Matthew Chapter 22

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Di Parable Of Di Wedding Party

1. Jesus follow dem tok again wit parable,

2. He tok sey, “Di kingdom of heaven be
like one king wey arrange wedding party for hin son.

3. He send hin servants go meet those pipo wey dem invite for di party, to tell dem make dem come, but dem no gree come.

4. “He send some more servants, he tok sey, ‘Tell those pipo wey I invite sey di party don start: I don kill my malu and fat nama, and everitin don set. Make una come di wedding party.’

5. “But dem no ansa di king servants and
dem waka komot—one of dem waka go hin
farm, anoda one go do hin business.

6. Di rest of dem grab hin servants, dem do
dem anyhow, con kill dem. hin words.

7. Di king con para—he send hin army
make dem go scata all those killers, con burn dia city.

8. “Den he tell hin servants sey, ‘Di
wedding party don ready—but di pipo wey I
invite no deserve to come.

9. Enta di street corners make una invite
any-pesin wey una see, to come di party.’

10. So di servants enta street, dem gada all di pipo wey dem fit see, both good plus bad, pipo con plenty for di wedding hall.

11. “But wen di king show to see di pipo wey come di party, he con one see man wey no wear di aso-ebi.

12. He con ask am sey, ‘Padi, how you take
enta here wey you no wear di aso-ebi?’ But di man no fit tok anytin.

13. “Di king con tell hin servants sey, ‘Make
una tie hin hand and leg, con throway am for outside, for darkness, for where cry-cry go dey, and pipo go dey bite dia teeth wit pain.’

14. “Dem call many pipo, but na only some
pipo dem choose.”

To Dey Pay Tax To Caesar

15. Di Pharisees con go dey plan how dem
go take catch am wit

16. Dem send dia disciples and di Herodian go meet am. Dem con tok sey, “Teacher, we know sey you be man wey pipo dey respect, and you dey teach Baba-God way based-on di truth. Men no fit whyne you becos you no wan know who dem be sef.

17. Tell us, how you take reason dis mata? E dey right to pay tax to Caesar or not?”

18. Jesus wey don already see dia evil mind, con tok sey, “See fake-pipo, why una dey fyne my mouth?

19. Show me di coin wey dem take dey pay tax.”
Naso dem carry one denarius come meet am,

20. so he ask dem, “Which pesin picture be
dis? And which writing be dis?”

21. Dem ansa am, “Na Caesar.” Naso he
ansa dem, “Give wetin belong to Caesar—to Caesar and wetin belong to Baba-God—to Baba-God.”

22. Dem surprise wen dem hear am. So dem leave am komot.

Gist About As Pipo Go Take Raise Up

23. Dat same day, di Saducees wey tok sey
pipo no go raise up from di dead—come
meet am, con ask am sey,

24. “Teacher, Moses tell us sey if pesin die
wen he neva born pikin, hin broda must
marry di widow con get pikin for am.

25. Now, seven brodas bin dey among us. Di first one marry con die, as he no get pikin, he leave hin wife for hin broda.

26. Di same tin happun to di second and third broda reach di seventh broda.

27. Las-las di woman sef con die.

28. Now for di day wey pipo go raise up
from di dead, which pesin wife she go con be among di seven brodas—as all of dem bin marry her?”

29. Jesus ansa dem, “Una dey make
mistake—becos una no know di Holy books, and una no know di pawa of God.

30. For di day wey pipo go raise up from di
dead, pipo no go marry, and dem no go give pipo for marriage; dem go be like angels for heaven.

31. But about sey pipo go raise up from di
dead—una neva read wetin Baba-God tell

32. Na me be di God of Abraham, di God of
Isaac, and di God of Jacob’? He no be di God of di dead—but di God of di living.”

33. Wen di pipo hear wetin he tok, dem
surprise for di tins wey he dey teach.

Commandment Wey Great Pass

34. As di Pharisees see sey Jesus don silence di Saducees, dem con gada togeda.

35. One of dem wey sabi di law well-well
con test am wit question:

36. “Teacher, wetin be di greatest
commandment for di law?”

37. Naso Jesus ansa: “ ‘Love Baba-God your Oga, wit your whole heart, and wit all your soul, and wit your full mind.’

38. Dis na di first, and nahin be di
commandment wey great pass.

39. Di second one nahin be dis: ‘Love your
neighbour as you take love yoursef.’

40. All di law and prophets dey based-on dis two comandments.”

Which Pesin Pikin Be Di Christ?

41. As di Pharisees gada togeda, Jesus ask

42. “How una take reason di Christ? Which
pesin pikin he be?” Dem con tok sey, “Na
David pikin.”

43. So Jesus tell dem sey, “How e come be
sey David, wen he dey inside di Spirit, he call am ‘Oga’? He tok sey,

44. “ ‘Di Oga tell my Oga sey: “Sidon for my
right hand side until I go put your enemies
under my leg.” ‘
45. If David dey call am ‘Oga,’ how he con
take be hin pikin?”

46. All of dem no fit ansa Jesus,and from dat day, no-pesin get liver ask am any question again.


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