavour, how
you go fit make am salt again? Add salt join your life, and make una live in peace wit each oda.


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