Matthew Chapter 23

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Seven Yawa

1. Jesus tell hin disciples and di plenty pipo sey:

2. “Di teachers of di law plus di Pharisees

dey sidon for Moses chair.

3. So una must obey dem, and do everitin

wey dem tell una to do. But make una no

behave like dem, dem no dey do wetin dem

dey preach.

4. Dem tie dia heavy load put for pipo shoulder, but dem no even ready use one

finger take carry am.

5. “Everitin wey dem dey do na packaging—make pipo see dem: Dem wear big prayer box wit verses of di Holy-books inside, and dem make di design for di borders of dia cloth long well-well;

6. Dem like make pipo dey give dem respect for party, and dem like to sidon for

high table for worship-place;

7. dem like make pipo dey greet dem for

inside market, and make pipo dey call dem

‘Master! Master.’

8. “But make una no call unasef ‘Master,’

becos na only one Master dey, and all of una na brodas.

9. And make you no call any-pesin for earth ‘Papa,’ becos you get only one Papa—wey dey for heaven.

10. No let any-pesin call una ‘Teacher,’ becos una get only one teacher wey be di Christ.

11. Di pesin wey great pass among una nahin go be una servant.

12. Any-pesin wey dey carry shoulder up go fall, and any- pesin wey humble hinsef—go get promotion.

13. “Yawa for una, teachers of di law plus

Pharisees. Una be fake-pipo! Una dey block

Baba-God kingdom make men no fit see

road enta am. Una sef no gree enta, and una no wan let pipo wey dey try to enta—enta.

14. “Wahala for una teachers of di law and

Pharisees. Fake-pipo! Una dey chop everitin wey dey for widow house, and una dey pretend dey make una prayer long well-well: true-true, una go receive big punishment.

15. “Wahala for una teachers of di law plus

Pharisees. Fake- pipo! Una dey travel far-far just to convert one single pesin, and wen di pesin don change, una go con make di pesin bad—two times pass una wey be children of worship-place swear; but if di pesin use di gold for inside di worship-place take swear, e don swear be dat.’


16. “Yawa for una, blind guides! Una tok

sey, ‘E no mean anytin if any pesin use di

worship-place swear; but if di pesin use di
gold for inside di worship-place take swear,
e don swear be dat.

17. Una be blind mugu! Which one great
pass: di gold or di worship-place wey make
di gold holy?

18. Una still tok sey, ‘if any- pesin use altar
swear e no mean anytin; but if any-pesin
swear wit di gift on top of di altar, sey e don swear be dat.’

19. Una be blind men! Which one great pass; di gift or di altar wey make di gift holy?

20. So, any-pesin wey use di altar swear, don swear wit di altar, plus everitin wey dey on top.

21. Any-pesin wey use di worship-place
swear, don swear wit di worship-place, and
wit di pesin wey dey inside am.

22. And any-pesin wey use heaven swear, don swear wit heaven, and Baba-God king-chair plus di Pesin wey sidon for di king-chair.

23. “Wahala for una wey dey teach di law
plus Pharisees, fake-pipo! Una dey pay tithe of even di smallest herb for una garden. But una don fashi di koko [most important matas] of di law—justice, mercy, plus faithfulness. Una for do all dis tins, and no fashi di oda ones.

24. Una dey filter una water so dat una no go drink fly, but una dey swallow camel.

25. “Kasala for una teachers of di law and
Pharisees. Fake- pipo! Una dey clean di back of cup and plate, but inside una brekete wit longatrot and bad-bad-tins.

26. Pharisees wey blind! Make una first
clean di inside of di cup and plate, and di
outside go clean.

27. “Wahala for una, teachers of di law, and
Pharisees. Fake-pipo! Una be like graves
wey dem paint [white-wash graves], wey
fine for outside but inside am brekete wit
bones of men wey don die, and everitin wey yama-yama.

28. Una resemble beta pipo for outside but
for inside, una wicked and una be fake-pipo.

29. “Kasala for una, teachers of di law and
Pharisees, plus fake-pipo! Una dey
build graves for di prophets, and una dey put fine-fine-tins for good man grave—pipo
wey una ancestors kill.

30. And una go tok sey, ‘If to sey we dey for
di days of awa forefadas, we for no join dem shed di blood of prophets.’

31. So una be witness against unasef—una
be di pikin-pikin-pikin of di pipo wey kill di

32. So make una complete di level of bad-mind wey una ancestors get!

  1. “Una be snakes! Family of snakes! How una go take escape make una no kpeme for hell?
  2. So I go send prophets, plus wise men,
    and teachers—to come meet una. Una go kill some of dem, hang some; una go flog odas for una worship-place—con pursue dem from town to town.
  3. Naso di blood of all di good pipo wey
    dem don kill for dis earth go dey for una head, from di blood of Abel, to di blood of Zechariah—son of Berekiah, wey una kill for di center of di worship-place and altar.
  4. I dey tell una di truth, all dis tins go dey for dis generation head.
  5. “Chai, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, una
    wey kill di prophets, con stone Baba-God messengers! I always like to wan gada una pikin togeda, as
    fawo take dey gada her pikin under her feather, but una no gree.
  6. But see as una house don scata finish for una.
  7. I dey tell una sey, una no go see me again until una tok sey, ‘Blessings for di pesin wey come wit Baba-God name.’ ”


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